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My drawings are like my children, and all of my children are huge disappointments

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I'm always a little embarrassed meeting friends I know from the internet in person for the first time because it's like oh uh sorry, I'm only funny online

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I'm muting myself because all my toots are dumb as hell and I shouldn't have to be exposed to them

Wow they established very early on that O'Brien loves kayaking in the holodeck and also that he dislocates his arm every time because he's very bad at it, this is only season 3 and this shit continues well into DS9

Youtube keeps trying to get me to watch this video called "The Many Voices of Tim Curry," but like he can't have that many voices if every time I hear him in a cartoon I can instantly say, 100 percent, "That's Tim Curry"

I thought the pie crust would fall apart or split but it is structurally sound and is velvety to the touch, but remains soft and flaky to bite into, being a delight for the senses. paul hollywood can eat my entire ass

this is exactly what I remember cornish pasties tasting like and I'm kind of crying a little bit

this is a long way to go for 3d modeling reference images

that's right I didn't trim the parchment paper my hands don't work anymore

First batch looks okay. Egg glaze is a little sloppy. Second batch just went in, got a better rope crimp on this one. Fork crimping is for cowards and agitators.

anyway I don't have kids and you can get a hammer for a buck fifty at the dollar general so I might risk putting garlic in some of these

you might be confused as to what kind of economy considers hammers and children to be roughly equivalent in value but bear in mind that when knockers were active, hammers and children were both mostly just things people used to get more work done

The traditional pasty is very specific in what is and is not allowed as far as ingredients and my understanding is that if you add carrots or corn, a cornish knocker elf will come to your home and steal your children, or hammers if children are not present

tabbing immediately to the likes column of anyone with an even remotely hot fursona who follows me like, ꜱʜᴏᴑ ᴍᴇ yα΄α΄œΚ€ ꜱΙͺɴꜱ :3

This is ten sticks of butter put through the stand mixer's cheese grater attachment to make a lot of flaky pastry dough. Now it's resting. Shh.

I'm sure there's some like, standard workflow for making UIs that I just haven't got to yet that will make this all make sense later

Or it could just be because an anchored object can't animate itself so if you want to animate any ui element in a useful way you need to store the animations for it on an empty parent canvas object which is.. weird

The whole time I've been working on this unity homework project, I've been thinking of all the ways I can put watercolor in there. Watercolor skydome with clouds on animated nested shells. Watercolor texture in the clear flag. Watercolor leaf particles. Animated watercolor ui.

Which kinda makes sense? but then it also forces you to do a bunch of layered animation tomfoolery, idk

it's really weird that screen position isn't directly animatable for canvas objects but you can animate those positions if the animation is applied to the parent object.

I wonder if there's like a math reason for that or if they are just trying to convince you to store all the UI animations in the canvas itself.

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