I grew up in a small town.

On summer nights like these, when I was 13 or so, I rode my bike downtown to see a Saturday night movie at the town theater.

After the movie, a few kids were allowed to stay out late. Sometimes I was, too. On those nights, I'd cross to the other side of the street to hang out at the town pizza shop.

We'd eat pepperoni pizza, drink Mountain Dew, and listen to MC Hammer on the jukebox.

It felt magical to be out that late.

On Friday last week, I did a:

git checkout -b trash/feature-name

branch b/c I thought the path I was pursuing was unsalvagable.

This week, I figured out how to salvage it.

This was a good week.

I listened to “Kiki do you love me” on repeat for four hours straight today and I still only know seven words of the hook 🤦🏻‍♂️

DBDebugToolkit is quite useful, and only took a few minutes to add to my project. Tons of performance and debugging features!

Still deliberating whether to include it in my App Store builds, because it uses private APIs. I'm thinking no.

It's got great code examples. Two techniques I learned are:
1. How to guarantee you present from the topmost view controller
2. How to make a floating view that is GUARANTEED to float over EVERYTHING

It's a cool codebase to peruse.

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So close to releasing an app update, but there’s this super-rare bug where sometimes the app launches to a black screen. I have no idea why it happens. Time to get medieval on these builds w/ DBDebugToolkit


As if it’s not hard enough to pick a name for your kid, here’s another factor to consider. Try to avoid names that sound anything like “Siri.” Trust me on this one.

My favorite time to code is fine-fine-I'll-just-hardcode-the-path o'clock at night

As I absent-mindedly eat these old grapes, it occurred to me: had I been born at the right time and place, I totally could have been the guy who discovered penicillin.

So if you ever bought business cards for yourself and then watched them gather dust on your closet shelf for 3 years, try going to a local "entrepreneur" meetup.

I went to one this morning & got asked for a business card 6 times!

In one month, I’ll be presenting how I use Fastlane to AUTOMATE ALL THE THINGS (iOS screenshooting, beta distribution, deployment)

Plus some other cool stuff you can do with Fastlane.

Sept 13th at the Philly Cocoaheads meetup at Indy Hall.

See you there?


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