.@vivaldibrowser@twitter.com, it would be great if Reader View was allowed in Feeds!
And Feeds on Android would be 💘

How to reset touched fields in @react@twitter.com @finalformjs@twitter.com

A simple way of aligning elements to the center, regardless of their size.

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The best part about being 90% done with a project is that you're halfway finished!

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Great interview with @sitnikcode@twitter.com, the author of @PostCSS@twitter.com and other tools.

Tab grouping and second tab line in @vivaldibrowser@twitter.com is a really great feature! The only drawback is that the number of open tabs is growing exponentially 🤣

Diving into someone's is much more fun than is reading an ordinary blog!

"This is the most upsetting thing that will literally never affect me." - nicely said. We will never be able to reach 94% of the observable universe. youtube.com/watch?v=uzkD5Seuwz

Whoah! Since when is @github@twitter.com generating og images for repository pages? Nice!


I've just used this professional technique to adjust the height of graphs in the internal Confluence documentation. Code injected with the Stylus browser extension. add0n.com/stylus.html

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I'm a professional

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This is a great list of falsehoods programmers believe in. Fascinating reading about myths and pitfalls :) github.com/kdeldycke/awesome-f

One of such services dorucim.online I co-created is idle since the first wave passed resulting in fewer restrictions.

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Pandemic is slowly declining in Slovakia and so does the number of active domains connected with selling masks, medical equipment and providing other secondary services. Dozens of domains are going to expire these days, all of them created last year.

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How many of you still lock your computer when you leave it even though you work from home?

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