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New art. New map section. New game for you to try if you like chill puzzle platformers and haven't checked out my WIP yet (you can play online here:

Interested in hearing what's hard, what's easy, whether you get totally stuck without trying to, and how the controls feel (apart from the jump bug noted in the post). Also whatever else. Still plenty to do.

I really wish I could eavesdrop on the writing sessions for this game (with a translator).

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Epistemology tip: the "what went wrong" section in postmortems of games that shipped can only teach you about the problems that *don't* prevent you from shipping.

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Fifteen years ago, a Fallout fan community called "No Mutants Allowed" exemplified entitlement, gatekeeping, and loud enforcement of cultural norms -- just like gamers in general exemplify to the outside world.

After Fallout 3 came out, nobody ever talked about NMA again. Its individual members still enjoyed the Fallout series, but were absorbed into the larger community, and NMA lost its cultural power.

Here's my question: what software can we ship that will make everyone forget about gamers?

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So I have to come up with $600 by the end of the month and about $400 the week after that, and I could use your help. Please contribute or boost. ❤️

Aaaaand more performant danger zones! (For reference, the CPU usage of the implementation I posted earlier was " would have crashed by now.")

Danger zone! I borrowed the logic for this from Bun Run, but it's way too slow here, I'm going to have to do something more clever instead (and I think I know what).

Some days you get to add functionality, some days you just run a comb through the spaghetti until you've cut the CPU usage in half.

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reading StackOverflow answers for topics you already understand is a great way to completely shatter your confidence in StackOverflow answers for the topics you don't

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I'm mailing press to see who would like to cover Mobility! Is there any site or let's player who would be interested in an accessible precision platformer? #screenshotsaturday #gamedev

A little map generation later we're starting to actually get a sense of what this is gonna feel like.

After quite a bit of debugging, I'm very happy with the robustness of my NPC following algorithm.

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BTW if you like the and you can't make GDC this year you can do this with me instead. It's going to be rad. Sign up! Boosts appreciated. :)

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Hey people (of any stripe (you're good enough (I don't even want to hear it)))

@hmaon and I are doing something perhaps foolish. You in?

Also I fixed the bug in that screenshot, which is very satisfying, but now I want to go on to more fun stuff and am not going to (because sleep).

Things I'm considering doing next: obstacles/other map tiles, teaching knights to fight back. There's also little stuff like making sure the hearts always blit above the sprites, which they don't right now.

I really do like Lua, but I appear to like it best when I've made it behave like Python. :P

My custom class generator has gotten a little more complicated, but the extra info has been indispensible for debugging.

Putting together all the bits of this dragon game so far. I dunno how much I'm going to try to make it into a full game but I'm definitely getting a lot of joy out of playing with it. Lookatem! They're so cute!

I mean staying up until like two coding that chain follow behavior didn't help either.