You know what is disgusting? ALL Warren did was say "YES, I do have Native American ancestry! Stop calling me a liar" and she was rewarded for pointing out this TRUTH with vicious attacks from all sides, including the mainstream media who, instead of backing her up, decided to stab her in the back.

Today, a LITERAL descendant of Pocahontas herself told Warren to apologize. FOR WHAT? This woman is a member of Trumpettes USA and we're supposed to take her seriously???!

"As clearly evidenced in @NaomiOreskes & @ErikMConway excellent Merchants of Doubt analysis, fossil fuel executives have repeatedly undermined political action on climate change. But I & others in the 20% whose activities are responsible for 70% of CO2 don't get away scot-free."
Kevin Anderson |Change

Lol this guy commented on RealClearScience that the reason we shouldn't do *anything* about climate change is because scientists can't agree on the exact amount of warming that is happening and can't agree on the exact set of solutions we should take.

That's like saying you shouldn't get a raise at work because your reviewers didn't all write the exact same end-of-year review of you

Trump thinks he can make the midterms a referendum on himself in order to get his supporters to turn out and prevent a Blue Wave rout. But this strategy makes implicit assumptions that everyone who voted for Trump is still a supporter, and that voters won't be just as motivated to vote against Trump to serve as a check against Trump.

Trump appears to be going back on his offer of a $1 million donation. Is his word ever good?

Is it considered Messianic if I feel the overwhelming need to write a book of my ideas and share it quickly in case I accidentally die somehow?

So Elizabeth Warren got a DNA test and the results came back that she was born in the US--I mean, that she is 1/32 Native American

Senator Elizabeth Warren Releases DNA Test Results to Boston Globe

Ahahaha the results of the DNA test show Warren has Native American DNA, 1/32nd!

Trump is silenced! Hahahaha

Trump said "something is happening" with climate change, but it "could easily go the other way", and that scientists all have "a big political agenda". Trump wouldn't be president unless a lot of people actually thought this shit. It's time to start uncomfortable conversations. People need to be shaken out of their complacency.

Is the US in a new Cold War with China? No, but Trump wants us to think we are. Trump, I think correctly, understands that most uneducated Americans crave big dramatic news events. We love the drama. World events are a movie to us, that's how long we've been personally insulated (you may disagree and point to 9/11/Iraq/Afghanistan deaths, but the % of people who personally lost someone is quite small) and it was frankly, to most Americans, kind of boring and predictable under Obama.

Is it me or did capitalism’s slogan the last 30 years go from “better products!” to “what else are you gonna do you fucking asshole shut up”

RT There’s a reason his employer wants to eliminate pensions for new hires, said corrosion technician Andy Colleran: “National Grid is trying to break the union from within.”

Gas Workers Defend the Next Generation, As Lockout Enters Fourth Month:


Twitter user: Dismisses by saying "well, millions more people find value on Twitter, and history is made most often on Twitter"

Me: Yes, value being created for the wrong network. It's like people who go to Trump rallies. On the one hand, its great people are getting out of the house...
...On the other hand, it's to a Trump rally.

@velartrill Mainstream culture can be very toxic, its a breeding ground for the "Fuck you, got mine" type attitude I interact with often. So long as that demographic isn't directly and immediately hurt by things that are happening in USPol, they could not give a single shit. Its always back to "Everything is so great, all my co-workers/employees (if company owner) are getting paid soooo much, thanks <political figure>!". When the next bubble bursts, its gonna be baaaad news for this demographic.

there is actually some very good critique of mastodon culture in here but they all have this particular bit, where they complain about how ~inaccessible~ the fediverse is. “it needs to be easier for kardashian fangirls and frat bros to get into!” they whine. “this’ll never take off, i can’t follow oprah here”

and of course in doing so they demonstrate exactly why the fediverse is not for normies.

you have all of the rest of the internet. facebook, twitter, instagram, tinder, okcupid, all the rest exists purely to cater to your dull consumer impulses. there is nothing for you here. these spaces exist for the people who actually want meaningful human connection. the people who don’t want to play farmville or fill out quizzes about which disney princess they are or send star wars-themed stickers to their “friends.” the fediverse is for talking to people.

and normies have completely forgotten how to do that.

Friendly reminder to you folks out there writing code for follow bots and the like.

If a fediverse user has #nobot in their profile it means we don't want your bot accounts following us, we want actual accounts with humans at the helm doing the interactions. Please adjust your script's accordingly and follow some good etiquette. I've just had to block five follow bots because I've been AFK for a couple weeks not fielding this and its kind of obnoxious.

I'm working on a book that combines agnosticism, determinism, epicureanism, and a progressive worldview in one (I hope) rigorous package.

I see Christianity as a system of thought which necessarily has, at best, mixed results. But the positive results always get played up a lot more.

Effectively, fashion is argot. Argot, a French term, means a secret language used by groups to prevent outsiders from understand their conversations.

Queer iconography is argot. Polari was argot. Any slang that makes you go "I don't understand this" is argot.

Argot is important. Argot is how historically marginalized groups take power back for themselves. You can't have what you don't understand.

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