Complete newbie to Linux who's been curious about it for years here.

Kindly tell me 1) If Linux can be installed on a laptop I'd like to keep Windows on (for now), 2) If so, if that's easy to do for someone not experienced with tech-speak or processes, 3) If that's so as well, what's the best/easiest/most stable version of Linux to look at installing, and 4) Where to go for dead-easy instructions on how to install it.

Thanks in advance!

New notification on Zoom: «You can now send non-verbal feedback ("yes", "go faster", etc.) from "Reactions on the toolbar.»

… What are these people using Zoom for? Do I want to know?

I suspect either I've got to up my caffeine intake to make it have some actual effect, or I'm so used to ingesting so much of it that taking more will literally endanger my life.

Either way, I'm making some tea now.

So it SEEMS, from what I've heard, that Canada isn't getting its promised/paid for doses of the Pfizer vaccine as the recent Pfizer pitch to get tax breaks from the government continues to not be discussed.

I'm not saying that IS connected, but if it is, then fuck Pfizer for playing business politics while people are literally dying from the cure they've been paid to deliver (and are delivering elsewhere on schedule with no problems).

Those times when you're fighting to stay awake and can't focus on much to get anything productive done so just keep on scrolling...


Calling this done :) $60 USD which includes postage if anyone wants to buy it. Not the crease in the paper along the bottom (can be ironed out or mounted over).

Archival ink on 220gm smooth heavyweight paper, A4 size (30x21cm)


I'm on hold and the phone is playing hold music, but the signal gets fuzzy and then plays back the hold music to me at a faster pace so it's basically like listening to anxiety

Starting a string quartet with the lads, we're called Bachstreet Boys

My ten-year-old is into sketching whales in the last few days.
She just did another. Then said, "Now I'm going to draw a daddy whale."
Me: "What will make it look like a daddy whale?"
Her: "It'll be wearing a top hat."

This is definitely my child.

From a Laura Olin newsletter link:
Animals interrupting wildlife photographers.
#30 looks faked to me, but the rest are great.

Playing Among Us public games is good for when you want to have rounds where people admit to being the imposter because they're bored or when you want to be the only person not speaking the collective language of the other players and don't find out until the first emergency meeting or for when players leave en masse right before the Start timer is done so you're suddenly playing with half the players you wanted to play with.

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