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So, now that I'm learning I'm going to dive into once again. I want to create something that lets you create worlds while riding the train home with your cell phone.

Happy New Year! Extremely excited for the future of RPG in a Box and what 2019 will bring. I truly appreciate each and every one of you, and your ongoing support! ❤️🎉

That's it, I've finally managed to publish my postmortem of A Road to Awe, this crazy one year long daily level design project I made in 2017 with @rpginabox.

Read it here:

Testing out the game migration tool with Dungeon in my Pocket! I'll be getting back to this example project after the v0.5 release.

Four years ago I discovered Godot Engine (and started developing RPG in a Box) after reading this Slashdot article about the 1.0 release. It's been a lot of fun growing alongside Godot! 😃

Transferring items between a container and the player's inventory. An "on close" script is configured to play the chest's closing animation.

Item tooltips! (Credit to Pixeltier for the item icons from his 16x16 RPG icon pack!)

Swapping between different UI themes in v0.5's Theme Editor (default RPG in a Box theme and @lectronice's excellent theme for his cyberpunk game, Phalanstery).

Follow my progress on Trello with real-time development updates! The board also includes a list of new features/changes coming in v0.5!

Come join the official RPG in a Box Discord server and share any ideas you have or games you're planning to make! Or just say hello! 😁

I love seeing feedback like this, most especially the highlighted part! ❤️☺️ I want to enable people to easily realize worlds, stories and ideas that they otherwise might not be able to!

Did you know that RPG in a Box is an engine created as a "game" within Godot Engine? Extremely grateful for Juan and all of the developers who contribute to Godot - it's such an amazing engine!

Another look at the new dialogue editor for v0.5 as I attempt to finish up the remaining features! Sections and "go to" nodes will be available to help keep your game's dialogues organized.

An updated roundup of RPG in a Box games, in-dev projects, and various prototypes/demos from the community and myself!

The "Link with Map" feature will automatically generate tile scripts to connect two maps together!

Working to make the visual script nodes more flexible by allowing you to switch some fields from the default "guided entry" into an advanced mode for directly entering expressions.

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