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What if we put Luigi's head on top of Luigi's body! 

It'd look something... like this!

just noticed my bandaid from walgreens says "Flu Fighter" on it. first of all, nice jojo reference, second of all this wasn't a flu shot you idiots

getting the second dose of pfizer today so i guess that means i am married to bill gates now

cancel me if you must, but i will never change my sincere belief that Gary Oldman is younger than Gary Numan

RIP to the higher than normal amount of Butterfingers that briefly existed in this house because of Final Fantasy or whatever

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this is still extremely in beta - as mentioned in the readme, it's still liable to have some issues with DRM, anti-cheat, etc. but feel free to test it if you're able to

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new tool i've been working on since sometime last week: UnrealKey, a small program that tries to automatically detect AES decryption keys for Unreal Engine 4 pak files, with results possible within seconds of starting the game

feels good to shit out a low effort day-one article sometimes

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seeing Carl Lewis on the carton of soy milk in my fridge and instantly singing "Carl Lewis, Carl Lewis" in my head to the tune of Rock Me Amadeus

th18 full version supposed to drop on steam on the 4th, wonder if that means starting midnight in japan (aka in an hour)

pictured in thumbnail: marine browsing zdaemon servers

(i don't know who this joke is for, sorry)

harkening back to the days when the peak of online comedy was putting the word "teh" in front of adjectives for no reason

replacing the word "process" with "princess" from now on

Princess Explorer
Princess Monitor
Princess Hacker
and last (but not least)
Princess of Elimination

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