starting to think i don't actually find battle garegga very enjoyable to play

made a quick & dirty Touhou hack that displays the current rank value in the top left corner for games that use it (6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12)

now available via thcrap as "ShowRank"

teens everywhere are doing "The B Button Challenge"

Madonna - Into the Groove [Bass and Drum Tracks Only] [Extended] [10 Hours]


my russian coworker is doing a "lunch and learn" today that apparently involves a "see if you can tell the difference between good vodka and shitty vodka" contest

so i guess that's going to be my work day

scanned a bunch of CDs in a hurry and then noticed after the fact that a bunch of them still had fingerprints on the edges

i'll do them again tomorrow

if i were the so-called "king of wishful thinking" i would simply have a better ship. not my problem

gaming accomplishment of the day: somehow misread "Hovertank 3D" as "Hoobastank 3D"

how come nobody talks about the emperor's original groove

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