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"You're a #Mastodon user, huh? Sorry, that's not included in our Big Social™ bundle, so if you want to keep tooting it will cost you $9.99 more per month."



#darktable [] is a non-destructive photography program.

Its toolkit ranges from basics like tone curves and sharpening to advanced features like multiple noise reduction algorithms, lens correction and wavelet based editing. Most of its tools allow both drawn and parametric masks.

Darktable can apply an edit to multiple images. It supports RAWs and also has features for easy sorting and exporting of photos.

Landing page redesign:

☑️ Elephant friend
☑️ Public timeline
☑️ Puts instance information before Mastodon information
☑️ But does explain and link to prominently
☑️ Admin option to turn off public timeline
☑️ No GIF autoplay, hover to play

ToS ofa hosting provider:

"Examples of unacceptable content or links:
Hacker programs or archives
Copyrighted material"

I am going to have nmap installed, since I need it for work, is that a "hacker program"?

Also, almost 100% of software installed there will be under one FLOSS license or another. Is that "copyrighted material"?

Who writes these things, jeebus.

Dear Mastodonians: in case you missed it, Matrix has hit a major bump in funding and we're asking for folks to support us via Patreon/Liberapay. If you believe in a world of decentralised real-time messaging/VoIP/VR/etc, then now would be an *amazing* time to help out!!

Internet of People voted in at DiEM25

Our proposal to add a 7th pillar to DiEM25’s Progressive Agenda for Europe—the Internet of People; a progressive technology policy for Europe—was approved by the Validating Council by 95.65% of the vote.

We will be drafting a compelling democratic, decentralised, and progressive counter-narrative to Silicon Valley’s #SurveillanceCapitalism


Notice how, in spite of #linux being more widely used than #windows , all the worldwide catastrophes involve #microsoft not #gnu Linux

@Gargron They have to make a living too, but they should push the % down a little.

The #FreeSoftware movement needs more artists! It needs more graphic designers, UI/UX peeps, people who can draw, people who have a good eye for beauty and usability, people who can design logos, etc.

*ALL* the artistic people are important to the Free Software movement

As of right now most free software tends to be ugly and difficult for newcomers to use. It tends to have weird looking logos or hideous ancient looking color schemes. Artists are the solution. #FreeSW has the coding down, design is next.

So I just set up (a currently unofficial) Mastodon instance for the DiEM25 community. It’s at:

If you’re a DiEM25 ( member (or just DiEM25 curious), please drop by. My hope is that it can be a place where we can discuss things publicly and transparently and that it can help with both our internal and external communications.


Given that this ( is most shared instance, to preserve the ideals of decentralization we have closed sign ups in favour of spreading new users through the various alternative instances

— you get access to the same network wherever you sign up —

You can find a lot of these instances here:

And share this with your friends:

Sorry if I seem to be spamming the how-to. I just want people to stop posting their links everywhere and confusing the world.



if you are introducing people to #Mastodon.

mom: hey son I joined this new Mastodon thing
me: oh shit mom, I coulda helped you find a server, which one did you choose?
mom: well I liked the privacy policy on but then had the shortest ping latency so

So anyways, something I've been meaning to do: I do not use myself. I therefore do not maintain it very much at all. If somebody who DOES use it wants to take over maintenance, I'll gladly hand it over.

me, before masto: does anyone have this obscure thing
person: what the fuck is that

me, on masto: does anyone have this obscure thing
person: actually my uncle was in that band, here's all the original multitracks in a zip file

@thor strong Belgian beer is really enjoyable, would not be the same without the alcohol - which for me is a problem, since I don't like the effects alcohol has on my body 🤔

Mastodon v1.4rc2 will allow filtering of languages in your feed

Live on Mastodon.Social but soon to roll out to other instances.

If you like #Mastodon, maybe consider supporting financially, even a little bit, say $1 per month?

LOADS of volunteer-run stuff dies due to lack of funding, and a reliable regular income makes a huge difference. Plus @gargron and co. work really really hard on this!