Also now I've gotta figure out how to make the scaling tweaks conditional on which window manager I'm using, because things display ok in stumpwm but are messed up in cinnamon now

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so I've been messing around with stumpwm lately. It took lots of tinkering to get the text and UI scaled correctly on my desktop machine, since I've always just relied on more comprehensive desktop environments to do it automatically

The menu bug that I'd been putting up with for *years* got fixed late last year, but it's not even on the main stable version download page for emacs yet. The fix has really improved my experience with emacs

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If anyone has been having problems with pulldown menus on emacs, I strongly recommend grabbing the latest version off of their version control site.

hey masto! I'm back again because I wanna do more nerd posting

of course the newest version has a bunch of dependencies that are *also* newer than what's in my distro's package manager.

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Currently trying to build GIMP from source because the newest version is supposed to have better hidpi support

I got a GBA everdrive yesterday and I’m really happy with it. I’ve been trying to complete the older pokemon games that I never finished

hey mastodon. I decided to take twitter off my phone for a bit in order to taper down the amount of alarming news I was ingesting. So I’m back here because I still need a wastebasket for disposing of every random thought that comes into my head

it's kind of funny that nerds started up a big online preemptive outrage campaign against pokemon sword and shield because it's the first mainline, non-remake pokemon game I've ever really stuck with

idk if anything will come of it, but I've started messing around with modern web stuff. I tried to avoid it but it's definitely a transferrable skill. Also right now it looks like my best bet for doing UIs for any languages that able to produce json or whatever

I went back to my 6502 assembler to see about adding an org directive and I was really going wild with the loop clauses, huh

Caveat that lem is written in and geared toward common lisp, and I took up with it because emacs+slime kept locking up on me

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I've been playing with an emacs-like editor called lem lately. I've kinda taken a shine to it?

just over six years and this is still one of my favorite videos on the internet

I *think* the problem was just that was taken down for maintenance, and in hindsight I don't think I had error checking for when sending a toot fails

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So I just noticed that my silly mastodon bot stopped posting about 5 days ago. it had an uptime until then of about a year!

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