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please don't send me a follow request if i can't figure out who you are from looking at your recent toots and/or your bio

argh i kinda want to roll the dice on more satellaview memory pack stuff on yahoo japan because there's someone on there that keeps selling 4-packs of them

but japan post's international shipping is fucked right now

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british people don't know what ice is. no wonder there are so many terfs and stuff over there

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completely apropos of nothing, i just remembered part of a dream i had last night, where Tom Clancy was still alive but somehow ended up drunkenly revealing he had some kind of ties to the KKK so everyone started calling him "Tom Klancy"

time to decide if i'm awake enough to start fucking around with more new jenkins build pipelines today

RDJ made this fucking monster track in like 1991 and it was totally unreleased until his big soundcloud dump a few years ago

i don't understand that man

i'm getting sleepy trying to babysit this fpga build at work

i had to restart it because it got hung up and stopped printing anything to the console for literally a whole hour

or... maybe dosbox is just being fucky with console input who knows

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hmm. found a couple of cheats in the DOS port of Castlevania

one of them's a warp that uses printf and scanf to request a screen number, but the output of printf doesn't show up on screen and scanf seems to instantly return so it normally just warps to the beginning of the game every time

but you can put screen numbers in a text file, use that as stdin and that actually does work

i guess it might expect that CGA+monochrome dual monitor dealie

[in the most extremely monotone voice possible] nick nick nick nick nick nick nick nick. nickelodeon

welp the external monitor that i'm using with this laptop apparently bit the dust overnight. nice way to start the work day

dont tal k to me until ive had my 5:30 pm coffee

proud to announce that i have officially just been hired as the founder of mastodon

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