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Funny that we seem to be going in circles.

The web started as a bunch of individuals running their own servers. Then things got professionalized, and we got the mostly benevolent, for-pay corporate services. Now that your data is more valuable than whatever meager subscription fee you're not going to pay for anyway, we're back to trusting the randos.

The plummeting server/software costs help, but it would be impossible without volunteer labor.

It behooves us to support the randos.

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Here's the video for "The Arrival of a Train":

(In case you're more into viewing than reading)

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Here's "It's all about the curry", my Monkigras 2018 talk on software craft:

Delivered a lot of talks over the years, but I gotta say this has been one of my favorites so far.


@humanetech @dredmorbius @galaxis @tindall Regarding what does distributed[C] plan to be: it started with a simple design goal - we wanted to experiment with building something like Tumblr, but completely peer to peer. We have other design patterns we want to try, focused on a "small world" approach to online communities, but we have yet to get there - our immediate focus is to get the underlying data protocol stable.

You can read about the underlying tech stack here:

@dredmorbius @humanetech @galaxis @tindall Fascinating reading this - it's exactly one of the key design principles of something that a friend and I are working on: designing for personas.

Would love to read what you think if you give distributed[C] a try. Not adding more details for now because it would be great to see what kind of questions come up on a first encounter.

(UI is still kind of raw - we are focusing on the core for now)

The publication, tweet or retweet of this picture is punishable by 30 days of prison or a fine of 3000 rubles in Russia.

Shame if people on the Internet were to copy it everywhere.

The Dark Lord is slain.
Your companions slap your back while you watch his blood trickle down your blade.
"Congratulations," your best friend says. "What will be your title?"
"What do you mean?"
"I'll dismantle the whole thing."
"Not take over? Why?"
"Nobody's tried it."

⚠️ Phishing scam aimed at artists 

There's a phishing scam going around on Telegram where people identifying as a major game studio will supposedly offer you a well paying job with no paperwork.

They start by contacting you over the email from your art portfolio and then run the interview via text chat on #Telegram. After that they will try to voice call you over Telegram to run the actual scam.

If you're an artist and get one of these approaches please be vigilant and look for the usual warning signs.

#gamedev #art

Hi weirder earthers! I just moved my main account here from I have been in fedi for several years but it's my first account in

I'm into music, programming (especially functional languages), free software, cross-country skiing, and storytelling (but see my alt @hardcorenarrativist for more of that!).

I used to write a weekly series "Music Monday" (see archive here:, might start a third season soon-ish!



Was watching the 1938 Robin Hood and when a particular bit of sword fight happened, I realized I'd seen it a thousand times before in Prince of Persia! Rad!

Sounds like the new #Apple NeuralHash spyware code has been reverse engineered (already) since it was secretly shipped to phones in iOS 14.3 back in December 2020. #privacy #infosec

Imagine a government agency ordered Apple to include hashes of all documents they wanted to track into that kiddie porn database. Suddenly the government knows who's got that antivax meme JPG. Or tax protest DOC. Or an environmental report PDF.

And it's just hashes! Apple won't know what they're tracking, so they can't say "no".

Now tell me you honestly believe no government *ever* will take advantage of this invisible monitoring power.

Apple distributed an internal memo referring to pushback against its new content surveillance measures as "the screeching voices of the minority."

I think this highlights a more general problem of data ownership. People do not own devices and services they pay for in a traditional sense because the company gets the final say on how they're used. Companies can decide to analyzer your data, share it with partners, and even prevent you from accessing it.

My tracker blocker should be all your site needs to know that I do not consent to your tracking. Blocking it should be illegal.

Any “data protection law” worth its salt would mandate that unless consent is communicated on every request without prompting, consent does not exist.

@ricardojmendez it’s picky on how you look up an account. If you search the URI of the account I think it has to contain https:// otherwise it fails.

Amazon workers sustained lifelong injuries, told to take personal time to leave the building during a gas leak, and will bring packages into the bathroom with them to maximize productivity

Anarchism is based on an essentially optimistic conception of human nature: if individuals have a natural tendency to get on well together then there is no need for the existence of a state to arbitrate between them.
-- Saul Newman

#anarchism #quote #bot

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