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I am the Ripp_

I post random things here occasionally.

Mostly about coding, cus that's all I do.

Things I post may vanish after a month.

CW: Money+ 

If I put all the money above the higher tax threshold into my pension that I get all that higher tax I pay back (into the pension)

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CW: Money+ 

Everyone in my company got a raise.
I now earn enough to care about the UK higher tax rate.
(My opinion is the same: tax the rich more)
It is very tempting to put all the extra money into my retierment pot.

Either the most, or least realistic thing, about dogs in space (depending on your world view) is how they seem to have capatalism on the spaceship.

Update: no postcode lookup, has County box: -2/2

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Capital one require you to use their app, or call them, to change your address:
I rate this 0/2

Oops they also say to write out 0 to 9, not 0-9

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Most guides I've found state to words for numbers 0-9, and digits for those higher.
But the UK & Australian goverments say only do this for 0 and 1.

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Next training morning at work I might just read style guides

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Style guides as fasinating.
I assume someone has made a style guide which is based on all the existing style guides

Thinking back to when my secondary school trialed an alternative time table made up of three lessons a day, hour and a half or so each.

With 2 even sized breaks

If you know why I did this
Call in on 020 7946 0228

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I have no idea why I did this
Also I made the mistake of closing this

Do you know what happens if you close it?

best use of RGB keyboard?

pride flag

except it dosen't show up that well


Purging my twitter contacts brings up again the point again that I still follow a dead girl there because I don't think I've fully moved on

Anyone know why Firefox doesn't have `requestPictureInPicture` and if there a way in greasemonkey to do it anyway?

In Chrome I used to have a userscript that would automatically pip what I was watching when each new episode loaded

*gasp* firefox got subtitle on the picture in picture for disney+


A while ago I asked myself
Why buy cup soups when I have stock cubes in cupboard?

Thinking about how I got over 1600 stack overflow reputation, and almost all of it is a single answer, which is basically just me listing the git docs to someone.

I bet if I spent more time on the [git] tag I could be rich in reputation.

If you're curious, you can go look it up.

IT admin team: everyone needs to ask us before installing software
*Monkey puppet meme*

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