Corporate communication; if you want something...
... as soon as possible - ASAP
... _really_ fast - As ASAP as possible
... today - EOB
... _really_ today - As EOB as possible

Thinking outside the box completed.


I guess I was too of an optimist to believe it would happen, but Putⅰn launched a full scale attack on a neighboring country today.

I grew up in a totalitarian country in the Soviet bloc. Let me tell you how *you* can help.

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I've been working on the docs for React Aria's date picker components recently. It includes a full suite of hooks for building accessible and international date and time pickers, including a whole new date manipulation library focused in i18n. Very excited to ship this soon! 😃


Hello No-meetings Wednesdays in 👏🎉


Normalize zero meeting days.


Oh my, Bytes by is just great. News in the JS & frontend and lots of jokes, every week.
Highly recommended. 👍 Last issue:

RT I guess git has no competition because it git push itself


So it begins


░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 0%

🐦🔗: is not only an amazing tool, but also a great source of knowledge!

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In the past, I had to use conditional comments for Internet Explorer to link specific CSS files targeting specific browser versions. It was useful, but fortunately it is not needed anymore.
Now I've just came to another kind of comment - MOTW!

Ziadne specialne znaky v hesle? Ako to ukladaju? Mam pocit, ze v dnesnej dobe to je mozne len pri financnych instituciach.

One idea for already great Add an option to the tab stack context menu to "Copy all URLs in the stack". It could be like one URL per line. Very useful when one want to save all sites somewhere else... Into JIRA ticket in my current case :) What do you think?

Uh, I really think's content editor is unintuitive. I always get to some undesired half-way formatted state very quickly with only way to fix it is to switch to Text editor. And it has a proprietary syntax. Why not Markdown? :/

I just signed up for the Design Systems newsletter! If you're interested in learning more about design tokens, frontend infrastructure, component architecture, and team models, I highly recommend checking it out.


Look I have nothing against crypto or web3, but can we build the original Web 3.0¹ first?



I have never known the full story of This is great reading! I use Gravatar also on my personal site :)

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