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@tosbourn I'm basically just a large meatspace Alexa with an underpowered CPU

I have rehashed
the poem
that was on
the website

and which
you are probably
at breakfast

forgive me
it is unambitious
<send tweet>
and so old

I'm not sure enough people have properly internalised that it's 50 years ago since Bryan Adams got his first real six string.

“Those sub-par web pages practically scream a principle that's responsible for making them sub-par web pages: keep users in our clutch. That is, keep users on our website, and ensure that any interactions that occur support the goal of attracting and keeping users on our website.”

This is Rainbow, of whom I am quite fond. She does not spark my cat allergy. She is not my cat.

@Robertbrook (was actually curated by @archillect but sadly that account is dormant on this platform)

you have been visited by the AIRLINE SEAT EMOJI.

this emoji is RARELY EVER USED and thus brings you GREAT FORTUNE. no action is required. enjoy your new good luck.

Every other day: Depressingly, I've become that person on the train with two phones.

Today: Fortunately, I've become that person on the train with two phones.

The ∞ stages of software development

* denial
* anger
* confusion
* anger again
* swearing
* more denial
* back to confusion
* realisation
* wondering how you could have been so stupid
* embarrasment
* declaring it all fixed
* GOTO 10

Hickstead Hickstead Hickstead Hickstead
Duck Soup

"Well," I replied, "it's something grown-ups use sometimes when they have a lot of problems and they don't want to think about them any more. If you ever feel like that I hope you'll be able to talk to me about them instead of reaching for a dangerous quick fix."

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