i found out how to move firefox's tab strip below the toolbars like in the older versions and it looks so much nicer in my opinion ☺️

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Mozilla Firefox 74.0.1 addresses two zerodays exploited in the wild

Please update your Firefox ASAP!

just read always raining here by hazel and bell. it was a really fun comic to read through ^^


Just finished migrating my laptop and workstation to GNU/Linux. Now all that's left to do is wait for @Purism 's Librem 5 :)

can we just ban all the assholes into the sun who don't have the decency to tag their nsfw stuff? like ffs

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This is troubling times when basically has total market dominance on web engines. We need more diversity in browsers in order to keep standards open and to encourage innovation.

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i hate it when you open a window and you try to select another window but instead the window blocks it and does a little flash like an overly possesive girlfriend

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does anybody have any recommendations for a compatible laptop? I'm looking to replace my surface pro.

With all the new apps getting ported to Haiku I might make it my main OS :-)

I hope everyone is having a great day 😊☀

got another midterm today

status: procrastination strikes again!

I installed Mandrake Linux 9 for fun on an old PC and holy crap came a long way since then.

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Time to sign up for next semester classes 📝

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i wish i could hook up a calculator to my brain so i don’t have to think about arithmetic

just posting to say how much I like the win9x ui aesthetic 👌

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Six lawsuits against FCC's 5G idiocy – that $2bn windfall for telcos – is bundled into one appeals court sueball theregister.co.uk/2018/11/07/f via The Register

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