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I now have a Patreon for those who'd like to support RPG in a Box's development! Everyone's patience, support, and encouragement so far really means a lot as I continue to fulfill the vision I have for it. RTs are much appreciated. Thank you so much! 😊❀️

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I'm so happy to announce that RPG in a Box is finally available on Steam! Hooray! πŸ› οΈπŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰ Have fun creating, and thanks so much for your ongoing support! ❀️

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A preview of some of the assets that have been created by my wife, Sarah, for the Patreon! 😊 You can get early access to these by joining the NPC tier or above. Thanks so much for your support!

As shown in the GIF, attachment previewing will allow you to adjust the positioning/rotation/scale of objects without needing to test them in-game!

Previewing attachments in the Voxel Editor will be coming with the next release! πŸ˜πŸ‘

I updated the sample game project that's bundled with RPG in a Box for the v0.6.4.0 release, so it's now jam-packed with new features and functionality! This will hopefully help make learning even easier!

For anyone interested, I put together some initial documentation for the climbing functionality coming in the next release!

The upcoming ability to have tools with unlimited range should open up a lot of new possibilities for games made with RPG in a Box! πŸ› οΈπŸ˜πŸ‘

Updated the pathfinding to consider connected climbable tiles, so it will now work along with the climbing mechanics when using mouse controls!

Check out these wonderful new assets created by my wife, Sarah! ❀️ You can get early access to these by being a part of the NPC tier or above on Patreon:

In preparation for the upcoming "tool item" functionality, I'm extending tile scripting so that scripts can now be triggered based on the player's active tool when interacting! πŸ› οΈ

Just for fun, I converted some of my Dungeon in my Pocket assets to the C64 palette! Thought it looked pretty neat with flat lighting and orthogonal view.

Meanwhile, in the voxel forest... you don't walk among trees, you walk on them.


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This forest is growing out of control. There are now different height levels and both characters can walk on specific terrain, so you have to swap between them to reach some otherwise inaccessible places.

The lagomorph can hop on logs and the batracian can swim. It's not pictured here because the GIF would be huge, but it works!


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I've tweaked the font to make it rounder and bolder, since the previous version was hard to read in the game.

So for now, we have a confused bipedal bunny and a happy amphibian. No idea what will happen next, but it should be funny.

#theWorkshop #TokiPona

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Six years ago today I first announced RPG in a Box! Shortly after discovering Godot 1.0, I decided to once again revisit my idea of building a tool that would allow others to easily create their own worlds and adventures!

No context sudden need to make a tiny game with jumping voxels and desaturated colors. I've no idea what it's about, except I named all assets in #TokiPona, and my mood was involving some kind of lazy melancholia.

I guess it could become a random walk in a quiet forest, with occasional dialogues and chill beats in the background.


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