I did some rough caclulations for how close to black holes ships in elite dangerous should be able to get when in regular space.

If you're closer than about 10Ls, you're in trouble.

Though I'm not sure how relativity factors in so

Also wonder how an alcubierre warp drive would function near a black hole

Trying to find the force output of thrusters in elite dangerous to work out if it's viable to get near black holes and stars

In elite dangerous if you disable flight assist while near a planet's surface your ship will actaully start to fall, which is pretty cool

"Some ships are known for their retros being weak compared to their main thrust (such as the Asp Explorer)."

Oh yes, trust me, as someone who has crashed into many a starport with an asp I can vouch for that

Work ranting, money, - 

What do you fucking mean you need to consider a cost of living adjustment !?

It's like 33C (90F) in this room

I am dying

More countries needs to make the ruling that saying "sorry" dosen't mean accepting blame.
For things like car crashes and stuff

Fun maths facts:
In an elimation style tornament, (assuming better teams always beat worse teams, and that teams have total order with the "better" property), the 2nd best team only has a ~50% chance of making it to the finals.

d&d ideas, using minor illusions to trick your friends into thinking their is less gold in the treasure so you can keep more

If it dosen't melt the comptuer, I'm going to try and stream Elite Dangerous and SAR, at the same time, this weekend

It would be cool to have both a first person perspective and a third person perspective at the same time on elite dangerous

So I can easily fly through space but record from the pretty angles

Sorcerer wants to know about piss.

The fuck is this game

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Ranger: *Gains 52 pp* I'm rich!

Me: *Finds a hidden garden of cats* Clearly I'm the richest.

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Main party: working out if 50pp is worth the weird rare item them have

Me: found cats.

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While everyone else is chasing the main quest in the D&D game, I am following a cat to find a lost cat.


Today at work:

For [Ripp] to do
*very long pause*
Their work.

work - 

I hate client sprint planning meeting.

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