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The "Link with Map" feature will automatically generate tile scripts to connect two maps together!

Working to make the visual script nodes more flexible by allowing you to switch some fields from the default "guided entry" into an advanced mode for directly entering expressions.

The "Move Character" function lets you create scripted character movements. (Using Godot's built-in A* logic for pathfinding - works great!)

You can use the "Set Entity Model" scripting function to swap out models on the fly!

Back to scripting! Getting the camera functions migrated over to v0.5.

I’m slowly resuming work on my cyberpunk adventure game project and I’m really glad I took some time to write down a detailed breakdown of the plot and make a list of current and future tasks. After almost a year, I would have no idea what to do now if I hadn’t.

When debugging your game, navigation lines will update in real-time to reflect any path changes!

Initial save game support is in for v0.5! Here's a quick preview of it in action! 💾

Needed one for the About dialog, so I made this little Godot icon as part of my new icon set!

Another great looking game being created by the RPG in a Box community (this one is from Marcus)! Love the detailed animations!

The Discord server for RPG in a Box is now public! Drop in and say hi, if you'd like! 😊

This RPG in a Box game being created by Jman Polo is looking great! Love the creepy atmosphere.

The fill/replace tool has been implemented into the Voxel Editor for v0.5, with a contiguous option for controlling what is replaced.

Gradually working on some custom icons for RPG in a Box's interface!

The "locked at 90-degree intervals" option will snap the camera to the 4 cardinal directions. This will be useful for games w/ relative player movement!

The new "gameplay" config section in v0.5 will let you customize many aspects of your game, or you can choose from one of the presets! Still a WIP, but here's a preview of the available settings so far.

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