To me “fail fast, fail often” is unhelpful advice. Here’s how I think about it instead:

Fail fast = What is the quickest way to know if you’re right or wrong?

Fail often = Nothing is a total failure if you learn something from it. Put yourself in situations where you’ll learn.

*Seeing the sunrise, I meant. You see, still sleepy!😅

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I enjoy waking up early and walking next to the sea. Still sleepy, my head comes up with raw thoughts and feelings that I can reflect on or let go as I please. Most come from dreams or subconscious parts of my brain that would be quickly silenced once the daily routine kicks in.

I like giving my brain a channel and time to send me this unprocessed feedback. In a way feels similar to the safe time/space I try to provide in the 1:1s I have with my team.

Seeing the sunset is a nice bonus.

As students get back to school, I'm drafting a syllabus of things I'd like to learn about during the next months.

Lacking exams, I thought on defining deliverables to show my progress (to myself). This can be tricky for areas you know little about, I probably should find someone's help for those.

Most of the topics are related to work, but are things I'd truly like to learn more about. I take that as a sign of me being lucky enough to work on an area of knowledge that I still find interesting.

I follow only < 20 folks here, and one of them just got suspended 😔 This would have been even sadder on twitter, but here he can join a different instance (or self-host one).

Hey @raul ! Earlier you were searching for help to find people to follow at Mastodon, maybe this tool that uses your Twitter & Mastodon accounts as a bridge could help 😉


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