Oh no I tooted a lot
Maybe I should migrate to an instance with the ∞ limit for spoilered toots

mental wellness, memory, question 

mental wellness, memory, question 

mental wellness, memory, question 

mental wellness, question 

mental wellness, question 

The initalism GBBO (Great British bake off) looks a bit rude.
I think it's the "G" and "O" Makes me think of "Get" and "Out"

Get Bouncing Blasting Out!

If your application is going to be used outside of america, there is no valid reason to only implement "mm/dd/yyyy" formats

It is only used as the primary format in america.

Despite what america can often thinks, it is not the largest, most populous, or most important country.

Awww man, I could make a really nice DAG from this

An anayasis of my mood over the past 450 odd days has told me:

Cuddle my friends more
Oversleep and go to work less.


It's not helped by the fact we are in the "unimportant" months, the ones without fancy names that are just called month 7, 8, 9, and 10. (SEPT-, OCT-, NOV-, DEC-)

"But" I hear you not cry, for this is the internet, "those are months 9,10, 11, and 12 respectivly!"

Yes (I cry back, but not really), thats why they are confusing. They used to be months 7 thu' 10 but now they aren't!

I am not even joking, american date formats confuse me so much.
Like not in terms that I don't understand them, but that they take me so much longer to read.

To make matters worse when a significant amount of dates I see are in american format, I start having to double check all dates I read.

One of the greatest feelings a (British) developer can feel

Locating the Language & Region settings and changing the formats to "English (United Kingdom)"

The dates have been saved.

No joking, opening microsoft teams in the browser kills the whole browser.

I'm mad now 

I'm mad now 

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