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Hey everybody, I'm moving my account over to @rdh, so watch out for that follow request/notice.

This seems like a good time to remind folks that I've moved to @rdh

If you're wondering what happened to that loser who used to toot sometimes, I've moved to @rdh

Hey everybody, I'm moving my account over to @rdh, so watch out for that follow request/notice.

not a single time has a “hey, fuck you, you’re using one of those adblockers” interstitial tried the approach of saying “we ensure our ads are unobtrusive, lightweight & malware-free, so please consider not blocking our ads,” an approach which might actually get me to consider it

Had a reason to use @ed1conf aka the standard editor yesterday. Such a nice program.

Don't look at the hashtag though.

Can we start a movement where at every store, everu fast food place, if they have a "how did we do" type Web page, or a customer suggestions box, we just ask "why do the workers not have chairs?"

Why is there such a big, is community the right word for it, of youtube channels about kids making slime?

I still think there should be a mastodon instance that federates on a delay equal to the light distance from earth to mars, so it is as if that instance is transmitting from the red planet

Prison strike 

Do I boost too much? I never thought about it but I'm seeing a lot of discourse about it today.

Speaking of technological aesthetics, there’s one in particular that has been and needs to continue coming back...


If you like #cyberpunk but don't like "SJWs", LGBTQ+people, people with dark skin, etc., you don't actually like cyberpunk. I don't know what it is you like, but it's not cyberpunk.

electron 👏 does 👏 not 👏 count 👏 as 👏 a 👏 native 👏 app

Is there a list somewhere for how non-incarcerated people can show physical solidarity with or provide resources to support the #prisonstrike?

When people say that redistributing wealth means everyone will be poor, I remember that study that said that after $70K/year, people’s life satisfaction actually decreases. Here’s how many times the Forbes top 10’s net worth would pay that number:

Bezos: 2,042,857
Koch brothers (combined): 1,385,714
Bill Gates: 1,271,428
Buffet: 1,114,285
Zuckerberg: 908,571
Larry Ellison: 842,857
Bloomberg: 668,571
Larry Page: 637,142
Sergey Brin: 620,000
Total: 9,491,425

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