We heard there are herons about.

So we put a net over the frog pond for protection.

So what does the stupid frog do?

He sits *on* the net.

That was yesterday.

He's back there today. We think he* thinks its a trampoline.

*(How do you tell a frog's sex?)

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have you tried pressing the F5 key? I found it to be quite refreshing

A magazine has just arrived in an envelope that says "I am compostable and I contain potato starch". I could say the same thing.

So I wrote my butcher’s list

Chicken *3+1
Diced lamb *3*2

Then the boss added Lamb mince *2(2)

I am reduced to doing BODMAS on my butcher’s list.

Standing here watching the "live outpatients pharmacy waiting dashboard", and wondering if they have one for dead outpatients.

I think Fortitude has the best single line of 2018. "You just let a paralytic wasp fuck your eyeball, so you can get off the moral high ground". You have to watch it to understand the full craziness of what was going on.

He is a she, it turns out. And comfortably settled into a new home for the winter.

This chap's been at home here for a while. We weighed him yesterday, so he is now puzzled. Too little to survive the winter, apparently, so we'll have to find a hotel for him. That is proving a bit difficult - when we finally get through to someone, they can't help.

One I designed today especially for @natecull

"Would you like to try fencing?"

"Yeah, I'll have a stab at it."

I have just discovered there is a thing called vegan scrambled egg. Ye gods.

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feelgood story for today:
there's a nonprofit group that trains gambian giant pouched rats to detect landmines.
they can sniff out the TNT with the precision of a dog, and they don't weigh enough to set off the mines. their handlers raise and train them from infancy; they've cleared over 13,000 mines in Tanzania, Mozambique, Angola, and Cambodia.

Just saw "inexplicably", clearly meaning "inextricably", in an MSc dissertation. Don't know if I have the strength to continue.

In which I compare Boris Johnson to an ayatollah, and he does not come out favourably. "The Möbius strip" acomfortableplace.blogspot.com

England bowling with six slips!! This is like the Windies in their heyday.

Some random-ish thinking about the Open University (UK), partly inspired by Mastodon. So what next for the OU? reallyusefulknowledge.blogspot

I think he's getting used to me. He didn't even stop eating last night when I took this.

The hedgehog was here again, but he was too quick for the camera, so here is a picture of the front garden instead.

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