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“Lobbying by Poland and Hungary has led to the removal of the phrase ‘gender equality’ from a Friday declaration on advancing social cohesion in the European Union.”


Thank goodness they didn’t try to remove “Single Market” or there would have been a huge uproar.


🎬 Envie de découvrir les premiers courts-métrages de réalisatrices belge?

Ou discuter de leur absence dans l'audio visuel?

Check le festival graines de cinéastes 🌱


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So, what's the state of in your country? Share your experience and help us monitoring the situation. This way, we can better evaluate where to focus our activity on!

➡️ survey.fsfe.org/index.php/6284


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Apologies for the delay! My #pinephone review is now available! This took me way longer to do than I thought so I hope it's worth the read. I appreciate any feedback you might have. Also willing to answer any questions you might have about the Pinephone that I didn't get to in my review.

Review is here:

#privacy #linux #opensource

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Vous vous souvenez de l’excellent documentaire « Ni Dieu ni maître : une histoire de l’#anarchisme » diffusé sur Arte y’a un an ?

Youpi, Tancrède Ramonet a l’air bien parti pour réaliser la suite, sur l’époque contemporaine \o/

Mais Arte a finalement décliné la diffusion /o\

Bref, une collecte se lance. J’espère que ça fonctionnera 😌


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Qui vous connaît mieux ? Vos amis ou Google ? Qui connaît l'historique de vos recherches ? Qui lit vos e-mails ? Qui décide de ce que vous voyez dans votre timeline et influence votre comportement ? Qui fait cela pour des millions de personnes, sans aucune forme de contrôle démocratique ?
Nubo fait les choses différemment : en coopération et dans le respect de la vie privée. rejoindre.nubo.coop
Pochaine session d'info : 15/10, 18:00, 106, Rue Émile Féron, St Gilles. (Inscr. : hello@nubo.coop)

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#GMail is harmful to e-mail ecosystem; its antispam blocking policy matches too many valid messages as spam.

It blocked LastPass email leak warning email, because it contained "a link" to a leaked site.

It blocked an e-mail from goverment agency addressed directly to me.

It discriminates all non-gmail servers, and it's pretty much impossible to own a private SMTP server these days, because GMail will classify everything as spam.

It's not how e-mail should work.

Consider dropping GMail.

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#Glimpse is a fork of GIMP with a moderized user interface - and a less offensive name to encourage usage also in professional environments. It is also somewhat related to the original project (developed also by some GNOME devs) and promises to work together with upstream developers.


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Je viens de découvrir #PeerTubeify, une extension pour Firefox et Chrome qui vérifie si une vidéo qu'on regarde sur YouTube existe également sur PeerTube. Si c'est le cas, on a le choix entre être redirigé directement sur PeerTube, ou afficher un bandeau en bas de page. Très sympa !


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the real problem with discord that makes them truly evil is that they sell their solution as being something that provides self-determination.

when you move your community to discord, you start a what they call a "discord server."

to be clear, there is not really any such thing as a "discord server," this is just marketing terminology for group functionality.

they call it a discord "server" on purpose: they want to communicate the idea that you have full autonomy on your own "discord server," when in reality you are still at the mercy of discord as a service provider. this is truly evil, this goes beyond a lack of transparency to actively lying to potential users. not even Slack does this.

we must build real alternatives to these predatory services.
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Both #Beets and #Funkwhale rely heavily on #MusicBrainz, an “open music encyclopedia that collects music metadata and makes it available to the public”. I’ve been a MusicBrainz enthusiast and editor for the longest of time. Look up your favorite artist there, you might discover things you never suspected! musicbrainz.org/ <3 #IloveFS @funkwhale

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