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I kind of get the feeling that people are trying to refactor the web, in a sense.

And that there are at least 2 different visions for the future of the Web.

Some seem to want the Web to go back to being about (relatively “dumb”) hypertext document format.

Others seem to want the Web to be about a (relatively “smart”) cross-platform application platform.

(There are other visions for the future of the Web too.)

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For a long time, the de facto ‘text’ data format included the Select Graphic Rendition (SGR) control sequences.

In practice, SGR control sequences were as much ‘text’ as the carriage-return, form-feed, horizontal-tab, line-feed, vertical-tab control codes are ‘text’.

SGR control sequences gave us things such as — bold, color, italics, overlining, underlining, etc.

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It used to be common for people to copy one, or more, or even all the files from another (FTP, HTTP, or whatever) site, and share it with others.

The original site even considered this helpful!

These copy-and-share sites were called — mirrors.

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It used to be (more) common for people to write HTML in a way where it would (also) look good in a Terminal based web browser.

It used to be (more) common for people to write HTML & CSS in a way where it would (still) look good if the CSS was not applied.

It used to be (more) common for people to write HTML & JavaScript in a way where it would (still) look good & (still) work if the JavaScript wasn't executed.

Those don't seem to be the norm nowadays.

#Goldfish is a brand new project created by @stux as a FOSS replacement for platforms like TikTok & Vine.

Development has started a few days ago and the first rought draft is online at

The platform is build in Laravel from scratch and the plan is to also add ActivityPub so it can connect with the Fediverse in the future.

Our git repo will be updated when a good first version is done ✅

We also have a Patreon page for the project! Hopefully I can spend many many more hours on it's development ❤️

Day 427 with the toddler —

Today the toddler is 14 months old!

(Calculated by day-of-the-month.)

If someone can make you feel bad (or good) about yourself, by (directly or indirectly) saying something about the programming language you use (or like), then you probably have made it part of your identity.

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Don't make the programming language you use (or like) part of your identity.

For all the new fedizens and all those of us that want fedi to be stronger in the face of the onslaught I recommend (re)watching @darius talk at the Conference in 2020.

"Let's play and win our own game!"

And it has broader applicability. I responded to @csddumi on the idea to "Unionize Free Software" where these strategies can be very well applied to movement as a whole.

I found these two really cool sites while looking up info about homebrew computing

Both have done projects with very limited computing resources

Whatever can be done in software could be done in hardware.

Whatever can be done in configurations could be done in software.

The history of the acquisition of Amiga by Commodore from Commodore's point-of-view

(And custom chips)

As told by Andy Finkel & Dave Haynie


How AT&T's Unix System Laboratories (USL) suing University of California at Berkeley (UCB) over BSD helped lead to the success of Linux

(history, unix, bsd, linux)

Biologist finds behemoth tree in North Vancouver nearly as wide as a Boeing 747 airplane cabin
The western red cedar found in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park is likely 1,000 to 2,000 years old, say experts

As a kid I had the Atari 2600 video game console.

One of the games I liked on it, back then, was called — Phoenix.


Before the Personal Computer (PC) there was the Home Computer.

Such as the Commodore 64.

When I was a kid, someone in the neighborhood I lived in had a Commodore 64. I spent a lot of time at their home playing games on their Commodore 64.


A number of days later, after I saw the first behavior, I saw another new behavior from the toddler, that seems somewhat related (to the first behavior) to me —

The second behavior is that the toddler now picks up stuff off of the ground, and hands them to me.

So, not the same object, over and over again, like with the first behavior. But lots of different objects now.

For example — random toys, or random pieces of wood on the beach, etc.

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Day 423 with the toddler —

2 or 3 weeks ago, I saw a new behavior from the toddler, that I don't think I've seen him do before —

He would hand me something. Let me have it for a bit. And then take it back. And then hand it to me again. Let me have it for a bit again. And then take it back again. Etc. He repeated this for a while.

He did this behavior a number of times, with different objects, over a number of different days.

Day 423 with the toddler —

Today we took him to the beach for the first time.

He seems to want to walk around. Walk to the water. Walk to see the geese. Walk to some of the structures on the beach. Etc.

Although he wants to walk wherever he is. So not surprising.

With #PeerTube, you can create different channels within your account to group videos by topic 👉 #FreeTheCreators

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