I'm assuming that this website is for development and testing purposes only, and that later you will move those into the app (no cloud required), right?

imagine how much progress we’ve lost by having so much misogyny in tech.

@redcrate it is the paradox at the centre of FOSS culture

I finally did it, here's King's Quest in its original 16-color glory, on my #Tandy 1000TX! #retrogaming

rant about foss nerds and the software industry 

Berkeley burrito-delivery bot purported to be using 'advanced neural network' is actually remotely piloted by Colombians, who are paid $2 per hour.


Welcome to capitalism, where tech startups fake 'genius' AI using hidden POC sweatshop labor in a 'black box' to rake in profits.

"AI, games, Amazon, it's all made with magic! In our magic black box!"
"What's in it?"
"Nevermind, just eat your kale salad and let's do yoga!"
*Open box, find a sweatshop*

re: archiving 2 

The car we send to pick up new Cryptids and bring them to their ascension.

How to write to Chelsea Manning

Address (5 lines):

Chelsea Elizabeth Manning
William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center
2001 Mill Road
Alexandria, VA 22314

-Send cards, packages postcards photocopies, or cash.
-Decorate the outside of the envelope.
-Send books or magazines.

+Address your letter as shown (4 lines).
+Send letters on white paper.
+Use your national postal service.
+Make color drawings in your letter
+Sparingly send 4x6 photos, she can only have 10.

Anyway, I'm concerned.

I realized the other day that there's not a single organization or company within the world of free software that I trust wholly, and that's a bad place to be in when I am depending on those organizations to audit the code that runs on my machines.

For years, I supported the ideological mission of the FSF from a distance, without knowing much about RMS as a person.

The more I get to see behind the curtain of the FSF, the less I am inclined to trust their decisions.

Ice bath 

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