Why put a water cooled server upside-down ?
Because if a few drips of water leak from a bad fitting, they'll leak on the lid instead of the motherboard. 💯

Before you jump into the weekend, don't forget: this Monday April 26 10 am CEST we are excited to have a 2nd webinar on #ActivityPub for administrations!

Together w @cwebber & #fediverse enthusiasts ( creators of Matrix-bridge #Kazarma, podcast solution @Castopod & others) we explore how ActivityPub works and its exciting evolution ( & hopefully convince public institutions to join the fediverse :metamorph: )

Want to know more? Check out the agenda here -> socialhub.activitypub.rocks/pu and join us!

Great! We have both the chat and the introduction notes saved, will share them soon!
@petros @cwebber @redchrision

@NGIZero @cwebber @redchrision
It was super inspiring. I can hardly wait for next Monday. Did anybody happen to save full chat content? I have but scraps, unfortunately.

@NGIZero @redchrision @cwebber

Thanks for doing your best to advance human wellness on Europe by debating about the future of social networks 😃

Pretty educating event there on how to approach this at legislation and practical level 👍

¡Thanks again!

🙌 Thank you 🙌 to everyone contributing to a lively discussion just now on #ActivityPub for Administrations! And especially thank @redchrision for the clear presentation 👍

Important points were raised, on how to engage with citizens as an institution, what moderating capabilities the #fediverse offers, possible administrative limitations to self-hosting / moderating. The next webinar April 26th 10 am CEST delves deeper into ActivityPub with co-author @cwebber -> socialhub.activitypub.rocks/pu

For everyone joining the #ActivityPub & #fediverse webinars (and workshop) starting April 19, save the link! We have an online venue here -> bbb.tbm.tudelft.nl/b/joo-ijf-x. We start Monday morning fresh 10:00 am CEST, to introduce ActivityPub & the need for federating public communication, specifically the European Commission & national administrations. @redchrision has a wonderfully insightful presentation ready after which we jump into the discussion. See you Monday! -> socialhub.activitypub.rocks/pu

I'm a fan of discovering videos filmed in Paris and this is a very accurate one capturing some of its charm :) youtu.be/fQDEUU1lyZQ

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