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Anyway how much would it suck to die waiting for a red light and then be stuck there forever because ghosts can't trigger the metal detector circuit in the road

I think my least favorite use of social media (besides actual abuse) is "HEY EVERYONE, LOOK AT THIS BAD TAKE I FOUND."

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the move fast and break shit mentality rules because now every sailing shoes wearing dipshit with a pulse thinks he's steve jobs because he cant manage software development correctly

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it's time to read the middle english wikipedia article about frogges 

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@relsqui Ingredients used and time to ferment/age.

Kvass and beer might share similar ingredients, but 1 dungeon floor completion is enough for kvass whereas 3 dungeon floors would be long enough for beer. 7 if you wanted to make a double.

Time is also measured by how many floors in a dungeon the player goes through, to encourage exploration and also not have to wait on a dull timer.

weed, neighborliness 

Doing some more of this tonight, in both cases because I got nice comments on them and then went back and reread the pieces that got comments. Thanks, readers.

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Or at least hate the things that that really matter lol

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Life's too short to hate people's phone preferences and movie sequels. That's so much energy that could be spent on more positive things.

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okay I know people uphold the aesthetic value of the Sonic '_____ Zone' title cards, but I just started playing Ristar and holy shit

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Small child on the bus has almost got it down:
🎶 Grandma and grandpa sitting on a tree, K-I-S-N-I-N-G 🎶

I should be asleep a while ago but I'm rereading some stuff I wrote 6+ months ago which is apparently enough to like, actually experience the emotional punches without getting bogged down by familiarity, and I'm feeling pretty good about them. Good job, past me.

(Not long enough to stop me from tweaking a few words here and there but I'm not sure there is enough time and distance in the world to stop me from doing that.)

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Today in small things that I love a disproportionate amount: the line "although that's interesting too" in They Might Be Giants' "Photosynthesis" (photosynthesis does not involve a camera / or a synthesizer / although that's interesting too). It's a parenthetical remark, but it turns the preceding lines into encouragement of the exploration and connections the young listener is making, instead of just shutting them down as wrong answers. TMBG is the best 💙

While I'm navelgazing about social dynamics:

hanging out with a group I didn't select in a context expected to be professional = fine

hanging out with a select group in an intimate context = great

hanging out with a group I didn't select in a context expected to be intimate = DANGER DANGER

(by intimate I just mean friendly and personal, not like, sexy necessarily. that's a whole other can of worms)

Someone being argumentative or teasing me because they don't like me is a little annoying but I just block them.

Someone doing it because they incorrectly think we know each other well enough that they can do that and I'll take it in good humor is INFURIATING.

They're both having fun at my expense but one of them expects me to just take it.

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I'm taking the children's antihistamine because I want the lower dose, the fact that it's chewable is just a bonus.

(I don't actually prefer that, I just think it's funny.)

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