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Rafael Bonifaz @rbonifaz@mastodon.social

"Si la privacidad es ilegal, solo los que están por fuera de la ley tendrán "
Escribía Philip Zimmermann, creador de PGP, en 1991
Uno de los héroes desconocidos de internet

" Una de las características más peculiares del smartphone es que dispondrá de "interruptores físicos" para desconectar las cámaras, el micrófono, la antena, el WiFi o el Bluetooth, según lo requiera el usuario para preservar su seguridad y privacidad"
By @Purism

Casos verificados de uso ilegítimo de software de vigilancia por parte de gobiernos de américa latina 2015-2016


La verdadera economía colaborativa: así son los otros Airbnb, Amazon y Deliveroo


Poco menos de una semana, para que comience el Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de . flisol.info/

Aunque en algunos países ya ha comenzado, aún quedan muchos eventos que ver y compartir, en 14º . 🖥💻

Want to help us stop rampant tracking by Facebook, Google, and other ad companies? Install @PrivacyBadger—and "badger" your friends to install it as well eff.org/pb

"But I think they shouldn’t be allowed to collect data about people. We need a law. F**k them — there’s no reason we should let them exist if the price is knowing everything about us. Let them disappear. They’re not important — our human rights are important."



How Shoddy Reporting and Anti-Russian Propaganda Coerced Ecuador to Silence Julian Assange


by @Shidash@twitter and @ggreenwald@twitter

A story of news, fake news, fake-fake news, and the ones who create and instrumentalize them...

#EssentialRead #Propaganda #StandForAssange

This is huge. Russia’s unelected government is afraid of communications it can’t monitor, so it tries to shut down Telegram. Telegram moves to AWS and Google Cloud. Russia BLOCKS both services.

Almost nothing works in Russia’s internet right now. Banks, shopping, small business. twitter.com/ow/status/98616044 … #nextcloud

En unos 10 minutos voy a estar hablando sobre y en France 24 en vivo:

@seanl @bob @pettter @nolan @CobaltVelvet I'm also in the minority in that anonymnity is interesting to me, but is not the *most* interesting property of tor onion services for myself personally. (I generally assume that unmasking tor users takes work but is generally possible for a state actor.)

What tor onion services also bring is a decentralized & globally unique identifier that can be used to set up a secure *connection* between entities, but is backwards compatible with lots of tooling!

Mike, @torproject, on Google and ReCaptcha:

"This is a company that is basically the primary/only gateway to much of the Internet, and it has decided that certain IP addresses *do not deserve access to that Internet*. Full stop. This is not a problem that gets solved by having our devs talk to their devs to "nerd harder". This should be a PR bloodbath.. We should have made it one months ago."


"para que hacerlo simple si lo podemos hacer complicado"

Esta frase se me viene a la mente cada vez que me toca hacer un trámite en Argentina

Looking for a Mastodon service provider with availability and privacy as their top priorities.

Privacy means ideally good and explicit logging and user data policy, backed by trustworthy organisation, available over Tor, available as a .onion.

Mandé un correo largo explicando porque no subir fotos de las fiestas infantiles a internet. Un papá me responde
" Muy buena reflexion, creo que nadie deberÍa tomar y subir fotos sin consentimiento, menos fotos de un menor."

For those who don't want to click on a twitter link:

Russian Court Bans Telegram App for refusing to hand over encryption keys.

Commendable they refuse to hand over keys but now no more Telegram in Russia... The issue with #centralization made clear again. Better #federate with #matrix #XMPP
nytimes.com/2018/04/13/world/e …pic.twitter.com/23r0kik4w4 #nextcloud

Leaving twitter behind as a legacy platform, being here on open platforms first and foremost: twitter.com/fdroidorg/status/9