Celviano AP-10 digital piano running in MAME w/ custom clickable layout

demo recordings: revenant1.net/casio/ap10_demos

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"lin-manuel de homem-christo". is this anything

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this post is for back pain crew only. boost this if your back hurts. unfollow me if your back doesnt hurt

strongly tempted to buy this just because it'd basically drop right into the MAME driver i've already been working on and then i can say i have written an emulator for a piano

(probably not going to at least for a while, though)

try to sign up on a russian electronics repair website to get access to more ROMs and schematics

have to do a stupid electronics quiz through google translate

get in successfully

immediately reach the daily download limit after 1 file

gee thanks

at some point i made this extremely stupid edit based on the back of the morbius blu-ray and then never closed the image so i keep accidentally seeing it

yes that is a stack of three ZIF sockets. don't worry about it

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dumping and disassembling the Casio CTK-601 keyboard ROM, the continuation of last year's keyboard emulation work for MAME

later today it will be time to get started dumping and emulating another keyboard

but first, coffee

the stated reason is that the t.co domain is used primarily for tracking - which, while true, kind of misses the broader point that if you don't want twitter tracking your activity *on twitter*, you're already fucked

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i was about to ask the list maintainer, via twitter, to consider removing it from the list but they seem to be insisting, on twitter, that breaking all posted links on twitter is actually helpful for some reason

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shoutout to the brainiac who thought that adding "t.co" to a domain block list would be helpful to anybody on the planet

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