...and, of course, block appropriate amount of time in the calendar for that given email/task right away.

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For an email client to be truly helpful as a todo app I can imagine the snooze button would open a modal window with an actual calendar - so I do not schedule for arbitrary time, but know when I do really have a time to deal with a specific email.

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The web didn't change; you did.

On framework fatigue, complexity of builds and the fact that simple is, and has always been possible.


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Type checking @tailwindcss@twitter.com classes with @typescript@twitter.com. This a great article describing the usage of Template Literal Types, Conditional Types and infering within to simply check used classes. Looks like magic and somehow easy at once! kirillvasiltsov.com/writing/ty

My Learning Log design has been mentioned in this article about CSS Columns, check it out! romanvesely.com/log

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✎ CSS Multiple Column: Nová příručka 11 textů plných ukázek a obrázků o vícesloupcovém rozvržení

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Novy rok, nove zaciatky :) V @myeleveo@twitter.com hladame k sebe dalsieho frontendistu na projekt Workforce Management, na ktorom pracujem aj ja. Prace mame dost a najdu sa rozne vyzvy💪 profesia.sk/praca/zoom-interna

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Finally settled on @TiddlyWiki@twitter.com from @Jermolene@twitter.com using the Krystal plugin from @rmnvsl@twitter.com to emulate @andy_matuschak@twitter.com 's notes system - all for my / / notes.

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I am attending Remote React Summit. Register for free and join me there with 25k other React engineers and 50 great speakers! remote.reactsummit.com/badge/c

As opposed to , Trunk based development promotes short-lived branches. It is a great resource of knowledge on this matter including techniques such as CI/CD, feature flags, monorepos, and more. trunkbaseddevelopment.com/

Thanks @filiphracek@twitter.com , I've already tried your setup and need to say I really like it! So much superior to old 16:9 slides without video :)

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People ask about my remote presentation setup (where I overlay my slides over my webcam video). Here's a detailed post: selfimproving.dev/how-to-hold-

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please, @LinkedIn@twitter.com dark mode
or ... @LinkedIn@twitter.com stories! that's what every social network has to have nowadays.

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Happy White Paper 12th anniversay. Thank you Satoshi Nakomoto. We are celebrating here in Kosice, Slovakia by placing @LuchoPoletti@twitter.com artwork near Slovak National Bank. More years to come, be strong, healthy and liberating! 👍

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"@LeaVerou@twitter.com wrote about The -​-var: ; hack to toggle multiple values with one custom property. We’ve been doing this newsletter long enough to be convinced that Lea uses a newer, far more superior version of CSS than the rest of us." 😁 haha, @uidotdev@twitter.com newsletter is great!

Just got my free ticket to , grab yours! Let’s build a better web with : nextjs.org/conf/tickets/crazko via @vercel@twitter.com

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Reading dozens of books per year is an antipattern.

There are books that could be in fact an essay (I pay Blinklist for these).

But some books are dense and deserve a 1-2 months of slow digestion & immediate application to your life. Reading through and not applying is a waste.

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What an unexpected addition in @gmail@twitter.com after @googlecalendar@twitter.com . I thought it'd be bigger...

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