@redchrision bravely presenting GDPR and The Case For Decentralized Social Media at with no slides, while the tech team disassembles and debugs the video recording and output hardware

I'm watching this:

It sounds as though @cwebber is asking @cjd "What about the actor (in unattributed messages)?"

One possibility is that "there are a lot of them" as the speaker says. Another possibility is that there is only one actor and, if we wish accountability without attribution, then we create an authorization token for each person

I actually like the idea of spinning up a lot of Actors for the sake of repeatable identity (pseudo-anonimity), but if the goal is to eschew reputation entirely, apart from accountability for abuse, a single anonymous actor with the record keeping on the side is possibly more tractable

Play by email Diplomacy offered games with falsely attributed messages as well as unattributed messages. These games were not often played and less often enjoyed, but they worked in that community for reasons that would also apply to the fediverse, given the same protections - particularly the 7:1 ratio of players to moderators :newlol: 😂 😎 - but mainly the fact that the judge system was federated and players chose the instances they played on and the moderators in whose games they played for the same reasons that people choose their Fediverse instance

how can I maximize my footprint ?
Please focus on cheap/reasonable suggestions: Buy A Truck -> too expensive
Bonus points if it doesn't cost me anything at all.

Since I'm so surrounded by tech & I'm considering this for a while, it seems I got admitted to the BA in CS from Goldsmiths, University of London. I'm actually doing this! 😎

It was a great honor to attend this last weekend at the first ever ActivityPub conference , where I had the opportunity to share my ideas on data protection & decentralized social networking. The event took place in Prague, during the exhibition, at DOX Center for Contemporary Art ❤️

OSS Compliance with Privacy by Default and Design 

@redchrision on stage.

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Probably one of the first attempts at interpreting the application of the in in context of the fediverse by @redchrision .

Possible end-run on the "don't prohibit what you cannot forbid", introduce a machine-readable "pledge" (e.g. this_server_deletes_data_permanently_when_asked) which if someone makes an instance which does not make the pledge, people can choose whether to share their data with it. If someone makes an instance which *lies* and makes a fake pledge, GDPR supervisory authority will not have much difficulty establishing bad faith. By @redchrision

ITT: Write an advertisement script which illustrates a culture you know. I'll start:

Woman driving in her car has religious experience and receives message that she can get a better deal on homeowner's liability insurance (insurance in case someone walks on her property, falls, and sues her)

- America

Great news: I’m speaking at Europe, Amsterdam! You can get a 20% discount from ticket prices using code CMESPEAK-CRISTINA. The price increases on September 1, so using this code is the best deal right now. Check out the schedule & come say hi!

I'm happy to announce that I will be speaking at ActivityPub Conference taking place in Prague, September 7th & 8th. 🤓 For more details, check out the schedule here: redaktor.me/apconf/ Come say hi! 😊


Last Saturday went to the mall w/ @redchrision , we walked around looked at clothes, designs are very inflexible (X only looks good with Y)... Reminds me of the song Thrift Shop, except expensive.

This is it: fosdem.org/2018/schedule/event My first lecture at an IT conference... I worked really hard on the research, had some issues delivering it, would have said things differently (I had prepared a different delivery), I'm sorry I didn't get to say some things also due to bad time management... Forgot to speak fluent English (9:30 a.m. after a party) Yet I'm surprised I invented things on the spot, on the other hand. I managed to seem decent, I think. Next time it will be better.

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