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I never posted so I guess it's time to let you know what I'm about.

I'm an with some spirituality. This dovetails with my life goal of slowing the rate of increase of entropy, living with a mind to .

I live in , just repatriated from leaving a piece of my 💓 there. I just bought a house, and I'm most excited to start a and become part of a community.

I'm not quite a nor but I tend to befriend both.

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I adore my Lola, parlez un peu de , and am looking to have a soon. was my first game, and I love it still. I type with and recently overcame in my foot with a combination of PT and . I love and sobbed through the whole last episode of because I needed to hear its message that it's okay to like yourself. My favorite music is college radio, or , and I am a AMA.

My cart on Baker Seeds is way too close to $100. Dreaming about gardening is basically as good as eating the fruits of my labor and less sweaty.

I am trying to figure out how much sun each part of the yard gets. Unfortunately I didn't document anything last summer, so all I have to go off of are my memories and some 3d trigonometry with Google maps' satellite view...

@youriki We turn Best Friends on the next gift! do you want to coordinate Lucky Eggs?


@glorfindel @glorfindel We turn Best Friends on the next gift! do you want to coordinate Lucky Eggs?


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Garden Catalog Field Walk

I am
deep into
seed catalogs,
my fervid
new for this year,
Latin name,
how much row
you can sow,
and special
to sell
each unique

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I might have found the best visual rebuttal to Jordan Peterson's nasty philosophy:
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User on Hello everyone! I'm new here. My interests include crocheting, gardening and electronics. Looking forward to sharing tips with you all!

*One month later*

User: Capitalism must fall sooner rather than later, or else it will take our planet with it. We must dispose of the Capitalist pigs now. No cops, no borders, no landlords. The time for revolution is coming. This vegan curry I just made is delicious.

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upload your first password and your password now

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should I post pics of the trees in our yard?

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Kill the concept of "RT does not equal endorsement."

Don't share content if you don't endorse it.

Don't spread it. Let it die.

Do not give it a platform.

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Seriouspost to other dudes--

One way to help trans people is being socially open with your own emotions. Talking about how things make you feel, or when things hurt you, really helps trans guys feel normal.

I really struggle a lot with feeling not-really-a-guy because something hurt me. You all being open is a reassuring example sometimes. 🙏🏼

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