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This is what a venn diagram actually looks like
Form Jan Misali's hangman is a weird game

If however the distribution was more extream the anwser to the Birthday problem would be lower.

Imagine a world in which 90% of babies are born in the 90 days of spring.

For any random group of people, 90% of them would be born in spring. That group would need to have about 12 people for 2 of them to have a 50% chance to share a birthday, so the original group would only need about 13 people.

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Fun fact: while distribution of birthdays in the UK is varies quite a bit off the average (average around 1800/day, highest is in September which speaks at around 2000/day), the change is not enough to have any noticeable effect on the Birthday Problem

Here's a fun problem.
Which day of the year do you think has the lowest number of recorded births (in the UK)?

Think about it for a moment then let me know

There are two types of people, people who think you should maybe see this, at some point this year, and so they ping you 100 times

And people who are replying to a message, which ask for a ping, and still apolgise after for pinging you

Dawn of the 25th (dev) day
150 (dev) hours remain

For a (politically neutral) check in, send the 🏥 emoji to me on discord.


For people in the US wondering how we do it here:
First of out consistencies have an average of 60-70k voters in them, so we can get that counted much faster than a whole US state, lots of which are larger than the whole country.

So we just wait till a consistency is counted, at which point the numbers are announced. No early announcements are made.

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So because of this, many states won't have counted all their votes for many days.
So they go and announce votes as they count them, news outlets then take this information, feed it into their smart models and go "Well X is this far ahead, X is probably going to win it, lets report that"

Different news outlets decide this at different times, hence the diffrence

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If you are from a country that has a unified and singular point of truth for elections (like the UK) heres a quick overview of what's happening:

In America the count can take a lot longer to finish up, espically in some states where they are not allowed to count mail in ballots early and/or might allow up to a week for mail in ballots to arrive (which are then counted if they are postdated before the election closed) [1/]

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uspol, fox news 

It's fun hearing Trump supporters tear into Fox News as soon as they report something they dislike


Other things: Arizona has been called by some news outlets (FoxNews the the Associated Press (AP)) but not others, which explains that number difference.

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If you hear that Biden has won:
Decision Desk, just called Pennsylvania for Biden. Other news outlets though have not yet done it, hence the diffrence.

Unlike Trump, who is making baseless annoucments.

Broke: Making your characters straight and male because you can't be arsed to work out their sexuality

Woke: Making them enby aces.

When you ralises you are happy with your current gender identity (totally valid)

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