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Rotating Skull @rotatingskull

The only way for everyone to have a good experience with computers is for everyone to learn to code. Just like we all have good experiences with plumbing now because we all learned to be plumbers.

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@rotatingskull Trying to do one's own plumbing is a good way to learn why people specialize in it and get paid well to do it.

@Riley I tried to open up the little pipe under the sink once to get out something I droped down the drain. That little bit should be easy right?

Took me about one minute to get water all over the floor and me.

@rotatingskull @Riley also makes you realise there’s some who shouldn’t be charging to do it lol

@rotatingskull adds up. when it's no longer magic that only other people can conjure, it's ours. we can see quality beyond whether it's smooth and shiny.