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I'm really loving the Krystal plugin for @tiddlywiki@twitter.com by Roman Vesely. It's a great implementation of Andy Matuschak's work notes. You should check it out if you like a unique horizontal story view experience.


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What are Text Fragments about? Let's read the introduction. romanvesely.com/text-fragments The article comes also with the interactive part thanks to the @mdx_js@twitter.com!

OK, I need to write some new tests. But what about to find some fresh new font for my terminal first? @ohmyzsh@twitter.com

While Discussions are great move for @github@twitter.com, it's yet another place to look for solutions besides @StackOverflow@twitter.com and many others palces.

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Who’s gonna read your personal blog because it has an RSS feed? I’m gonna read your personal blog because it has an RSS feed.

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Another log post: More and stuff, tips for @github@twitter.com and also for offline world.


Note-taking in @vivaldibrowser@twitter.com supports , this is amazing! Even with syntax highlighting, wow. Version 3.1 also comes with full-width manager for notes. vivaldi.com/blog/vivaldi-gets-

"The more I thought about it, the more I realized this is why everyone still has a LinkedIn account: fear."

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@anthilemoon@twitter.com if you need extra motivation...

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This is great "You can make everything `tomato` if you want." johno.com/tomato/ by @4lpine@twitter.com πŸ…

πŸ‘‰ It's working! Highlight specific part of the text in the site with URL fragment.

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URL syntax & terminology:

➑️ Within a URL, # starts a URL fragment (or β€œhash”).
➑️ Within a URL fragment, :~: starts a URL fragment directive.

#:~:text=hello%20world instructs the browser to highlight + scroll to the text β€œhello world”.

πŸ“– wicg.github.io/ScrollToTextFra

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@cwrau@twitter.com @kubernetesio@twitter.com Thanks! @rmnvsl@twitter.com volunteered and did set up a Heroku instance at hnow.herokuapp.com/ already πŸ‘

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Created a bundle of @TiddlyWiki@twitter.com & selected plugins so that it looks & works like @andy_matuschak@twitter.com's notes. Step-by-step instructions here to host this in your own GitHub pages repo: learnawesome.org/digitalgarden

cc: @anthilemoon@twitter.com @tomcritchlow@twitter.com @jermolene@twitter.com @houshuang@twitter.com @rmnvsl@twitter.com @giffmex@twitter.com

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Custom pixel fonts! Oh, that's was something! I was asking - "Where to find the best and free pixel font creator program"?

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Huge thanks to @rmnvsl@twitter.com for creating a TiddlyWiki theme that looks good - this is the first time I think I might actually use TW... I posted a reference node app on Glitch here: tomcritchlow.com/2020/05/19/ti

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9.500€ for 1β‚Ώ

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The third is near and it's time to celebrate!

We’re giving away 5 @mtsocks@twitter.com limited edition halving socks as well as 5 @Trezor@twitter.com T voucher codes.

Like, retweet and comment where you see the price of BTC at the end of 2020!

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Also label isn't the same - "Show checkboxes" in web, "Tick boxes" in mobile app.

Nevertheless, still my choice for taking quick notes.

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It's so confusing how UX is different in @Google@twitter.com apps. When you want to add checkboxes to a note, you have to use kebab menu in web app, while you do not find the same option in mobile app. You rather have to use "plus" menu.

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