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Richard MacManus

Folks, I've started an re-design of my personal website and am documenting the process on :

At some point I'd like to hook in Mastodon, in some way. Any thoughts or inspiration on that?

More thoughts for newbie Mastodons...

#Mastodon is not an 'internet service' it is a community, or rather communities, plural. And unlike the extinct creature, it is evolving.

There are programmers making the next versions RIGHT NOW, so get involved by politely making suggestions.

Also, Mastodon is what you contribute to the community not just take from it. This is not only entertainment. There is no algorithmic inspired circle jerk here.

Ask not what #Mastodon has done for you, but,,,

Interested in Mastodon and how to get onboard with federated micro-blogging? Georgia Young has got you covered.

Re Filtered languages option in settings: wouldn't it be better/easier to opt *in* to a language (in my case english) instead of having to opt out of all the others? I opted out of everything bu english, but I still see random foreign language updates in my local timeline.

I just wrote an analysis of Mastodon, for AltPlatform (a new indie tech blog):

Thanks @jsavalle & @wion for the info about early usage.

Started a I was already on, but figured I better get on this instance.