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(posting this at random so i can pin it)

please don't send me a follow request if i can't figure out who you are from looking at your recent toots and/or your bio

computer what godforsaken youtube thumbnails do you have for me tonight

twitter android patch notes: the navigation buttons are on the bottom now. whatever. fuck you

today is july 15, 1997. you still live with both of your parents and today they're going to take you to blockbuster to get another N64 game and a box of nestle buncha crunch

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cereal experiments grain. just boost this shit ok

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homestar is short for homestuck centaur

a few SID music rips i fixed/split up to not unnecessarily have more than one of them combined into a single file anymore

(from two 1989 C64 music demos, one of which also displays a tiny version of the other)

also the controls / seek bar / elapsed time are also displayed directly on top of the video at all times so you can never actually, you know, see the entire video

wow the new html5 video player in chromium sucks ass

big ol' fully opaque play/pause button displayed in the center of the video at all times when the mouse cursor is anywhere on the video (including the seek bar). also literally no volume control except mute/unmute

reripping/fixing some SID music rips and firing up my macbook to use the way better mac version of sidplay to figure out why a couple of these play back weird at first

shoutout to this motherfucker who responded to a DMCA from Akamai by just base64ing the entire infringing source file and then calling eval() a bunch of times

this says shrak but at first i thought it said shark