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please don't send me a follow request if i can't figure out who you are from looking at your recent toots and/or your bio

just picked up a copy of bambi on ps2, hope i'm not too late

me: babe wtf i can't believe you forgot to buy eggs, we need them for this cake

her: ugh ok sorry, but remember when you forgot to pick me up from the airport cos you were busy gaming??

me: this is whataboutism, a classic soviet era propaganda tactic taught by the KGB. tell me who you are working for. do you know vladimir putin? i am tweeting the FBI right now, they need to know about you

me: h-

US Geological Survey: What an attractive bee, unfortunately, that is about all we can say about this species other than it is found in the western temperate regions of South America. It belongs to a little studied group and most of the work that has been done comes from museums where 22 species have been described from various collections. There is one note that a few nests were found in wooden traps nests that mimic naturally occurring beetle holes or cavities in plant stems, whether th

it's trans awareness week. that means that if you're trans, then you are now aware of your own breathing

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journalists need to stop referring to amazon’s “global workforce of 613,000” unless they mention at some point that 50,000 of those people are software developers making $200k and the other 550,000 are warehouse and shipment workers pissing into 2-liter bottles

changing the "sex and the city" logo to say "night and the woods" and then sending it to the cops

@revenant in that case, I highly recommend checking out the Talk page for the Corn article and its 4 archives of people arguing for over a decade if it should be called corn or maize

can you believe i'm not taking ADHD medication anymore

Ancients of
Making authoritative posts about the difference between jelly and jam

anyway the whole reason i'm even on this bullshit right now is because i saw this thread title on /r/legaladvice and was like "wow talk about a sweet deal" and then immediately went to go look up the wikipedia article about PBJ sandwiches, and here we are

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