325: **About the repression against anarchists in Italy**

"ABOUT THE REPRESSION AGAINST ANARCHISTS IN ITALY Unfortunately, Italy has a long history of repressive operations against anarchists. Since Operation Marini in 90s, the waves of repression against comrades, which brought into jail many people with charges of terrorism or criminal ass…"


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Any class affiliation under the umbrella of one’s relation to work is doomed to prioritize its structural relationship to productivity at the expense of those already deemed parasitic; namely the homeless, children, the elderly, and disabled people.

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It's truly fucking maddening to compare how hard every tier of law enforcement went after anarchists for some burnt logging trucks and freed mink in comparison to their lackadaisical attitude about the outright mass murders constantly being planned and enacted by the alt-right.

Nationalism is pure unadulterated evil. It should make no fucking difference whatsoever what economic plan it comes packaged with.

The non-confrontational attitude of pacific northwest liberals is complicit in both fascist vigilante and state violence.

Ran acriss some really old black and white men sitting around passionately discussing Klingon lore in my neighborhood. Wholesome as fuck.

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More than 10,000 people marched against the repatriation centers (CPRs) for migrants in #Milan. In solidarity with refugees struggle against detention, criminalization or state repression. Demanding to close down all detention camps for refugees in #Italy.

From "Anarchists Need Space Because We’re Fighting in All
Directions," by Emmi Bevensee.

a journal called anarchotranshuman recently released an issue on space and i'm posting it here bc i love space and i love anarchy


I've spent forever waiting to get to drop the following line in our Eclipse Campaign and finally got to tonight:

"...and as its hideous bulbous oily black beak comes into focus you realize that this isn't a person, this... is a social democrat."

"An"caps: would you like to talk about the free market?
Me, trading pickpocketed goods from Walmart for DMT, lips still wet with the blood of devoured landlords and corporate CEOs: what do you want to know?

There's a take from primitivist corners that the toxicity of internet conversations proves that humans aren't capable of handling advanced technology, but the better take is that the internet is mediocre primitive technology that hasn't progressed to meeting humans' complexity.

A huge percentage of why people perceive internet discourse as particularly fractious and hostile is that social media networks are insanely clunky tools when it comes to sharing and conversing. I've argued this forever but XKCD knocks it home:


my strategy is to lock in hanzo and then switch to a good character right at the very end of selection

Earth First: **CNN Admits European Colonizers Killed 56 Million Indigenous People and Caused Early Climate Change**

"When Europeans arrived in the Americas, they caused so much death and disease that it changed the global climate, a new study finds."


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Did you know? The term "boycott" originates from a successful Irish effort in the 19th century to shun this rich guy named Boycott who was trying to evict rural tenant farmers. No one would work for him, sell him stuff, or even deliver his mail. Ultimately he failed to make a profit from the farmland he owned, and his name is now a part of history :)

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