Such beautiful constructions, I want to visit Japan again so bad.

"Why Kyoto’s Traditional Homes Are Going EXTINCT – YouTube"


My arrived yesterday and I've already set it up as my home's DHCP server. Since my crappy router won't let you add custom DNS.

I've installed Pi-hole. It's so insightful to see with (specially with IoT) what's going on in my network

Great ideas. Although I find it so hard to sell progressive enhancement to clients. They usually want every browser to look the same.

"The Beauty Of Tiny Enhancements In CSS"


From the Mozilla Security Blog: "Total Cookie Protection is a major anti-tracking advance in Firefox that confines cookies to the site where they were created."

"Firefox 86 Introduces Total Cookie Protection"


I'd like to get a to play with but I'm unsure what I'd do with it.

So far the most interesting use case is Pi-hole.

Any resources recommendation? (articles, videos...)

Smarter Every Day 251

"Watch “How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?”"


"Google has stepped back from a threat to shut down its search engine locally and is on the brink of striking commercial deals with some of Australia’s largest news organisations after months of hard fought negotiations over planned media bargaining laws."

"Google closing in on news content deals with ABC, Nine, Guardian"


Safari 14.0 on macOS Catalina does not support

Someone at Apple should feel ashamed.

I don't use it, don't remember the last time I needed it with Flexbox and CSS Grid.

How about you?

"Is CSS float deprecated? | CSS-Tricks"


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