Congratulations on the launch of version 5.

Dependency hell is real.

Started a new project and used xcode 10 and cocopods stable version. But had some issues and now running xcode 10 with cocopods beta.

Nightmare is adding react native to this native project.

:aaaa: ʘ‿ʘ

Listening to D.Y.T. (Do Your Thing) [feat. REMMI], by NVDES 🎵

Planning to get google home mini?

How is it? Will it work with iPhone or apple devices?

I know it works in india. How good is that?

How about just build the native app and maintain that.

It would save re-Architectural of the apps multiple times

Also same company: We want to save 4sec from opening the app for your life. So we are gonna spend re architecting whole app and release on 2019.

Company: We want to save time building next gen chat app so we will use web technologies. It will save us lot of time from building two diff app.

A good replacement for NSUserDefaults in iOS and SharedPreference in Android is here.

A simple key value storage used in WeChat.

TIL 1Password can have 2FA’s. Across all my devices

Me: opens a link to medium article hoping that I can read

Medium Website: You read a lot and we like it. Please upgrade to read this article

Me: Seriously! Nvm! Opens the same link in private mode and read the post

Could not agree more on this modern software! Must read if you think you are software engineer. “Disenchantment” from Nikita

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Xcode 10 has a new QuickLook popover for (NS)Data. It now provides an "Export" feature that can be used to dump memory contents to a file. This is very convenient when you want to investigate data with external editors. (e.g. the fantastic HexFiend:

Holy smoke! Trailer is out.

Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Official Trailer via

Twitch is blocked by great China firewall. Don’t know why it’s not blocked before though.

Guess there is a new update from iOS App. But not yet released.

Hint and Easter egg from iOS 12 review on by

Check out

Screengrab GIF has a new Tweetbot icon matches Mac app icon.

Usually we will get updates for new iOS from Tweetbot right?

iOS update crashed my iPhone. Now restoring it. Thanks to past me who enabled iCloud backup. The last backup 2 days ago at mid night. That saved me

Marvels iron fist season 2 is good compared to season 1. And the series has good potential especially with iron fist origin story. Preety impressed.

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