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Ugh, the last DBFZ patch murdered performance. Random drops to 30fps in matches.

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There's some issues with it but honestly it's pretty fantastic. I really need to get my friends together to play it.

The Creek: Yaaaarrrrrr Edition twitch.tv/recurringvs/

Time for some more drowning in the deep blue and talking about how good the water tech is. Then maybe some Warfarm cause I need that pretty new bird.

Gonna stream some Sea of Thieves and some Warframe in a little bit.

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I realized I don't have to sleep early for work so let's be pirates? The Creek: High Seas Edition twitch.tv/recurringvs/

If you guys would please consider donating to us, it's for my boyfriend's mother.
She's struggling to get on her feet from being kicked out of her boyfriend's home after coming out of the hospital, she's mentally ill and 60 years old. She had to go into overdraft to turn on her electric and anything would really help. We can't afford to help her much anymore.

PayPal: dakotalrc2@gmail.com

Suddenly I want to rerecord all of it cause I came up with a better way of showing things off

They changed critical attacks s while back and now there's a third type of critical and I don't know what it means

There are so many systems in this game that even at roughly 1700 hours over 5 years I still have to look things up because I can't remember all the damn things you need to know.