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I'm muting myself because all my toots are dumb as hell and I shouldn't have to be exposed to them

if you put an infinite number of monkeys in front of an infinite number of typewriters and gave them an infinite amount of time, one of them would eventually compose the complete works of william shatner

aliens are probably real but nobody's ever seen one because we've only been the dumbass ape planet for like maybe ten thousand years, whereas for three hundred million years we were the trilobite planet and nobody's checked up on us since then

honestly I'm amazed they found the capitol building and aren't rioting at like, Capitol Building Total Landscaping or w/e

Calcium is a metal and our bones are full of it

like they didn't even try to update the design or anything like they did with the klingons, it's just straight up a Morn

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this is not a discovery spoiler because it is not plot-relevant but there's a member of Morn's species who appears in a crowd scene in Discovery season 3, if you were wondering if Star Trek was still good (it is still good)

@rootsworks whoops way to not pay attention to the crossposting on my mastodon client

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Re: LRT, the work of an artist, rather than a camera glitch as the original poster claimed -

Why do they call it a California King and not an Emperor Norton

I do not want to see or be seen by customers

Between leaving mormonism in my 20s and learning I have adhd in my late 30s I feel like most of my adult life has been an education in how to constructively distrust myself

Star Trek really is the Hanzo sword of space shows, tarantinolly speaking

Or like, the translucent jelly colors of the early imac/n64 era

The new xbox looks like a ps2 and the ps2 came out like ten years ago. As much as I appreciate a featureless black box that disappears into the rest of your media center cabinet, I am starting to yearn for wood paneling on game consoles to come back

Don't you just love it when your A stories and B stories resolve at the same time while also advancing the season's arc

why would you call it pyrotechnics and not arson crafts

mercifully nobody I am friends with would ever ask me to go jogging because I do not make friends with sociopaths

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I never really know how to explain to people that I don't like talking but am neither antisocial nor a misanthrope. It's like cardiovascular exercise - something that many people enjoy, but I do not, and is still necessary to do daily in either case.

Like, if you are a stranger and you press me into a situation where I must go jogging with you, I will resent it, if you are a friend and you ask me to go jogging with you, I will go, not because I enjoy jogging, but because I enjoy your company

chrysanthemums don't look anything like croissants and that feels incorrect to me

One of the most interesting revelations about the rose garden superspreader event was learning that covid 19 can also infect reptilians, and that just wearing a human mask isn't enough to protect them from the virus

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