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Just discovered an amazing artist:
I love this style so much.

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The only time incorrectly isn't spelt incorrectly, is when it's spelt incorrectly. #Showerthoughts t.co/C09FfAXaAo

Just deployed and debugged the first alpha version of my tree text editor. (think MindMapping meets text editor).

It's the most minimal version, but it WORKS😀

Super proud of it, I think it's really cool. If anyone wants to check it out - message me and I'll send you a link.

Rationally Writing podcast:

Made by two amazing authors, giving advice on writing hard science fiction. Highly recommend it, it's awesome!

#writing #podcast #rationality #scifi


Nootropics #2:

Then there are Caffeine + L-Theanine (essentially green tea), and Citicoline. I believe that these are completely safe, sustainable(if taken in moderation) and easiest to get started with.

Finally, there's Melatonin, not really a nootropic, but helps to increase sleep quality.

Nootropics #1

In my personal, subjective experience:

By far the most effective one I have tried is Phenotropil. Extremely powerful, gives me laser-like focus, and noticeably increases intelligence/memory/creativity, but I do not know how safe/sustainable it is. Research and take at your own risk.

The other two are Semax and nootropil. They don't feel like they make me "smarter", but they increase focus/will-power, increasing productivity just by making it easier to work.

Had super productive times, and done lots of awesome stuff, now must take a break and go through the withdrawal from caffeine and nootropics.

This is such a bitch, I hate it, but I'm totally wiped out, and I really have to rest and recharge.

Well, looks like I'll spend a few days playing N++ and Fallout, rewatching Community or Silicon Valley, and browsing reddit.

Then back to building cool stuff =)

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Every time I use my lighter, my lighter becomes lighter until it is cannot light. #Showerthoughts t.co/g9H0LZRBy4

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;; TODO: fix this

;; TODO: What were we fixing

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Super hero story where the good guys can only recharge their 'power' by committing crimes. The worse the crime, the more power they get. Conversely, bad guys can only recharge their 'power' by doing helpful/kind things for strangers. The nicer the act, the more power they get.
#writingprompts #writing

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Watched the new Silicon Valley episode. I loved it *so much*.

Startups and comedy are the two things in life that I'm the most passionate about, they combine everything that's awesome in this world. And this show has both.

Super happy and inspired right now =)

#tv #startups #siliconvalley

Turns out you can use "cd -" to go back to the previous directory you've visited in the terminal. Cool!

#programming #tech #linux

Beautiful concept Art for Disney's The Jungle Book by Vance Kovacs


#art #digitalart