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Workshop on “Uncertainties in data analysis” in Potsdam, 30 Sep and 2 Oct 2020 – REGISTRATION NOW OPEN: eveeno.com/IUCliD

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Tien-Yien Li (李天岩) (1945-2020), coauthor with James Yorke of the paper "Period three implies chaos" (1975), in which chaos was coined, has passed away today June 25, 2020. He was a University Distinguised Professor of Mathematics at @michiganstateu@twitter.com and a Guggenheim Fellow.

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Influence of shoots as a driving rhythmic force of elf4-1 rootstocks identified with – new publication in @NaturePlants nature.com/articles/s41477-020

based analysis methods are included in the review on Nonlinear Methods Most Applied to Heart-Rate Time Series mdpi.com/1099-4300/22/3/309

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New paper:

Studying Complex Adaptive Systems With Internal States: A Recurrence Network Approach to the Analysis of Multivariate Time-Series Data Representing Self-Reports of Human Experience

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Single residential load forecasting using deep learning and image encoding techniques doi.org/10.3390/electronics901

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