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(posting this at random so i can pin it)

please don't send me a follow request if i can't figure out who you are from looking at your recent toots and/or your bio

finally an Algorithm that's going to be even more racist than all the other existing ones

happy fathers day to all the big sexy dragons out there. don't reply to this

i wanted the fediverse to have more wife content but not like this

instantly replying to all your posts with the same spam message telling you to go to

anyway good morning i can't sleep and i think my housemates dad is still asleep in the den so i probably shouldn't get up and start grinding coffee

"nice jeans" "thanks. i ruined them myself"

i like to give a new pair of jeans that "distressed denim" look by throwing it into the street and repeatedly doing burnouts on it in my car

dunno what i actually feel like doing right now so i might just go to bed

i installed a hacked up pangya client earlier buti don't feel like playing with randos

i still have stuff to do for bsnes-plus but can't be bothered right now

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