Tutanota lanza una nueva herramienta cifrada para apoyar la libertad de prensa: Secure Connect.

want to be paid to contribute to the fediverse, to @writeas_org and help me migrate my blog to it ? Contact @matt : discuss.write.as/t/open-positi

La alternativa a Google Keep @turtlapp@twitter.com, que protege tu privacidad cifrando todos tus datos, lanza sus planes de pago.
- Premium: 3 $/mes (10 Gb de almacenamiento / 10 colaboradores)
- Business: 8 $/mes (50 Gb, 50 colaboradores, soporte dedicado)

La versión gratuita queda limitada a 50 Mb de almacenamiento y 3 colaboradores.


En el anuncio del nuevo método de verificación de usuarios de @keybase + @Mastodon no puedo dejar de mirar la imagen usada. En concreto el logo de Twitter.



Por cierto, ya aproveché hace unos días para verificar mi cuenta también a través de Mastodon.

v0.9 brings full federation, remote follows, network timeline, APIs for 3rd party clients like Fedilab and much more!

It will be shipping after a few more commits!


We’re excited to support European Journalism Centre's new platform DataJournalism.com , a hub for online classes and discussion about . Sign up to receive a 25% discount on ProtonMail! Learn more: protonmail.com/blog/supporting

CryptPad is a free open online document editing system, and a much more private alternative to Google Docs.

It's designed around privacy, with a "zero knowledge" system where no one except the document owner knows what is in a document.

Their site is here:


You can follow them on the Fediverse here:


You can use their service, or host your own instance.

#CryptPad #Privacy #DeleteGoogle

The @blender community have done it again! Behold Spring, Blender's new film. Beautiful designs and fantastic effects show how you can create professional, Hollywood-grade CGI using Free Software. Congrats Blender!


If you are getting a Pepper and Carrot vibe, it is no coincidence: @davidrevoy, creator of P&C, used @krita to design the look of the film:


Your daily data leak:

"540 million Facebook users' data exposed by third party developers"


Twitter doesn't need an "account takeover" stunt to read your direct messages. Because they're not end-to-end encrypted, Twitter already has access to them. techcrunch.com/2019/03/27/twit

Lo explican en otro toot en la conversación que enlacé:

"A company that operates a video sharing site, etc. operated it, but the profit deteriorated and it ended up providing many services.
Closing the Mastoson server is part of that."


Cierra en un mes friends.nico el mayor server de Mastodon de Japón, sexto del mundo, con 48.000 usuarios.

Si has instalado el navegador UCBrowser y UCBrowser mini en tu android, debes saber que se ha descubierto una puerta trasera que comunicándose a través de HTTP descarga plugins no firmados de los servidores de la empresa y los instala sin reinstalar la app, empujando módulos maliciosos para que los atacantes puedan hacer MITM.

Pues sí, Facebook está caído, también hay quien dice que Instagram lo mismo e incluso fallos en WhatsApp.

En nuestra comprobación he podido acceder a Instagram pero no a Facebook.

Alright!!! If you're new, here's my informal guide to Mastodon! I hope it's useful because I actually worked really hard on it! if you have any suggestions or additions you want made, feel free to @ me! :blobsmilehappyeyes:


The #ActivityPub protocol is freaking fascinating. A blogging site (WriteFreely), a video sharing site(Peertube), and a social network (Mastodon) all communicate using the same standard, enabling the decentralized services to share freely with each other.


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