Better examples in the HN-comments. For example, I didn’t know what a “crosswalk” was for a long time & didn’t bother to find out.

“CAPTCHAs Don’t Prove You’re Human - They Prove You’re American”, Terence Eden (

Via HN:

Bummed out that has cancelled . 🙁

I found the concept of a & quite intriguing, if implausible - it neatly leads to immortality, instant-travel, etc. & the heavy mental price one must pay for these.

should be renamed as “Star Trek Burnham” - it’s all about Michael Burnham anyway. 😒

PS: Also watching The Original Series on . Still quite enjoyable. 👌🏽 Each is a self-contained . It’s not all about James Kirk.

This headline is _so_ misleading when you actually read the article 🙄:

“Why Java Is Better Than C++ For High Speed Trading Systems”, eFinancialCareers (

Via HN:

👆🏽This blog-post by Joe Duffy, while being a long read, is very good & comprehensive. 👌🏽

Recommended. 👍🏽

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Why must insist on ruining everything beloved with a “live action” remake?


The latest such assault is the new . 🤦🏽‍♂️

I mean, this is an anti-advertisement for FreshGuard.

An overpowering smell that is somehow _worse_ than what a toilet smells like. 🤢


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Expanding its assault on the senses, today’s has an for FreshGuard that has a _strong_ puke-inducing smell. 🤢

This smell has permeated the entire house.

But for my Mom, I would have stopped the of a that has now become. 😠

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