I shall now start transferring all my handwritten writing material from completed notebooks--mostly story/character/setting/game ideas or notes--into typed format.
I'm tired of not being able to remember when or where an idea was, so think having it be searchable would be good.

someone should make a heavy metal musical version of macbeth called megabeth

Fun fact: In the warmer months I prefer to be barefoot in the house, but have socks at the ready for a quick turnaround on needing to leave for walks or bike rides, the house catching on fire, fighting monsters outside, etc.

I've never in my life been as unimpressed with the state of my body as seeing the video my daughter took of me (with bonus Covid weight and the 1̶0̶ 50 pounds that the camera adds) not long before passing a ripped dude walking out of a local crossfit gym.

Is Advil part of your breakfast, or are you under 40?

My increasingly frustrating laptop has decided it: My next laptop choice will be based on name brand + a full sized keyboard with good typing action + RECOGNIZING THAT THERE'S A SET OF HEADPHONES PLUGGED IN, YOU STUPID THING + camera quality.

My nine-year-old woke up in the wee hours hours from a nightmare where she was talking to someone and their face started melting.

Guess we'll hold off on introducing her to Indiana Jones for a while.

Tracking what quitting social media can do for various moods/opinions.


Thanks to the Briefing Day newsletter for the link.

The fact that there was a character in the Garfield comic strip named Nermal, who I haven't thought of in probably four decades, just popped into my head.
Why is my brain like this?

What day to the Hunger Games start this year? I wish they'd stop moving it around.


MUST watch today!

Turn up the volume!

Watch "9/21/20" on YouTube

Does anyone know what day Rowling was born?
I don't want to miss wishing her a happy TERFday.

Best Sellers Sell The Best Because They're Best Sellers/biography of Pengiun Random House U.S. Chief Executive Madeline McIntosh:

Thanks to the Briefing Day newsletter for the link.

I had a dream that I was trying to connect to a café's wifi and accidentally connected to a young woman's phone instead (partially her fault) and downloaded all her pics, removing them from her phone as they went, then erasing them as I tried to stop it from happening. I found her them in my Trash file and we got them back to her.

So in my dreams, it's finally happened: My bad luck with technology gets so severe that it's more like an aura and starts directly affecting those around me.

Lockdown Hero comics.

Thanks to the Briefing Day newsletter for the link.

Tonight I caught about half an hour (on and off) of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and I kid you not it, was all gunfire and explosions and robots in fights I could barely track and Megan Fox running in slow motion.
It may be the most Michael Bay of all Michael Bay movies.

Among my accomplishments during isolation, today I invented a new martial art involving spinning my key ring around a finger in jabbing and slashing motions, mixed with some front and side kicks.
It's called keyjitsu and my wife and daughter aren't into it, but it's early days.

"I am eating the salt."

Man, based on what Duolingo asks you to translate, they expect Denmark is going to have terribly behaved visitors.

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