Excited (really) to be starting something we tried to start at the beginning of 2020: Office Hours at Samsung KX in London. meetup.com/Samsung-Internet-Me … Our first event will be Tuesday the 10th at 1pm. If you’re in or around London, come join us to learn about Samsung Internet, test your web app on Samsung devices (including foldables), or just chat about the web and web technologies.

Oh, or I guess it won't preview like I thought anyway. So I threw away from principles for nothing.

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The video was too big to post here, so I will become what I despise by reposting my own Twitter content to get the preview
twitter.com/rowan_m/status/135 so you can check out snow-blower.glitch.me

Enjoying playing with so the latest fiddling is at snow-blower.glitch.me Should I turn this into a general particle playground?

At least all this stock nonsense means you've all stopped going on about sea shanties.

As far as I'm aware Grape Nuts are the only cereal endorsed by the Insane Clown Posse. Now, I'm not saying this is my main reason for eating them, but I do think about it a lot.

Need to get back to
⚛️ atomatic.glitch.me/ to add polish and get it more shareable. Hit that bit where I proved the interesting bit, now I have to finish the details...

Dalí-esque melting clock in a PWA. All the goodies: Canvas vs SVG mode, dark mode, offline, add to homescreen… I'm pretty happy with how this has turned out!

Sad to hear mathematician John Conway passed away. Was fascinated by his Game of Life as a kid and it seems fitting that I should spend a bit of time cleaning up my implementation. Thank you for creating something that inspired.

Would be cool to hear if this kind of thing of useful… is there something I can do to make it easier?

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As a sneaky way of feeling more productive, I thought I'd document some of my old Glitch experiments. Et voila, here's the first one. Learn how to use the Zine Machine template for a zine to read 🌐 online or 🖨️ print ✂️ cut 🙏 fold for your own 📖

Sitting in my small box room with the curtains shut listening to The Social Network soundtrack on repeat.

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