This is interesting. Believe it or not, I have a friend that has no smartphone and we communicate exclusively via email. I wonder if this would improve the experience. Chat over e-mail:

"The messenger - Delta Chat"


✅ Done with "American Assassin" by Vince Flynn.

Starting 📚 "The Android's Dream" by John Scalzi.


👨🏻‍💻 New Post: How to add custom meta data to WordPress REST API - Ricard Torres Code ➡️

👨🏻‍💻 New Post: How to create a Firefox custom Start Page - Ricard Torres Code ➡️

In 2020 I made over 1455+ commits and 47 Pull Requests towards open-source! Check how your up in 2020 at

Fascinating stuff

"How Sonar Works (Submarine Shadow Zone) - Smarter Every Day 249"

RSS + Subtsack newsletter + Podcast reader?

What do we think about this?

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