techie interviewing for a plumbing job:

"I'm really into plumbing... I maintain a high pressure system at home just for fun from parts I scavenged from various bankrupt manufacturing facilities."


: Police fire live ammunition at protesters, today in , Cortés.


yiannis michalidis, a comrade from the greek anarchist group conspiracy of fire nuclei has escaped from prison. he is known for attacking police with a bow & arrow (lmao)

"A Google employee spoke with the Bay Area Reporter on the condition of anonymity about the current mood among LGBTQ Googlers, saying by phone that, "I'm really worried that they [company leadership] don't know how unsustainable this is. They want to have it both ways: to monetize the engagement that comes from really odious content, but to bear no responsibility for it. And all of us queers who work here see how they're getting away with making money off people who hate us while doing nothing to stop them. Meanwhile, most queer creators' channels are demonetized or marked 'adult' because they use words like 'trans.' Google has no right to be at Pride. They're just capitalists. They don't care."

On 'This Week in Fascism,' we look at how a small group of far-Right trolls in #Boston, deeply connected to the Proud Boys + neo-Nazis, have managed to win the affections of Fox News + free publicity from the Center, by rebranding as #StraightPrideParade.

These fucking Nazis are trying to invade Motor City Pride with riot shields like Detroit isn't the king of riots. #FuckOuttaHere #Pride

Fed: We’re here to ask you a few questions Miss-

Me: Mf I’ve never snitched in my wholeass life and won’t start now🤬!

Fed: We’re with the IRS, we just wanna ask about the company you work fo-

Me: Well make yourself comfortable baby and call me Snitchelodeon 💅🏽.

Two Portland protesters who doused cops with glitter and lubricant get sentenced to five days in jail. The judge said “you don’t have the appropriate amount of respect" for the police. Lack of respect for cops shouldn't be considered in sentencing.

free speech, antifa 

Hey guys, super shitty news. You may remember me talking about the Birmingham Free Store, an awesome radical #queer space that provides #MutualAid in my hometown by collecting and giving away various things donated by folks in Bham

The landlord for the building has been working on the roof lately, and didn't properly secure the tarp before rain came last night. The store is now flooded, with much of what was inside - including the entire library section - destroyed beyond repair

They really need help right now, however you can. For cash donations, their patreon and venmo are both @bhamfreestore, and if you want to mail books or anything else their address is 3114 27th St N, Birmingham, AL 35207

Please boost this, and copy to other media if you'd like. This is an incredible space and it deserves our help!

#anarchism #solarpunk #solidarity

That so many people will never know the joy of special interests that don't amount to climbing social status hierarchies and crushing everyone below you is far more tragic than neurodivergence will ever be

Teen Vogue is the best of modern journalism and that sentence had stopped sounding weird to me.

Reverse engineer everything!
Break DRM!
Fuck IP law!
Be Gay!
Do Crime!

Sorry liberals, everyone knows the only genders are cislunar and translunar

learn some basic orbital mechanics you snowflakes

Along with an author at the Daily Stormer, Tim Pool now promoting 'research' of far-Right troll "ProgDad," most known for being banned from Twitter in 2018 after participating in a series of racist harassment campaigns and now attempting to rebrand as an "extremist researcher."

These actions are part of a long history of repression by the Cuban State against both anarchists and the queer and trans community of Cuba.

Today is John Brown's birthday. Fighting against a democratic republic in which slavery was legal, he understood the anarchist critique of democracy way ahead of his time.

Against all white supremacist institutions, however "popular" or "representative"!

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