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Ein Vorschlag für einen wirklich guten Kanzlerkandidaten.

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This Saturday 31st July!

JC kicks things off this week with JC's Juice Box, followed by the wonderful and high energy @rarepublic with Dance Attack with Ruffy.

Get Ready with Andrina follows, helping you apply various products to look fabulous with the usual backdrop of great tuneage, then onto Jnktn staple Gary's Citrus Club.

To finish things off we'll have the recording of Worky fae Rollerdisco from earlier in the week.

Looking good!

I've set-up a public instance. It's a non-tampered version, hosted with much love at Netcup in Frankfurt, Germany. It's a privacy-respecting metasearch engine. Strictly no-logging, except nginx requests logs (HTTP GET-only). Feel free to use it, feel free to share it. Have a nice day.

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on 7:30-10:30pm Pacific.

Virtual Private Piano Bar powered by and your boosts ❤️

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Would you like to be involved in the Jnktn project in some way? Even if you don't fancy yourself in the line-up, there's various ways you can join in. We're on the lookout for those who can:

- Come up with ideas and suggestions for the project

- Help develop the website

- Lend a hand with our OBS production setup

- Create graphics, still or video, that we can incorporate into our broadcasts

DM us or send us an email (on profile) if interested. Don't be shy - we're a friendly bunch!

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Here are the recordings from last Saturday's broadcast (17th).

As usual, thanks to everybody who had a slot or tuned in. We had a lot of fun! We'll see you this Saturday for more!

jumboshrimp's Radio Show


Dance Attack with Ruffy


JC's Juice Box



ngl, I was listening to this for 10 minutes now, and I'm still not sure what kind of sorcery this is.

Most confusing :catjam: catjam in existence

Hallein, Austria. Insane weather-conditions we're exposed to lately. Yeah, just go on saying that the climate-change is a Hoax.

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Doorbell rang, delivery-guy dropped this much anticipated surprise from @gabek 😍 Thanks a lot for this beautiful Owncast shirt. I LOVE IT.

If you also want your own live-streaming site (and such a cool T-Shirt) go and checkout

Come and join us, celebrating the 1 year anniversary of! Lots of Donks, Confetti, Music and nice people. Promised <3

Let's goooooooooo!!!


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You know what day it is? And you know what we do on this day?
We're flooding the fediverse with Cats.

in honor of our firebrigades

Go checkout @jnktn_tv right now. Right now there's a great compilation of Look Mum No Computer.! Its' FIRE 🔥 🔥

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