This is just mind-blowing stuff. 🤯

QT 🐦🔗:

When you consider the hardware of the IBM 5150 (aka the original PC from 1981), all I can ask at every step is *HOW?*. 😲

See this in action:

Seems incomplete – against & for , but *how* do you go about it in an effective manner? May be I misunderstood this piece:

“Against Discipline”,
Irina Dumitrescu (

Via HN:

SMH. 😶

On and its application to & :

“Restricted Code”, Fifty Two (

PS: Why has the “Sanskrit is te best for coding!” meme persisted over so many years?

I ❤️ the renaissance in applications as they’re so nifty over in a & elide hosting-issues with web-apps:

“7 Things I’ve Learned Building A Modern TUI Framework”, Will McGugan (

Via HN:

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