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Yours truly spoke with @digitaldutta on this episode of about the efficacy of tech interventions for women's safety.

We discussed CCTVs, mobile apps, panic buttons, and this 2016 research report, among other things:

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I'm grateful that this conversation happened on the Birdsite. Five days ago. CC: @Shudraism

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There will be more Internet shutdowns and network disruptions in order to obfuscate, falsify or hide the truth. Keep offline copies, preferably encrypted, of every bit of information that is important to you. Learn and practise good digital security.

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The powers that be *will* target other sites of protest and dissent. Please brace yourselves and others.

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Unofficial, armed militia run riot while official law enforcement tacitly supports them. The Gestapo and the SS. Operating with the single aim of eliminating of all dissent and opposition. We are going to see more of , and in more places, soon.

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Usha Ramanathan writing in the Statesman in August 2013 - about NPR and UID.

Refers to an answer to a question in parliament that clarifies that Aadhaar would be the deduplication method for NPR.

All I want for Christmas is a functional democracy.

IDK who needs to know this, but intentional are a form of . The Chinese responded to their censorship regime by creating the 10 Mythical Creatures of Baidu.

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Thousands of students in Germany queue for email access

"Some 38,000 students in Germany have been asked to queue in person for a new email password, after their university was hit by a cyber-attack"

The state of German IT...

Truth be told, I had never thought I'd ever feature in a calendar. ;-)

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Chinmayi S K and yours truly got featured in the Knowledge Equity Calendar by Deutschland, fashioned on the German tradition of the Advent Calendar:

Thread: Places with verified because of . Some are ongoing, others have ended.
Parts of New Delhi

Aligarh, Meerut (Uttar Pradesh)

Malda, Murshidabad, Howrah, North 24 Parganas, parts of South 24 Parganas (West Bengal)

Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh)


10 districts of Assam


Arunachal Pradesh

(Kashmir, ongoing since August 4, pre-CAB)

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