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I'm muting myself because all my toots are dumb as hell and I shouldn't have to be exposed to them

Jenna thinks a queer furry couple moved into our building a few doors down based on an assessment of the stickers on their car and now we have a mystery on our hands, gang

It's going to be 87 today and 90 tomorrow and I'm going to do my best to refrain from complaining because it's been in the 60s-70s all month and those temperatures will resume on tuesday, this is not as bad as last year's heat dome

you heard of a circle? Amateur. What you need is three of them. Arrange them so they're in a triangle formation but not touching each other. Perfection.

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take a rectangle. bevel one corner. just one. Now you've got a stew goin'.

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chop the corners off an equilateral triangle. now you have a science fiction shape, baybee 🕶️

this polycount thread in particular, where dude makes a whole scifi environment and tons of props out of a single trim sheet is just an absolute masterclass -

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I mean like I knew, conceptually, what a trim sheet is, and knew that they were important, but it never quite clicked in my head that 'oh, this is how you apply materials to buildings in such a way that they don't look like repeating jpegs forever'

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I've been spending the last week or so reading up on and watching videos about making and using trim sheets for 3d environment art and I am honestly kind of embarrassed that this is such a basic, fundamental skill for environment art/level design that I am only learning about just now

The boys brought Everdell over yesterday for Sunday board games and it was a lot of fun. 4 players, worker placement, wraps in about an hour, incredibly cute furry art on all the cards, big weird three-level cardboard tree for the play space, very recommend

If Bay Raitt has switched to Blender, I kind of feel like that should give Autodesk pause to consider how badly they have fucked up

have they ever done a Doom where once you're done fighting your way through hell, you move on to heaven and fight a bunch of fucked-up looking angels

this is a welcome change from spending half the week hobbling around like a crab creature after fucking up my back last saturday

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fell asleep abnormally early last night, got up at 6 this morning and went on a walk around the block, did some housework, made myself a proper breakfast, still had time to play videogames for like an hour and a half before work, and now I feel like a god damned superhuman

personal medical, healthcare dystopia 

love to be told my insurance which takes a fifth of my paycheck twice a month gets to decide to just not pay for a life-prolonging surgery, what a cool arrangement I have with this clown college

I love going to discord for software support, you ask a question and it gets answered immediately by this one guy who knows basically nothing at all about anything but really likes feeling like an expert so he's super proactive about giving the most empty-headed responses to everyone and then argues with anyone else who might chimes in later with useful information because he feels his self-appointed role of expert being threatened

I want to keep working on my vrchat avatar tonight but I have to go to a ben folds concert that we got tickets for like six months ago instead, uggghhhhh

In this episode of Columbo he stays the night in the dorm of a military academy and they wake him up by slapping him on the ass, and this is going on my mental top ten list of Columbo moments that I didn't start compiling until right this moment

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