FLOSS-App of the week:

Don't want to see an advertisement of shampoo the day you have an appointment with your hairdresser?

Consider Etar Calendar, a simple and nice open source to calendar which does not have a business model to sell your private data.

Save your appointments local or easily sync it with your

Have a look at
Etar OpenSource Calendar
πŸ”Ž f-droid.org/en/packages/ws.xso

It's raining digits,
always remember:

There is no just other peoples computer.

(except those in the sky and
self hosted πŸ˜‰ )

You decide where you store of your family and with whom you it.

FLOSS-App of the week:

It must not always be
You could easily find your target with

Want to have a bit of fun while walking your dog?

StreetComplete is an easy to use app where you can help mapping your environment.

Have a look at StreetComplete
πŸ”Ž f-droid.org/en/packages/de.wes

I'm sorry for my bad spelling in the picture. I will give my best to avoid this in future toots. I'm aware that unfortunately the JitsiMeet App in the Play-Store uses G-Analytics therefore I linked it to the F-droid version. Stay healthy everyone!

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FLOSS-App of the week:

Tired of being Spotify's or Apple's
product? Need an alternative which respects your ?

Have a look at
πŸ”Ž antennapod.org

A nice -client for your Smartphone which respects your privacy.

starts with...

Make your first steps into software for your phone with
- a play alternativ app store with lots of software

πŸ”Ž f-droid.org

"I'm not interested in Computers and just want things to work."
Fair Point.

Don't fool yourself and think the price of this is to give up your to and co.

and is not only for nerds and engineers and very often just as easy to setup and easy to use.

enjoy your and take care of your

Have you ever asked yourself how generates so much despite offering all their services to you without paying money for them?

Right, they sell everything they know about you to advertisers.
And they know probably more of you than yourself.

Free yourself,
You just need to start!

Maybe today with and

πŸ”Ž openstreetmap.org
πŸ”Ž osmand.net

only a view clicks to sort out your

-> They say make it long
-> They say use numbers, small and capital letters, special characters too
-> They say use different passwords for different sites
-> They say change it once in a while
->They say use two factor auth.

Let a do all this for you:
will take care of it and even auto-login on your favorite sites

πŸ”Ž haveibeenpwned.com/

Happy Sunday!

Enjoy sharing your web activity with companies you've never heard of? πŸ™„ No, we didn't think so.

Take back your privacy with DuckDuckGo today: duckduckgo.com/app

Original tweet : twitter.com/DuckDuckGo/status/

Hello community, for research purpose may I ask what are you using as default in your terminal?

// one-click-of-your-time

Do you something?
Or rather look something up at the www eg. with or ?
Do you need to a picture? Or rather need to edit a picture eg. with ?

boy, just wanted to quickly change the launch option for on the 20.04 dock.
Wow, what a hassle. 😯
Ended up with a launch script on the desktop :)

FLOSS-App of the week:
- πŸ”Ž email.faircode.eu/
A feature-rich Email-Client for your Smartphone which does not track.

Your files are yours.
Your appointments are yours.
Your contacts are yours.
Your notes are yours.
Your tasks are yours.
Your photos are yours.

with there is no need to give away all your data to and

πŸ”Ž nextcloud.com/

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