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Ruben 🇳🇴

Deep packet inspection via reveals startling information in Turkey and Egypt..

web traffic is being intercepted, degraded and redirected to grab spyware, affiliate links and crypto-mining and even more

Are you using Googles reCAPTCHA on your website? Now is the time to stop.

Is there a great FLOSS alternative for this type of thing? Please let me know!

@shekkiesqueaks @matrix We use it at @Purism. It's probably easier to get workplaces on it than private persons because Discord still has superior UX. Slack on the other hand, is a steaming pile of garbage visually and performance-wise, and is easily topped by Matrix.

Android enthusiast? Join our team!

The #Fairphone software team is looking for an experienced #Android Platform Engineer who wants to bring a more sustainable approach to the Android ecosystem:

Purism Partners with Cryptography Pioneer Werner Koch to Create a New Encrypted Communication Standard for Security-Focused Devices

Hei, norske fediverse! Har dere fått med dere at @bjornstark har kommet seg inn i federasjonen? Han bør dere følge! Og les denne teksten hans om hvor viktig dette desentraliserings-prosjektet er!

Boost, så alle nordmenn får det med seg! :)

Jeg skriver at vi må redesentralisere nettet, og ta det tilbake fra Facebook, Google og andre store nettselskaper:

As a norwegian, this is quite shocking to read: «Behind an abandoned military facility 40 miles northwest of Oslo, Norway built a surveillance base in close collaboration with the National Security Agency.»

The latest issue of c't (German computer magazine) has a four page article by yours truly about Mastodon. Thanks to @Gargron, @cwebber, Evan Prodromou, @angristan and everyone else who spoke to me in the last few weeks. We ended up scoping this one pretty tightly around Mastodon from an end user perspective, with a short blurb about the fediverse.

The online version is paywalled, but you can at least see a pretty Mastodon graphic:

Cellebrite, an Israeli tech firm, claims it can now break into any iOS 11 device (including the iPhone X) and is advertising that ability to law enforcement and private forensics agencies worldwide. Not good.

I'm very glad that @Chocobozzz is working on PeerTube, a federated video hosting platform. I think there is a lot of, if I may put it, thirst, for a photo sharing platform too. With those superficial differences between how Mastodon works and how Instagram works.

And I mean, you could just fork Mastodon and modify the UI. Or you could build on top of ActivityPub from scratch, like PeerTube does. The possibilities are fascinating. All within one network.

If you are bothered by the lack of support for stylable scrollbars in Firefox, make you voice heard:

RT A billionaire sends his car to Mars, the president is a white nationalist game-show host who speaks directly through his followers' handsets, and advertising networks track everyone night & day. No more Philip K. Dick shows/movies needed. We are here.

I'm here because I'm starting to suspect that putting 7 billion people into a few gigantic social media networks with insane business models may actually have been a bad idea.