Side project's got real when I’ve designed a favicon for it.

In 15 minutes the wrong Chimneysweep arrives, but we are too British and polite to mention it, so we’ll let him do his thing and pay him, before the right one arrives.

Apropos of nothing, zooming levels of map tiles were often sorted and stored based on the Z-Order curve, back when data was stored on tape. To reduce the probably seek time along the tape as it had to fastforward or rewind to find the next adjacent tile.

If stored in an x,y fashion whenever you went north or sound you’d have to race along a whole row of tiles on tape to get to the next one.

GCSE results day for Max. In which she gets her results and they are resulty. Apparently another 3 minutes until she can pick them up.

I like how the updated Dark Sky app is now both oddly specific and still wrong. A side effect of not being in a city I guess. I feel sorry for whoever lives at number 13, but thanks for the notification anyway.

@RellyAB Yeah, I have no idea what’s up with replies, something to do with it hiding the reply to a CW toot. I saw ‘em though and thank you.

For those who know Modesty/Max from back in San Franciso this will make you feel old. Show more

Cup of Starbucks & code. Show more

The cat has taken to sleeping on the very top step of the stairs. The dimly lit cat on the dimly lit stairs you turn a dimly lit corner to immediately dimly descend. I’m doomed.

What did the man say when he got stuck in a game show? Show more

I bought a dog off a blacksmith today... Show more

How does a Dad joke know it’s funny? Show more

Right, I see. So another advantage that mastodon has over twitter in the hide/show text which is a boon for the joke/punchline.

Will this design decision change the type of humour on twitter vs here?

Coloured in the knotwork doodle from yesterday evening. With a bit of practice I may get alright at these.

Been over 20 years I think since I last sketched some knotwork, no idea why I decided to start again this evening but guess I can remember how to do it, just about.

Finishing a hot chocolate and attepting to read the ActivityPub spec to see if I can add it to my blog for idealistic fediration reasons. How hard can it be?!

Writing software to help me track when I’ve sent letters and to whom I’ve sent them. As a way of avoiding having to actually get round to writing the letters, which is harder than writing software.

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