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my posts are encoded as UTF-69

a new wife awaits you in the off world colonies

god i really was missing out not playing nuclear throne until now

lightning hammer + impact wrists might be one of the world's most satisfying things

tired: pressing the local timeline icon to get to the local timeline

wired: pressing "back" above a single toot about 800 times to get back to the local timeline through an entire week's worth of individual toots

maybe that's why the cipro bottle says not to take it with yogurt

if i take probiotics and antibiotics at the same time will my stomach explode

for the record i am about 100% uninterested in "dank memes using the blockchain"

when you sign up for a newsletter and then don't receive anything until about 12 years later

my fursona is the napster logo

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why does my phone default to capitalizing the word "dragon"