Fuck i still have 2 slices of cheese at work

I'm guessing all I need is a button, batteries, and like an IOT wifi/bluetooth breadboard

How cheap can I make IOT buttons for?
I want a big button I can smash to do things

I will pay someone to draw "she carefully closed her glasses and tucked them into the collar of her fur while she closed the book"

Work issues, guidelines breaking 

Any 4 syllable line can be made better by chanting it to the beat of harder better faster stronger

Beware of when they turn this aganist us

Norm-a-lize kinks
Norm-a-lize kinks

To be clear this dosen't mean kinks should be part of your life and everywhere. But like, sex is a normal thing that isn't everywhere.

Make it like that

I forgot I can't launch any version of visual studio while I install the latest

Sad cat is sad, sad cat is sad.

The Wiktionary page for "Bet a dollar to a doughnut" has a usage note on it:

"Becoming dated in places where the price of a doughnut now approaches or exceeds one dollar."


Bad πŸ‘ thing πŸ‘ is πŸ‘ Bad πŸ‘
Bad πŸ‘ thing πŸ‘ is πŸ‘ Bad πŸ‘

The cat slowly puts the glasses back into the collar of her fur

typescript: What type of object is this
me: A Promise for a boolean
typscript: PromiseLike, cool cool
me: No, Pro-
typescript: No wait, PromiseLike can't be turned into a Promise, lacks catch
me: ...

Today I found out that ofcom has published the line "People will eventually get tired of memeing[3] on me and telling me I suck dick at League of Legends[4]"

With the footnotes:
3: i.e. mocking or ridiculing of an individual.
4: A computer game.

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