Single residential load forecasting using deep learning and image encoding techniques


Using , we recently showed that transition to limit cycle oscillations is also possible when different chaotic oscillators are coupled


Synchronization transition from chaos to limit cycle oscillations when a locally coupled chaotic oscillator grid is coupled globally to another chaotic oscillator – detected using

Musical instrument sound classification with deep convolutional neural network using feature fusion approach

Great review by @antmandan on " Methods for Communication Data, Reflecting on 20 Years of Progress"

Spatial analysis of remote sensing data "Pixelwise Remote Sensing Image Classification Based on Recurrence Plot Deep Features"

Alternative look at : Diagnosing concurrent drivers of weather extremes: application to warm and cold days in North America

An Adaptive Outlier Detection and Processing Approach towards Time Series Sensor Data

A survey on decomposing time series into deterministic and stochastic influences

Identification of Dynamical Behavior of Pseudoperiodic Time Series by Network Community Structure

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