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i dream about having an internal 4TB SSD

today, three months ago, my rabbit died of GI stasis. to this day, it's really hard for me to be without him. bunnies are very loyal animals: once they feel safe with a human, they give themselves entirely. Carlitos died in my arms on february 15th. it was one of the hardest moments that i ever experienced, but i'm glad that we were together till the end. he made me really happy and he was safe with me since i adopted him.

i miss you, pal 🖤

elegir un proveedor de hosting es casi tan complicado como decidir cuál paquete de galletitas comprar en el super.

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This is one of my favourites photos. I took it from the balcony of my university. I saw these guys and shoot it right away. I called it "Addictions".

For me, the saddest part is that I accidentally deleted the raw file. So I only have this crop version in black & white and another one in colour. I guess we can call it a blessing or a curse.

#photography #blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhite #streetphotography #people #rosario #argentina

Do you listen to podcasts? Which app do you use? In case you use one.

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Reading a book is like re-writing it for yourself. You bring to a novel, anything you read, all your experience of the world. You bring your history and you read it in your own terms. - Angela Carter

I started to feel so lost. Probably a combination of factors: mid-twenties, global pandemic, academic preassure and job market issues. Life is better if we only concentrate on love & arts.

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Images of the Day
DUBLIN CITY: Teenagers walk down Grafton Street in Dublin city centre on the first day of school Easter holidays. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

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Apparently, according to The StoryGraph I mainly read fiction books that are reflective, adventurous, and emotional.

I’m so stressed that I go from thinking about the deadlines from this Friday to the next 5 months plans.

I need a tissue.

Yesterday I had a laser eye surgery to correct my and . My life had completely changed. I never saw the world as perfect as I'm viewing it today. I highly recommend this to everyone that has this type of eyes problem.

Goodbye glasses!

First to say: I'm not an Apple fan girl. But recently, the new Macbook Air M1 with that incredible performance made me want to try it —the day that I have €1200 at my disposal aka 10 years from now lol.

Windows 10 is disgusting to me. I like some Debian and Ubuntu distros but I use Adobe products for work and personal stuff. I currently have an old but strong Macbook Pro from 2012 with an SSD.

Now.. this issue is terrible. Is hard to trust them.

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Worth reading for sure:

"Email is unsafe and cannot be made safe. The tools we have today to encrypt email are badly flawed. Even if those flaws were fixed, email would remain unsafe. Its problems cannot plausibly be mitigated. Avoid encrypted email."

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I'm going to emigrate as soon as I finish my thesis and covid restrictions allow it. I'll miss my mam so much, but I hope I can gift her a happy snowy christmas abroad someday.

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