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Congratulations to Desert Bus for Hope, for raising a jaw-dropping $864,415.01 for Child's Play!


If the result of your actions is to roll back the gains that the Civil Rights movement fought and bled for, then you are part of the problem. Enforcing in the name of fighting it is still racist.


I'm a bit late to the party here, but this is just an amazing - and vile - display of racist hypocrisy. What you have here is a situation where in the name of fighting a number of people are attempting to enforce segregation in a man's living room - the living room of the same man, in fact, who had earlier championed integration of public schools at the primary school level (which the council did not adopt).

Every time I see news like this, there's a single thought that goes through my head: "We can be better than this."

And, to King's College in particular: Be better than this.

If I had known that this was being circulated, I would have asked to be allowed to sign it. Speaking as somebody who had a year of hell suing for defamation because of the excesses of outrage and cancel culture, what is written here cannot be stressed enough.

So, here's my first video game review in a LONG time - let's take a look at Command & Conquer remastered!

It took way too long to get this posted (blame the surgery recovery for that), but let's take a moment and talk about why the overarching story in utterly failed to stick the landing...

This deserves some comment - historical education, particular when it comes to topics such as in the American South prior to the US Civil War, is very important. However, the time comes when you have to trust your viewers to know that a movie made over eighty years ago is a product of its time and will not reflect our current values and understanding, and to keep that in mind as they watch it. It is a pity that doesn't have that faith in its viewers.

If you are driving in this area and encounter this person, please do not react to the provocation - instead, get their license plate number and phone the police. I believe this person is very dangerous, and should be treated as such.


Yesterday morning at around 9:45, my wife, daughter, and I were driving in the Kingston area on Taylor-Kidd between Coronation and Collins Bay Road when we were cut off by somebody in a light coloured pickup truck who was illegally passing. This person then proceeded to, as far as we can tell, attempt to provoke me into stopping and getting into a fist fight through additional dangerous driving in front of us.

(Unfortunately, I did not get the license plate number.)


With the completion of RN Roma, the first squadron of my Covid Fleet is now complete.

One of the pleasures of this project has been depriving the German battleships of their swastikas - I have de-Nazified Bismarck and Scharnhorst...and for the second squadron I will be doing the same for Gneisenau and Tirpitz.

My surgery recovery has me posting these things a bit later than ideal, but this just came out on the 15th:

No thought of the day yet, or probably for a while (I had major emergency surgery in February, and I'm still recovering from it), but this just needed to be shared. You just can't make history like this up...

Thought of the day:

Two predictions - first, if President Trump survives the , he will be re-elected. The Republicans will have all they need to paint the Democrats as trying to interfere in the 2020 election.

Second, if the Senate does not call for witnesses, they will pay for it in the 2024 or 2028 election. The American people will want to know why a fair trial did not take place, and the Republican senators will not have a good answer.

Thought of the day:

Watching the Senate trial this week has been both interesting and occasionally entertaining. Among other things, if you watch the presentations very carefully, you can spot the exact moment that somebody's coffee has worn off...

Thought of the day:

There is a simple test to determine if a character in a story is a token minority. You just need to ask two questions:

1. Should the ethnicity/sex/gender of the character matter in the story?

2. Does the ethnicity/sex/gender of the character matter in the story?

If the answers to both questions are the same, the character is not a token minority. If the answers are different, then the character is a token minority.

My apologies for disappearing - dealing with Shingles for the last two weeks really sucked.

Thought of the day: Most analysts are saying that that the odds of being are slim to none, but I'm not sure that's true. The Republican party never wanted him as their presidential candidate. If the revelations from the trial can make him toxic enough to their base that impeaching him will not be political suicide, I think there is a very good chance they will vote to be rid of him.

Talk about days you have been waiting for...the e-book version of the second Garwulf's Corner collection is now available for pre-order on Amazon. The publication date is May 15th.

I was rather hoping this would make it onto Youtube a bit faster. So, Twitch will just have to do.

My wife and I made all of the Betrayal Legacy houses on display in this video.

Thought of the day:

A contradiction lies at the heart of . You can't win an while rejecting the electorate. On the flip side, you cannot govern wisely without sometimes rejecting the wishes of the electorate.

The trick is to balance both.

Thought of the day (a pithy one this time):

A hot take may be more immediate, but a cold take is more likely to be right.

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