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You drive to a friend’s house. There’s a parking space on the heavily residential street that will fit two cars. Vehicles are parked up and down the block.

Do you…


Donald Trump's life story is about playing fast and loose with the law, people, business partners including very possibly committing crimes & getting away with it. And every time he dodges consequences he thinks it is a validation of his approach, his genius & his specialness.


Far-Right Are Violently Threatening the Search-Warrant Judge

“Let's find out if he has children... where they go to school, where they live... EVERYTHING,” one person wrote on a message board where the judge’s address was posted.

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Curious how many books will ultimately be written about how Trump is a de facto cult leader and all his supporters have been drawn in by his promises and facade.

He’s always been a grifter, out for purely his own self interest — you’re in his favour until you step out of line and then you’re out hard and his followers will rabidly ostracize you — yet millions continue to fervently believe, without a shred of evidence and ignoring all contradictory examples, that he’s a good leader.


Literally, ‘So these government agents showed up to retrieve the government documents I had illegally removed from government property. Anyway, please donate to my campaign to run for president in two years.’


There will, 100% guaranteed, be people who are happy to send him money over this (and of course overlooking that millions of dollars previously donated to his campaigns weren’t used for campaigns but mysteriously disappeared).


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No clue how for months last summer I played Splatoon 2 late into the night and then went immediately to bed. These days it gets my adrenaline going too much to just crash right after playing: I just did some reading and surfing on Masto to wind down.

Afternoon, all --

New post up for you: Read this book [The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning]

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