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Hi everyone,
I'm Lisa Savage, semi-retired teacher, organizer, & climate activist. I founded the Maine Natural Guard to help connect the dots between climate crisis & the Pentagon's massive ghg emissions.

I listen to marginalized voices with extra effort because ALL our wisdom will be needed to bring about a world where everyone is valued & everyone's basic needs are met. I believe that until Black lives matter, we are in deep trouble. I support universal health care & housing as human rights.

State and local police in US use a range of automated tools, including facial recognition, license plate readers, StingRays, predictive policing, video analysis tools and more, to create advanced systems of surveillance with little oversight.

This is what a totalitarian state looks like.

Capitalism is a runaway paperclip maximizer that murders anyone who tries to intervene

I gave 20


Lots of arrests of peaceful protestors in Atlanta tonight so PLEASE donate to the solidity fund 🙏🏾♥️🌹


Y'know what? I don't care if some dipwads dismiss this ongoing call as a meme. It's still the hard, unrelenting truth of the matter -- justice has not been served and if we're to have any path forward this is where it has to start. Justice for and .


Arrest the cops who murdered and


Update: The family of Breonna Taylor says she lived for over 5 minutes after being shot as police refused to render aid, and not a single officer has been charged for her death!


Prepare for a lot more Twitter ppl incoming in coming weeks...Twitter is locking accounts and removing likes "accidentally"

@freemo I'm not sure you can handwave away the 200,000 people who are dead. The US has a death rate 17 times Europe; you can argue that's OK because the economy is more important, but you can't just ignore it.

The evidence of Sweden though is that avoiding lockdown doesn't protect your economy much - their economy slowed just as much as their neighbours, they just have more dead people. In a global market, it's hard to mitigate the effect of a global pandemic through local action.

Damaging a building, where no one is hurt, is not violence.

USA, covid 

Following 46 cases of bleach ingestions in the North Texas Poison Center region since the start of August, experts are again warning people that drinking the chemical won’t prevent COVID-19.

#COVID #COVID19 #Bleach #America
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