Go checkout @jnktn_tv right now. Right now there's a great compilation of Look Mum No Computer.! Its' FIRE πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯

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WOW! That was an AWESOME 2 hours from @rarepublic so thanks to him for that incredible set.

NEXT UP: 'Look Mum No Computer' compilation.

Hope you can join us!


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We're LIVE in 10!

@rarepublic starts the show today with a TWO HOUR special of Dance Attack with Ruffy. We are in for a treat!

A great lineup today so why not join us. Even if you can only swing by for a moment, we'd love to have you.


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Here's the links for those who missed the stream on @jnktn_tv:


00:00 Beardyman - Round The Clock Conclusions
00:47 FATE - After Life
03:31 Sace - [untitled]
06:36 Sidewalks And Skeletons - Friday The 13th
09:07 Ytho - Dreams
11:44 Arnak - Resentful
15:16 DROGMA - Angel
19:58 π˜π˜“π˜π˜”π˜šπ˜šπ˜‹ - weakling
24:19 Aethek - TRAVELING STONE
31:21 Li Yilei - 13:31
34:41 Luka Prinčič - Just Romantique
41:38 CLANN - Closer
45:56 Usagi Collective - HVRRICXNE

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This Saturday!

@rarepublic returns to Jnktn with a two hour set to start things off. We loved it the first time so we're excited to have him back.

Then we move onto a compilation of various releases from 'Look Mum No Computer', the self-described inventor and musician. Following that we have Jnktn regulars Andrina and Worky with their respective shows.

Not one to miss!

I just love the fact, that it doesn't matter if it's big angry roaary cat or smol tiny cuddle cat. Cat = Cat when it comes to petting :smug:

Whenever I struggle in life, or whenever I am not quite sure where I am heading in life, I'll always find myself listening to Linkin Park, especially my all-time fav "Numb".

To show my appreciation, I made a Illenium-style Remix of Numb, covered by Sarah Cothran.

Here's my tribute to Linkin Park and Chester ❀️


Hope you're enjoying it.

I don't care if you are left or right! The Demos in are neither right nor left, they are just stupid! I am really sorry for the policemen and policewomen that have to deal with this braindead mass of shitheads at the moment.

Fuck ASMR. I listen to crows now.

CRAWWW CRAAAWWW motherduckers.


- Gave it a WIP Title
- added catchy extended mix
- minimally improved mixdown
- played around with tons of LFO
- ~10 hours of work


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