disclaimer: i know nothing about IPFS, only that it is a bit like a distributed CDN / content-addressable storage

would it feasible, or useful, to host bitcoincore.org (which is generated static HTML) as well as the downloads on it ?

Mastodon is great but just don't use it for DMs, there is no end-to-end encryption and @nvk can read everything

1) I'm learning and teaching, pro bono in a meetup and for profit in schools
2) learning to code (Python for now), my goal is to contribute to bitcoin related project (I'm working on EPS now)
3) I'd like to do some consulting, but it's kinda hard in France now
Yes I was very pleased to meet you too, even if we didn't have the occasion to speak that much (too many people in this kind of conf 😀 )
See you soon!

Tl;dr: Use your own Electrum server. #electrs #EPS @nodl_it@twitter.com
DIY on your #RaspiBlitz: github.com/openoms/bitcoin-tut

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Excellent report on @ElectrumWallet@twitter.com malware and the ongoing DDoS attack from @Malwarebytes@twitter.com blog.malwarebytes.com/cybercri

A bit of an older video, but still very relevant! Greg Maxwell on potential improvements to #Bitcoin that are already implemented in #Elements (and #Liquid).


#Schnorr #ConfidentialTransactions #Sidechains

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#BlockstreamExplorer Update

-Unlimited Tx
-Disabling JavaScript
-Broadcast Tx via API
-QR code scanning via the web browser
-Block timestamps for confirmed Tx
-No analytics scripts, no tracking
-Better privacy through @torproject@twitter.com support


Merged PR from fanquake: [0.17] doc: merge upstream release-notes from bitcoin-core/bitcoin-devwiki github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pul

One of the best and entertaining talks I've ever seen (by James Mickens): youtu.be/ajGX7odA87k Must see for every computer scientist and especially AI/ML people.

bitcoin core 0.17 was just branched off from master: github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/tre
0.17.0rc1 tag should be soon !


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