you will never be my little pogchamp. this is my promise to you

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Stream/self promo 

Streaming Mario games for MS-DOS

introducing: tamPWNs, the tampons for gamers

new touhou headcanon: "momiji" is short for "mama luigi"

stop telling me to "get his ass". i will never "get" anybody's "ass". completely juvenile proposition

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been quietly following the Yamaha PSR-340 emulation work that's been happening in MAME recently since it kind of coincides with what i'd like to eventually do with my CTK-551 (once my SOIC->DIP adapters and stuff get here, at least)

theres something real funny to me about this juxtaposition on the wunderground front page right now

Deacon Blues aka "Bluesy" aka "Freaky Deaky" aka "The Deaconator"

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"The password you set for your account can be easily guessed by a third party."

pixiv how the fuck exactly do you know that

any loser born after 1977 can't cook, all they know is gaze through glass, work the saxophone, drink scotch whiskey & die

hello squaretrade? i had an accident with my Chip Quik® brand desoldering alloy. it uh...... melted

im so fucking tired of getting emails from my teeth. please leave me alone

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