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(posting this at random so i can pin it)

please don't send me a follow request if i can't figure out who you are from looking at your recent toots and/or your bio

thank you youtube for recommending me this compilation of touhou vines again

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hhahaha you know the mega drive mini? in japan you can get a "mega drive mini tower"

bed time, bath time, and beyond time

bringing a third cat home and trying to get the other two to behave themselves is a lot like... hmm. there has to be some kind of simile i can use here

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belated update: say hello to Bella, she's been hiding under my housemate's bed most of the day so far but is still very receptive to petting

on second thought i'm too lazy to clean up other stuff to make that not look janky as shit so into the git-reset hole it goes

maybe another time

background: url(":/res/parabo_satebo.png") bottom right no-repeat;

Qt style sheets are a blessing and a curse

i know it looks cheesy as hell but it's so tempting to do something like fill the empty space in this GUI with a picture of the satellaview mascots or something

less than 1 hr until i go home, get ready for fluffy calico baby updates

me at work before getting up for a bathroom break: "ok i figured out how to fix this thing so i'm going to fix it as soon as i get back"

me immediately after getting back: "hmm i bet i could translate the new program i made this weekend into japanese pretty easily"

hey girls did you know

that ummmmm

To open a terminal, right-click the Terminal subsystem under the target. Then select 'Launch Terminal' from the context menu.

i'll probably still be at work when she gets home and meets the other cats but i wish i could see

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