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Congratulations to Desert Bus for Hope, for raising a jaw-dropping $864,415.01 for Child's Play!

Thought of the day:

The streaming services that are becoming more an more prominent bear a striking resemblance to the television networks of the 1950s, who were making and broadcasting their own content.

...which means that eventually the streaming services' numbers will proliferate until somebody figures out how to bundle subscriptions, and the cycle will come full circle yet again.

The new movie trailer is out. In the meantime, would the real #007 please stand up? We still haven't seen you yet...

Thought of the day:

I've been told that having a toddler teaches one patience. As the of one, that has not been my experience.

I've learned new avenues of joy, a new sense of wonder, occasional frustration, alertness, and a love so powerful it sometimes feels like my heart will burst.

But not patience.

Thought of the day:

There are two types of people in the world: those who think there are two types of people in the world, those who don't, and those who are bad at counting.

Thought of the day:

The problem is not the unforgivable - almost nothing is - but the unforgettable...that action that tells you something so damning about a person, place, or thing, that it must always be remembered going forward.

A belated thought of the day:

The phrase I always try to avoid is "I love you, but..." The problem with it is that it suggests that love can be conditional, when true, real love is not.

Give me "I love you, and..." any day.

Thought of the day:

Taste in shows change when you become a - my favourite show right now isn't Watchmen or His Dark Materials, but Masha and the Bear.

Not only is that show very entertaining (to both parent and toddler), but it REALLY gets what it is to be the parent of a toddler. If I ever need to explain to somebody what it's like to take care of my daughter, I'm just going to put on a first season episode of Masha.

Thought of the day:

One of the problems standing in the way of resolving the problem of is our reliance on the 19th century concept of charity, which states that the recipient should be grateful for receiving anything at all, regardless of whether it works. This is one of the reasons Ontario's social assistance program has been broken for a long time.

Instead, what we need is effective charity - something based on achieving a desired result.

Thought of the day:

A major hurdle to fighting racism is that modern identity politics are using a white supremacist concept as their foundation. The entire idea of "whiteness" was created in the 17th century by slave owners to control African slaves.

This means that attempts to fight racism through identity politics are legitimizing the concepts that created and maintain it.

I hate to say it, but 1990s political correctness got this part right after all.

Thought of the day:

Toddlers are God's way of telling you not to take yourself too seriously.

Thought of the day:

One of the biggest fallacies in fantasy fiction is the idea that a world would become locked into the Middle Ages for millennia because real magic exists.

This makes no logical sense. In reality, you would either have a situation where technology advances with magic as an integral part of it, or technological progress would accelerate as people try to find ways to keep up with those who can wrap reality around their little finger.

Something odd has been happening with the reviews for Midway. A lot of critics hate it, but the audiences are loving it. This would be business as usual for a popcorn movie, but Midway isn't a popcorn movie...

Thought of the day:

As the father of a wonderful baby girl, I am ecstatic that Doctor Who has a female Doctor right now, and that my daughter will have a Doctor she can identify with.

As a fan, I am thrilled that Jodie Whittaker is a good Doctor, and want to see much more of her.

As a viewer, I really wish that Chris Chibnall's scripts were a LOT better than they are.

Thought of the day:

A big problem with identity politics is that they are ultimately simplistic when actual human interaction is, by nature, complex.

This does not mean that identity should be ignored. Identity is a key starting point for how people deal with one another and the world in general - but it is ONLY a starting point. What surrounds it is just as important - if not more so - to understanding the world and making it a better place for everybody., my thought for today:

I would love to see a horror video game in which you are a serial killer trying to stop, and every time you get the urge to kill, you have to pass a quicktime event to prevent it. As the game goes on, the quicktime events would get harder and harder until you fail.

I don't know about anybody else, but I think that might be the best plot-centric use of that mechanic possible.

Missed posting yesterday because of car troubles (it turns out that car battery corrosion is a very interesting shade of blue), but I'm not missing today...

Also, Midway is an amazing movie. If you like historical movies at all, you should go see it - it is the closest thing we've had to Tora! Tora! Tora! in a very long time.

I'm going to try to get in at least one post here every day (with the possible exception of Saturdays). So, here is today's (from a shirt worn by Jacob Burgess during Desert Bus for Hope):

Smother them in the ashes of the dreams they burned.

Or, put another way, fight back against those who would bring you down by succeeding in the very goals and dreams they had tried to crush.'s the thing, though: you cannot hate your way out of a divide like this. Eventually the time comes when you have to start building bridges, or all that you've got left is a bombed out no-man's land. Whether you were in any way right or wrong is irrelevant then.

And, when you step from the battlefield and get some perspective, it is pretty clear that the "total war" approach is what made things as bad as they are today.

Or, as Doctor Who put it:

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