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Made a new movement area effect for the tactical turn-based combat that's in development! Finally getting somewhat close to wrapping up v0.5! 😅

A simple puzzle mechanic created by combining NPC movement behavior and a new option that lets NPCs trigger tile scripts! Excited to see how everyone will use this!

Four years ago today, v0.0.1 of RPG in a Box was released! It's hard to believe it's been that long. Thank you so much, everyone, for your continued support! ❤️

I updated my 16x16 icon pack with all of the latest icons I've made for RPG in a Box! The total count is now up to 256! Download for free from my @itchio page here:

Example of the new "player interest" behavior setting - the purple slimes are set to avoid the player and the red slime is set to seek out the player (both when within a configurable tile range). 😀

A demo version of the 0.5 pre-alpha is now available! And it comes with an example game to help get you started creating! Download from @itchio here:

Opuscule 0.3.2 is out! It features various improvements, mainly on the HTML export side.

It's a note-taking/writing tool that can export to text, markdown or html. It's free, available for Windows/Linux/macOs, and made with #GodotEngine.

More details here:


Drag and drop files into RPG in a Box v0.5 to easily import them into your game! (Deer model by the talented Marco Peschiera!)

Making good progress on getting the existing online docs converted over to the built-in version, along with a table of contents!

Here's a side-by-side comparison showing a source wiki page and the resulting documentation generated for the built-in version!

Finally finishing up my tool to convert my @dokuwiki sources into @godotengine text scene files! Next step will be to bring my wiki up to date for v0.5 so the built-in documentation will be ready for its release.

The new #GodotEngine showreel is up! Or "are" actually, since there were so many submissions that we made two videos.

Working on the new example content to include with v0.5. It will be completely ready to launch as is, and will contain various examples of scripting and other functionality to help get you started!

Credit to @lectronice, AlexMonfortfer1, Quantum_Sheep, JeuxIndecents, voxelminis, Marcusgibson, arron_simpson20, Jiminus, Noiros, Jman Polo, Semipelagianist, and my wife for their games/assets!

An updated roundup of RPG in a Box games, in-dev projects, and various prototypes/demos from the community and myself!

Added these little popups that are displayed for certain animation frame actions! This is both for visual feedback and allowing a quick undo if desired.

The new "Quick Play" feature in v0.5 will allow you to easily update and launch your game with one click!

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