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Ruben πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄

It could be done in many ways; every ⭐️ = a micro transaction (self determined amount, f.ex $0.1). This is totally doable, as IOTA has no transaction fees.

Would be AWESOME if IOTA was implemented into Mastodon, making it easy to tip people! A ruby gem was just released: @Gargron

"Firefox 57 is a monumentally important release for the Firefox project, for Mozilla, and for open-source software in general.

The best part is that none of this is hyperbole: Firefox 57 really is better, faster, stronger. These improvements are tangible."

#Mastodon really needs a groups feature, preferably one that is compatible with OStatus groups. #Diaspora needs one, too.

These kinds of communication relays are actually really useful in community-building. In a microblogging environment, it's a powerful feature that Twitter doesn't offer.

Right now: talks about the @iotatoken as the future of financial transactions and the Internet of Things!

New [PlayRaw] A Small Alpine Autumn Collection
via Immanuel Wilhelmy.

What a great collection to play with! Come show us how you'd process these or see what others did using Free Software (@fsf)!

The ability to self-host Mastodon instances combined with the new proliferation of city-based TLDs enables "local microblogging", eg. I wonder if it would catch on...

It's nothing fancy just yet, but we're on Mastodon.

Visit us at to learn about our privacy, security and freedom respecting line of Librem laptops.

Additionally, we are running a crowd funded campaign for the Librem 5 smartphone located here

We need your raw files! Bring them to us!

We rely on the community to provide us raw sample files with which to provide support and test the raw processing projects. As such, we've got a big gap in coverage. Can you help?

(Fun side note - we had to dig in the ashes of to prime the repo, and were able to save many of their samples from a db problem.)

Not to discount the value of an open, decentralized network -- that's really really important -- but I think one underappreciated positive feature of Mastodon is its open API, which allows anyone to write Mastodon apps.

I began losing interest FAST when Birdsite stopped allowing third-party clients to access all its features (eg polls). That won't be a problem with Mastodon.

Hvem andre enn Jensen og Breivik har fΓ₯tt Γ¦ren av Γ₯ bli idΓΈmt lovens strengeste straff?

I think the commercial networks are bound to keep screwing up sooner or later. One of the things Mastodon offers which the silos don't is self-determination.

Like, hypothetically, I could make a stupid design decision in the software, but even then there's forks and community input.

The only way for silo users to counteract top-down abuse is leaving to.. well, us

"You're a #Mastodon user, huh? Sorry, that's not included in our Big Socialβ„’ bundle, so if you want to keep tooting it will cost you $9.99 more per month."



#darktable [] is a non-destructive photography program.

Its toolkit ranges from basics like tone curves and sharpening to advanced features like multiple noise reduction algorithms, lens correction and wavelet based editing. Most of its tools allow both drawn and parametric masks.

Darktable can apply an edit to multiple images. It supports RAWs and also has features for easy sorting and exporting of photos.

Landing page redesign:

β˜‘οΈ Elephant friend
β˜‘οΈ Public timeline
β˜‘οΈ Puts instance information before Mastodon information
β˜‘οΈ But does explain and link to prominently
β˜‘οΈ Admin option to turn off public timeline
β˜‘οΈ No GIF autoplay, hover to play