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“Statues like this typically depict a married couple. It was unusual for two women to be sculpted side by side. The relationship between these two women is not specified.”

Obviously, they were roommates.

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If you've never heard Dolly Parton sing "Jolene" at slow speed, now is your time. It's fantastic. youtu.be/doz1QJ7LwjA via @YouTube@twitter.com

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No big deal, just an 80% reduction in per capita covid death in countries that had mask policies.

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Based on the bottle this new perfume smells like... MDF and old carpet?? Fashion is so strange.


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Hello. Some of you work at places that are about to wrap up the quarter. Which means it’s time to spend corporate daddy’s money. (If YOU don’t spend it they will donate it to libertarian causes or buy crypto.) And while you can’t buy MY new book yet, let’s look at some you can:

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Refreshing this from March: this is why I think people with high-signal, high-amplitude accounts generally need to, and should, turn off public replies during an information (or kinetic) war. twitter.com/davetroy/status/15

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can't believe they made mussolini a woman in the reboot. this woke nonsense has ruined yet another franchise

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Ada Lovelace, the first programmer, begging her collaborator Charles Babbage, the inventor of the first general computer, not to mess with her math

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corporate profits are the highest in decades, weird how that doesn't factor into the inflation discourse but ordinary people's meager wage increases do

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The Arctic Ocean photographed in the same place 105 years ago vs. today.

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Extremely irritated that there's a real Playtronics because it ruins my attempt to use only Sneakers references in my demo scripts.

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Let’s clear this up:
Scifi is how you describe your estimates.
Fantasy is how you made your estimates.

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You’ll hear “good luck doing that in this political atmosphere,” as if atmospheres can’t be changed, as if the sight of somebody trying a difficult necessary thing can’t inspire others to believe in new possibilities.

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But like in that Poe story, the rich and famous, the smartest and the most successful, the princes of the 21st century, won’t escape what the world brings. 25/

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It's been a month. Hey, friends. How are you?

I'm doing ok. Like, actually ok.

(looks left) (looks right) ... [cont]


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All of this “we support your choice to mask” stuff is honestly like some silly little game where everyone in positions of authority is pretending to be some sweet summer child who has never heard of social norms and peer pressure. Except people get sick and die as a result

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I’ve read that the rapture is supposed to happen today. I’m imagining it like a good vacuuming after a party trashed by uninvited jackasses. There are some people I’ll miss a bit, sure, but ah the heart space that will open up.

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Two best sources on Amazon playbook are their own published leadership principles, (the only non-vacuous document of its sort I know of), and Yegge platform rant, which remains the best thing ever 11y in, and best unwitting testimonial for Amazon way ever gist.github.com/chitchcock/128

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