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The future of democracy is UNDER ATTACK, all life on this planet is UNDER ATTACK, and we don't have much time. I have a plan. DM me if you are intetested.

Are you a programmer, an open source enthusiast, an activist, someone who cares about the suffering of others? I'm working on a new open source activism collaboration tool. It'll be available to anyone for free. I'm interested in standing up a team of developers to help make it a reality. I'm a member of Sunrise Movement. I think this tool could make a big impact on our climate fight, the 2020 elections and beyond. Reply or DM if interested.

They're not weeds. They're native pioneer species attempting to restart ecological succession to reclaim lawns for nature.

I am the hub coordinator for and . If you are a supporter of the in the Worcester or Connecticut areas, direct message me and I can get you involved.

US citizens, if you don't use your public library, consider giving it another look this year. 

"Some serious issues have been raised within the last few days which may force us to re-write, extend, or possibly even abandon ActivityStreams. It was thought that this serialisation format would support the wide-ranging capabilities of Zot6 (esp: nomadic identity and privacy), but it turns out this is not the case. ActivityStreams is not capable of expressing nomadic content. This is ultimately a show-stopper. It will suffice on the short term but the entire stack is being re-evaluated."

-- Mike Macgirvin

@galo I basically havent been on Mastodon since November because I've been too busy with @sunrisemvmt along with my two kids and job lol

@galo I basically havent been on Mastodon since November because I've been too busy with @sunrisemvmt along with my two kids and job lol

@darius Hi, so I think I'm ready to move forward with the Express ActivityPub project you've created as the starting point. I know how to create a new user using the API. I know how to create a new message published to a user's followers using the API. But, is there an API to make a user follow another user? Or does this have to be manually set in the SQLite database? How is this done?

As an atheist, I fully support Elf on a Shelf, as a teaching analogy for kids about how Christianity is basically a Santa + Elf on a Shelf mythology that had thousands of years to evolve

I might as well accept it and start wearing an oversize flat brimmed cap

What I think is funny about boomer impressions of millennials is that according to boomers I have been 18-19 years old for 14 years straight

There should be a spinoff of the cartoon American Dad called "Trump Dad" and it's about an asshole racist father who gets disowned by his entire family.

Climate change 

Why is it that I have to look up the syntax for `scp` *every* time I use it? So many commands stick in my head but for some reason, that one just won't.

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