I put the ham slices in the toastie maker the correct way

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"A coked up bucket of furrets" sounds fun

I think

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Oh, so on mastodon if you post a picture with a content warning it spoilers the picture but dosen't have a show spoiler button for the toot

That confused me for a second

If you're wondering why gift aid is a thing, that 25% extra is the income tax that the government took. So if donate £100 as a UK tax payer, that was actually £125 before the income tax was taken (20% income tax of £125 is £25, leaving you with £100).

As the government want to encourage charitable donations, gift aid lets the charity claim that £25, as if you had never paid income tax on that £125, and instead donated it all.

Remember, if you are a uk tax payer you can gift aid your donation,as long as you don't exceed certain limits and various exceptions dont apply, for more infromation see gov.uk/donating-to-charity/gif

But the short end is: do you want the charity to get 25% more of what you donated, of course you do.

Just donating to mermaids directly, not because of any issues related to hbomberguy or anything, but just because this way I know the donation is being gift-aided

Which for Americas is the equivalent of claiming your tax back for the donation, but the charity do it and they get it instead.

11am, Monday. And I am already typing ";" instead of "." at the end of sentences.

The code has gotten to me

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1 guy: totally insufficient for the amount of work required to make a burger
2 guys: fine until something inevitably happens and they draw a tape line down the middle of the kitchen because they are no longer talking to each other
3 guys: one guy will inevitably be "the third wheel"
4 guys: the number 4 is considered unlucky in Asian culture
5 guys: perfect
6 guys: will be too tempted to quit making burgers and go play 3v3 hoops

In how I met your mother, Barny say that he has a 300" flat screen tv, then shows us what we are meant to assume is another.

Assuming 16:9, that is around 54 square meters of tv

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Caremon Sandiego (netflix) S1 ending spoils Show more

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Trans friend is eager to move in with me to escape unhelpful parents

They got a sign that says "Bristol to get bust"

I had forgotten I had organized and colour coded the fuck out of this database diagram.

it looks fucking cool, and so nice to read. At least until I added that last relationship

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