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why is my taskbar volume control suddenly disabled and why can't i re-enable it

somebody ran the "steamed hams" bit through a mp3 to midi converter and there is a distressing amount of Superintendent Chalmers' dialogue that is still clearly audible

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ok maybe i wouldnt' be freaking out about broken video links if VLC actually understood how to update itself

ok i guess this is MKV "segment linking" which is apparently supposed to be supported in VLC but... just isn't, for some reason. that's cool

can someone explain what's the deal with fansubs where all the OP/ED sequences are split into separate videos and then completely edited out of the actual episodes so you might as well just not watch them at all

2 weeks ago or whatever i had "Youthquake III Arena" as my twitter display name and now the OED or whatever made "youthquake" the word of the year

they should give a second word of the year award to "thinkfluence" on account of all of it that i'm doing right now

[rob thomas voice] and it's just like i'm postin' / lots of good toots

doom needs to be relicensed under terms that allow specific people to be banned from modifying it

oh god, not another celebrity death and/or sexual assault allega- ...wait, what

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Dakota McFadzean made the only necessary Ready Player One take years ago, and his retweet of my tweet about it pretty much proves something like RPO was precisely what he was referring to

i tried to pick up one of my cats for a hug on the way to give them food and he just elbowed me in the teeth. rotten little adorable bastard

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my cat was so wanting for cuddles that she just jumped up from the floor into my lap from like 4 feet away (and thankfully stuck the landing)

my favorite thing on twitter is finding out i'm blocked by complete strangers and assuming it's because some maniac automatically generated a block list with 500 thousand random accounts on it

"Many who deal with ADHD/ADD, either themselves with a family member, understand that hyperactivity has a relationship with sleep depravity."

you... you meant "deprivation", right?