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Ruben πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄ @rsolva

@thor strong Belgian beer is really enjoyable, would not be the same without the alcohol - which for me is a problem, since I don't like the effects alcohol has on my body πŸ€”

Mastodon v1.4rc2 will allow filtering of languages in your feed

Live on Mastodon.Social but soon to roll out to other instances.

If you like #Mastodon, maybe consider supporting financially, even a little bit, say $1 per month?

LOADS of volunteer-run stuff dies due to lack of funding, and a reliable regular income makes a huge difference. Plus @gargron and co. work really really hard on this!

Ubuntu is a UK company. They should be commissioned to do a NHS distro. Obviously, this would be intense and expensive, but it's cheaper than relying on an American corporation that collaborates with randsomware.

Begynte pΓ₯ serien Designated Survivor. Spenstig plott, et slags motstykke til House of Cards.

@fj Complementary, but now that I think of it, I have used Twitter less frequently the past few weeks...

Norwegian IT security experts' response to the WannaCry attack: Put policemen on the Internet.

I'm experiencing frequent crashes on Gnome 3.24 on my running . Anyone else having problems with -shell crashing?

@aral A really great discussion, thank you for doing this! Well articulated and to the point, and your comments really helped steer the conversation towards the bigger picture of big corporations owning, probing and monetizing our data.

The episode of Inside Story on Al Jazeera English that I was on yesterday is now ready to watch: quite happy I was able to turn what was meant to be a humdrum review of Snapchat’s recent financial loses and a superficial look into the lack of innovation in mainstream technology into a critique of surveillance capitalism with mention of decentralisation and alternatives like Mastodon.

Blockchain idea: Use a blockchain to register driving and rest time for drivers.Β  With one identity per driver and one per car, it won't be as easy to fake as it is today.Β  Can be correlated with payroll as well, in case of dispute between driver and employer. #blockchain

Sosiolog Willy Pedersen skriver om rusbruk fΓΈr og etter 60-tallet, om hvordan cannabis ble brukt medisinsk, om klitorisamputasjon(!) og kvaksalveri.

@nigeldgreen Of course ;) And plus, this is *my* Mastodon – so by sharing it here, I’m sharing on my own space.

β€œMy” Twitter account is not really mine. I am only renting it (in exchange for being farmed by Twitter, Inc.). Twitter, Inc. owns and controls it, decides what I can say and what I cannot say, and can take the account, content, and social graph I created over the last 11 years away from me at any time for any reason. It’s their private property.

This space, is mine.

#Twidere now has support for #Mastodon and mixing tweets and toots is really cool!

@thor Bitcoin still has some hurdles to pass before it proves itself as a worthy global currency. Have you checked out Monero btw?

Leaked: The UK's secret blueprint with telcos for mass spying on internet, phones – and backdoors.

@TheRegister doing a decently good job at exposing UK Government's Orwellian plans.
Who needs @wikileaks ;-)

@Gargron Love Mastodon so much, I decided to create a 5 minute video explaining it... Let me know what you think!