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Ricardo J. Méndez @ricardojmendez@mastodon.social

Is there a Mastodon-like equivalent?

A federated platform where you can do more long-form writing, include images in the text, and maybe re-blog other users' posts?

Asking for a friend.

Anyone using on desktop having any success stopping video auto-play?

I have chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy set to "document user activation required", but that doesn't seem to mean what I think it means - video still plays regardless.

Doctorow: "if that data leaks, it would allow anyone to break into your kid's cloud and plunder all their private data... Naturally, Teensafe stored thousands of parents and kids' usernames and passwords, without encryption, on an insecure server."


"My device makes everyone in range say exactly what they think."
"That's a horrible idea, how stupid are you?"
"Why does everyone say that?"

Online behavior as a Lamarckian epigenome, or how our actions convert into memetic behavior:


It's also a leaked video from X on how their systems can shape global behavior as a "benevolent" overlord.

For too long, federal agents have treated the border as a Constitution-free zone, searching travelers without individualized suspicion that they have committed a crime. This must stop.
eff.org/deeplinks/2018/05/eff- source: twitter.com/eff/status/9972013

Looks like lately the main way in which I find out about new online banking approaches or payment methods is that someone tries to phish my credentials for them.

OK, all you #Mastodon instance admins, this might be the beginning of a new wave of users coming onto the network.
Twitter sold data to Cambridge Analytica; data sales accounted for 13% of Twitter's revenue in 2017

Coed:Ethics - a one-day London-based conference about ethics for developers and technologists:


This is what happens when a company known for style *and* substance decide to embrace style *over* substance for style:


The low-profile keyboards on the new Macbook Pro are a disaster. They’re far too sensitive to dust or debris and some break within two days of purchase

Complaints galore:


If you have an older model that still works fine, hold on to it for dear life. But make sure the keyboard is clean

I’m staying with my ancient Thinkpad

So I just met one of the 3 (!) maintainers of F-Droid. They are desperately looking for more volunteers as they are responsible for 1500 repositories between them.
#fdroid #foss

Wall++: turning walls into sensor arrays at low cost, capable of detecting touch, gesture and even nearby appliances.


More here: yang-zhang.me/research/Wall/Wa

Wrote a bot to delete your old tweets:


It was inspired by this post from Vicky Lai on making her tweets ephemeral: vickylai.com/verbose/delete-ol

Want to know what took me the longest? All the hemming-and-hawing about testing it on my actual account.

And I'm a nut. No wonder people have a hard time deleting Facebook.

Wait, what. Windows 10 sends info on USB devices plugged in directly to Microsoft?

And it does that using pure HTTP?

You gotta be kidding me.