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(posting this at random so i can pin it)

please don't send me a follow request if i can't figure out who you are from looking at your recent toots and/or your bio

here is a normal 4:30 am post. CB radio stands for cool beans radio

posting on my phone in the bath aka the only true cyberpunk act in 2018

and a c64 music scope rerun because martin galway makes my ears melt

impeachment? no i said "enpeachment". anyway [holding weird crown behind back] close your eyes for a sec

[me, loudly while watching a movie on my CRT TV] letterboxing??? more like litterboxing

[me, loudly in the movie theater] anamorphic widescreen???? more like... animorphs

james "night in the" woods. not really sure what the actual joke is supposed to be here. sorry

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sext: i greet my crowd with "dxc3xa2ga-haxc3xb3" in shanghainese while you tell one person "nxc7x90 hxc7x8eo

google calendar: look! now you can use google calendar to set up out-of-office notices, on the calendar

me: cool. other people in the office will actually see it on the calendar right

google calendar: ??????????? why

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sext: you say "please accept my apology" as i boldly say "i'm sorry about what happened"

[sisters of mercy voice] mother rugrats, mother rugrats, mother rugrats, mark mo thers baugh

that's right i'm technically on vacation this week which means you have to deal with this bullshit for at least one or two more hours

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