I wonder what the ratio of car alarms being false alarms to actually preventing thefts is.

last time we went out I reeled in a tiny crappie but I'm pretty sure he set the hook on it, this time he was doing his own thing while I messed around with the dropline so it actually feels like my catch

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fish out of water (literal, also selfie) 

caught this today! in a local reservoir, my second time fishing ever. my friend is a good teacher and was very excited for me, this was our best of the day by far

a catio except it's the entire house is called a

maybe what I need is a way to turn off reacting to my posts. like turning off replies but also everything else

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waiting for a conversation I'm anxious about (nothing bad, just unfamiliar) and I'm pretty sure actually doing it is going to be fine but the last ten minutes of waiting for the scheduled time sucks

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Just once, I want to see a wine bottle brave enough to describe the flavour of its contents as "tastes like grapes, innit"!

me every Friday: "it's fine, I can stay up late gaming, I don't have to be anywhere tomorrow"

me every Saturday: awake at nine like clockwork


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I need to hang out in more chats with people in further time zones so they're around when I'm awake at stupid hours

on reflection, maybe I don't

food, shitposting, facts 

chili cheese fries are American poutine

gf and I just played some online spades with randos and it was like a game and a half before we had a hand without at least one nil or six bid

nobody was trolling, it was just a wild string of deals. that was fun. (they beat us, but it was satisfyingly close)

the curtains in this hotel aren't fucking around, I woke up at eight and thought it was like four

I was procrastinating from packing last night because I'm trying to push quickly through the main story quest in ff14. but then I hit the point where I need to do a 24 player raid to progress and spent like an hour playing triple triad and chocobo racing instead 😅

(I don't think I could have gotten a party together for the raid at that hour, but also, I could've gone to bed)

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stress dreams last night about travel and scheduling, this is what I get for waiting to pack until the last minute (when I'm going to be leaving for the airport basically as soon as I get off work)

I think I'm also antsy about flying with a garment bag, which I think will be fine but I've never done before. masc formalwear problems.

I think she's usually doing it because she wants me to put different food in her dish from the perfectly good food which is already there, but still.

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I've been wearing shorts more often (after buying a few pairs for a trip to Hawaii) and my favorite thing about it is when my cat snuggles up to my legs it's much fuzzier.

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If you're having computer problems DO NOT turn it off and back on again, IT has been SCAMMING YOU FOR YEARS, the problems will ALWAYS COME BACK, the solution is to simply turn the computer OFF and NEVER turn it back on again

Stories aside, I think this game is mechanically great. It only has a few moving parts, and they serve double duty as guiding flavor and expendable resources. Much like For the Queen, the printed prompts do a lot of the heavy lifting to set the tone, gracefully enough to carry you along with them.

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Figuring out how to name characters has been an interesting adventure.

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I think the expectation of the rulebook is that your character starts somewhere in the middle ages so the later prompts are in something close to the present day, but I started in like 2000bce because I felt like it and have yet to bring a character into the common era. It's certainly possible -- time is very flexible in this game -- but I have trouble skipping ahead when it doesn't prompt me to, I get invested in the short-term stories.

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