@pixelfed Hi there! As a #blind screen reader user, I would really appreciate it if you'd take the time to #captionyourimages as it would really help with #accessibility
And it's not just people like me who appreciate them either, it's users on low bandwidth or metered connections who don't want to load the full res picture, those with #autism who sometimes find the context helpful, the huge percentage of those with preexisting visual impairments [#VI] which includes many people over 55 ETC.
It doesn't have to be anything incredibly detailed or artfully written, but something is nearly always better than nothing. I believe that their is even an option to automatically #OCR images now which should give you a head start.

It’s warm outside, need a fan.
But I guess this is also cool, and spins.
I guess I am the fan now.
Looks like the turntables have turned.

Looking for people who regularly use screen readers to browse the web.

A dev version of #keyoxide [1] currently has 100% #accessibility score by #lighthouse [2] and 0 errors according to WAVE [3] but still I'd hope to receive some real-world feedback and ensure what I develop can truly be used by all.

Boosts appreciated.

[1] dev.keyoxide.org
[2] web.dev/measure
[3] wave.webaim.org

In our small town, pupils celebrate that school's out, with a tractor parade 🚜🚜🚜

1/ Talking with bitcoiners about ecoloy, I realize most people have very poor understanding of the issues at work (the survival of humanity in the medium term) and are buying into the myths/greenwashing of the industry that wants to keep selling us its crap 👇👇👇

Wow, I'm impressed by the timeline:

- Oct 2 '07: "let's enable apps" email, internal deadline Jan '07
- Oct 17 '07: Jobs says publicly SDK will be available on Feb '07
- Mar '08: SDK is released
- Jul '08: app store is live

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Bertrand Serlet to Steve Jobs: "Fine, let's enable Cocoa Touch apps"

October 2, 2007

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Wow, after 25 years of Unix experience, I learned that you can filter output in .

Press ampersand (&) and enter a regex to show only lines matching the regex.

Press ampersand (&) and then exclamation mark (!) to apply an inverse filter.

I too had to try my hand at making a sourdough bread. Before the pandemic is over! Now I can get back to making regular bread.

You can subscribe to Mastodon accounts via RSS if you prefer.

Just add .rss to the end of an account's URL, for example mstdn.social/@feditips.rss

If you're unsure how to get an account's URL, just go to the account's profile page and click on their picture. This will open their public profile page, and the address of this page is the account's URL.

#Mastodon #MastoTips #FediTips #RSS

Google wants to build a "useful" quantum computer by decade's end in order to solve things like world hunger and climate change and lmao fucking hell. We already know exactly how to solve both of those things but no countries with the resources to do either of those things want to actually do them.

Having a functioning quantum computer isn't going to do a fucking thing. fucking tech companies.

My favourite app for is .
It launched 18 years ago, and is still getting regular updates.
No big breaking changes, only improvements of the core concept. And it still looks clean.

AT&T 1ESS Manufacturing Processes (1965) youtube.com/watch?v=tziav_yq5_

This 1965 video features the assembly of magnetic memory, backplane wire wrapping, manufacturing of reed relays, diodes and transistors, wire bounding and packaging of silicon dies, thin film circuit etching, and more. I didn't know 1ESS used thin film resistor array. #retrocomputing #electronics #1ESS

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Here's my favorite git feature that no one knows about:

You can reference commits using the commit message instead of the hash. The ":/" syntax accepts a regex that matches any part of the commit message, returning the youngest matching commit.


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