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We’re told we can shop our way out of the climate crisis😂Let’s get serious! ✊🏾
Find your nearest climate strike on Fri 20 Sept ukscn.org/events/r/twclvid2

#ClimateStrike #GlobalClimateStrike #YouthStrike4Climate #ClimateEmergency #UniteForClimate

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Strike4Youth/statu

Mic check! Systems green. riseup.net

Mic check! Alle Systeme im grünen Bereich.

¡Chequeo de micrófono! Sistemas verdes.

Mic check! Sistemas verdes. Mic check! Systèmes verts.

Controllo microfono! Sistemi verdi.

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Access Now and EFF condemn the arrest of Tor node operator Dmitry Bogatov in Russia accessnow.org/access-now-eff-c

He ran a Tor exit from home. “Surveillance footage shows Bogatov and his wife leaving a supermarket four minutes before one of the posts was made on March 29. Given that the supermarket is half a kilometer from their home, it is unlikely that Bogatov could have made it home and posted online within four minutes.”

some friendly nerds asked a some hardware resources and bandwidth to spin a mastodon instance in our colo, so we probably will move there when its up.

because it would be bad to say good bye from here without saying anything first... Hi everyone! have a good night and let's not let mastodon become irrelephant.

ps. sorry for that!


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