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If you need me text me.

If you do not have my number you can track it down from someone who does.

If you have my number you are hence allowed to, using your best judgement, pass it out to others.

However having my number doesn't let you spam it out, it also doesn't guarantee that I will listen to what you have to say, or that I'll reply.

If you are unsure if I am still okay with you having my number you can ask. I will not be mad.

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BNA, oops all caps 


But HOT DAMN that twist on the motivation. Hot DAMN

Recommend me an anime where it's not a big conspiracy.

You know you are a furry when you prefer Michiru Kagemori in her tanuki form over her human form.

If I call all of BNA I am going to be unsurprised

Tanuki are more closely related to dogs than they are to raccoons.

Documentation I wrote includes this line "Now, this is the point at which we acknowledge, ROW_NUMBER() Exists." Which links to this point in CGP Grey's video

Realised why my time worked graph was looking so weird

I was doing a 7 day moving average, but not adjusting for the fact I was 5 out of 7 days, so the 7 day moving average was giving 5h21 on a proper week instead of the 7h30 I was expecting

As a joke I renamed the last 5 Eevees I'm putting on wonder trade different Pokémon names

Home cleared the nickname.

Web dev, web page took 1-2 seconds to do something

Seemed slow
So I made the processing indicator appear as soon as it starts
Now seems a lot faster

When I get home I'll check how many Scorbunnies I now have

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I have now traded a bunch of spare Eevees out using Pokemon home.

While doing this I have noticed something: People seem to like breeding for Dragapults, and Cinderaces.

I have traded 136 Eevees, and have 95 pokemon now registered in the pokedex.

Time to dive deep down the rabbit hole of Microsoft accounts

The only thing I hate more than WYSIWYGs it WYSIWYGs on skateboards

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Ever wanted to harness the power of a housecat in your adventures?

Now you too can spend decades studying the intricacies of arcane magic in order to force someone to remain seated in a non-hostile manner.

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Look at my horse, where did the collar come form? No body knows.

A friend has found out my character's weakness, they can't physically exist inside anti magic areas.

Physical Khanban board pros: It feels really satisifying to move postits around,

Cons: Need more postits

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