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(posting this at random so i can pin it)

please don't send me a follow request if i can't figure out who you are from looking at your recent toots and/or your bio

me reading mastodon at work: [sees someone mention circuit simulators]

my brain: "circus simulators"

i'm going to start spelling it "stephen universe" from here on out because that seems like a pretty good way to be sent to prison

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i'm at work and now instead of doing my job i'm thinking about making a poorly edited mcdonald's sign that says "mastodonald's" in order to drive ironic brand engagement for some reason

good morning i have to go to work in about ten minutes and I'm still in bed

sorry tails if this doesn't look gay to the viewers

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let it be known that The Future is now a pin header on a TI-99/4A RAM expansion

i just remembered i own a TI-99/4A

i probably should have picked that up last time i was at my mom's place and tried to get it back in working order

do i

- buy a PAL C64 and fuck around with yet another power converter


- buy a NTSC C64 and just keep using VICE in PAL mode to test shit

thinking it's about time somebody made a DK64 deathmatch TC for zdoom

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can't believe we're living in 2019 and discord still has a non-modal "open file" dialog

if you want a nice dark shade of purple how about #420666

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