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Recordings from last Saturday 21st May.

Please note that video uploads will remain online for 7 DAYS ONLY before being taken down. Audio recordings will stay permanently on our Mixcloud.

Vera's Radio Show


Dance Attack with Ruffy



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@roadriverrail While not a DJ set, in 10 minutes one of the highlights of the week begins, you should drop by! @kyle

Also, @jnktn_tv is a DJ collective that is starting back up. You should meet @rarepublic, a fantastic DJ., does consistent house sets. And is always a good time when he's playing us tunes!

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8, 9, 10, na was gabs denn da zu sehen? Es war ihr Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Honolulu Strandbikini. Er war schick und er war so modern *sing sing sing* :catjam:


I love this Smash Mouth meme format sooo much! Poor kid though.

Todays' heardle was ez



Had a solid 6hrs car travel with a coworker yesterday. In good ol' me-manner, there was 6hrs of hardcore/hardstyle on the radio. At first he was like: "what the heck, how could one even listen to that noise?". Then introduced him to Happy Hardcore and he actually seemed to enjoy it.

First I thought he'd just be saying that out of politeness. Especially since he is seeing himself as metal-head.

mfw today his Soundcloud is filled with Sefa, Da Tweekaz, Bad Rabbitz, Remzcore and Audiofreq.

Free and a HQ download for "Asher Postman - Walk Away (Ruffy Le RaRe Remix) from my Blog!

HAVE FUN!! :catjam:

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:pensive_party_blob: Whoop Whoop! :pensive_party_blob:

Walk Away (Ruffy Le RaRe Remix) is (finally) out. Once again with a free HQ audio download and the FLP for my fellow producers.

Love goes to Asher Postman and Annelisa Franklin for their amazing collab!

I really hope you enjoy it (if you do, I'd really appreciate it if you could spread the word :underheart:)



My university has a Maclab. Been there often for a lecture on iOS app development. It was my first real contact with Apple equipment in the wild. And I think this sums up my experiences with the Apple ecosystem quite well. Everything is different (but imho not the good kind of different, more the weird kind). It feels like Apple puts Design over Usability a lot.

Daily Drum & Bass goosebumps - Linkin Park Edition (because everything is awesome with Linkin Park in it).

What a masterpiece.

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I've never been asked the "what happens when you put an address into a browser and hit enter" interview question but I really want to be because it is just very specifically attuned to my particular learning style, and centered exactly on the greatest depths of my domain knowledge.

I could literally spend hours answering that question, and enjoy every minute of it.

One of these days maybe I'll write a long-ass blog post about it instead, which I'm sure has been done a gazillion times, but it'd also be a great opportunity to fill in some gaps, and also I have some fun ideas about how to structure such a post.

I've never ever been to paradise
I've never ever seen no angel's eyes
You'll never ever let this magic die
No matter where you are, you are my lucky star.


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