Imagine doing this and then thinking you're the good guys.


Are we going to talk about the fact that official reports from the European Parliament are openly (and approvingly) talking about implementing their own version of the Great Firewall of China?



🔮One of the more popular apps for 2023 for Apple AR glasses will be an app called “Smile”.

It will restructure the world where everyone that sees you smiles.

It will have an interesting impact on society in ways not understood in 2020.


Southern Japan recorded its heaviest rainstorm on record: 381mm of rain fell in just 6 hours.

We are in a climate emergency.

#Hitoyoshi #Kumamoto

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Since working from home my son has complained about me typing too loudly and my wife about me swearing too much. Not sure what people thought computer programming was all about because that's pretty much it.

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A modern, fast and reliable keyserver that additionally verifies key uploads (so no-one can upload key with your e-mail) and allows key deletion (so it’s GDPR compliant).

See more details here:

The president of Finland, sitting in his summer cottage, contemplating how tools are packed so that you need a separate tool to open them. 😄

Nice to see some innovation in pointer interfaces!
'Thumbmouse Keeps Your Hands on the Keyboard'


parent: if all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?

machine learning model: yes


Chapter 99 in The Tech Industry Is Broken With Problems It Has No Desire To Fix.

Never put your data into a program or service until you've verified that you can get it out.

Traditional finnish midsummer celebration with a birch tree maypole.

Oh we go again with the berries and the life cycle. Another whoknowshowmanyboostscomingup


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