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Hey, I'm V's. Mentally ill, bi, black, trans woman. I do a lot of stuff, mostly on youtube.

I do let's plays, sometimes record podcasts, write a bit, sometimes draw and just generally do a bunch of stuff.

You can find me here:

and here:

I also started a directory of marginalized creators over here:

If you wanna support my stuff head over here?

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Apparently I have to have a take Show more

Apparently I have to have a take Show more

Apparently I have to have a take Show more

Anyway, I just wanted to say I had a really nice interaction with a customer tonight and I'm proud of the young black men in this community. I'mma peace out back to Twitter.

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Wait...so we can just see random replied between a person we follow and a person we don't, but if you turn off seeing replies in the feed you can't even see your own?

Working as intended I guess.

I've finally settled on my name.

Victoria. But I prefer just V's.

Mostly cause Gabby came from Gabe and Gabe came from me needing to quickly find a new name to go by because I found out my mother was stalking me online years before I came out.

Aaaand 13 early videos up early for $1+ patrons. It’s been a fun week. patreon.com/posts/17893510

A few early videos and a bunch of stuff that’s gone up over the last week for $1+ patrons.

I'm V's/Gabby and I'm kinda really gay. She/her. If I try REALLY hard I can almost be cute?

I've got a youtube channel over here youtube.com/c/recurringvs and a patreon here patreon.com/recurringvs

I also started a directory site for marginalized creators on the internet www.thequeer.community

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So I got home and wrote something, recorded and mixed it? I just missed writing, y'know? youtube.com/watch?v=hB98eukz5E

I just found a cache of my writing from 7 years ago. Fuck yes.

First time I've opened up this playlist for its intended purpose in a long while.