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I never posted so I guess it's time to let you know what I'm about.

I'm an with some spirituality. This dovetails with my life goal of slowing the rate of increase of entropy, living with a mind to .

I live in , just repatriated from leaving a piece of my 💓 there. I just bought a house, and I'm most excited to start a and become part of a community.

I'm not quite a nor but I tend to befriend both.

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I adore my Lola, parlez un peu de , and am looking to have a soon. was my first game, and I love it still. I type with and recently overcame in my foot with a combination of PT and . I love and sobbed through the whole last episode of because I needed to hear its message that it's okay to like yourself. My favorite music is college radio, or , and I am a AMA.

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Et donc, ça a donné ça, et c'était bien cool.

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munching the spinach that i grew and smiling like an absolute gardner

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The demon appeared in the summoning circle.
"Cool!" one of the astronauts said.
"We have summoned you," the other said, "to carry a message to Earth."
The demon glared at them. "Where. Am. I."
"In orbit. Tell Ground Control we are okay, but the solar storm killed our radios."

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Tangent to a conversation I'm having with @brandon

I'm seeing a lot of people go out and buy new glass food storage for themselves as a greener alternative to reusing the plastic containers their food comes in.

Let me put this clearly:

Recycling is always more green than buying.

Buy glass instead of reusing plastic containers because you're concerned about consuming plastic, sure.

But going out and buying something new as an alternative to something you'll own anyway is not eco-friendly.

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Million dollar business idea: bicycle repair store which also sells coffee and ice cream, called (wait for it) Cup and Cone.

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TIL: reinforcement learning algorithm

These algorithms are not looking at what that person clicks on and learning what that person likes and sending them recommendations. That is what the designers imagined as the ideal scenario. What it does is that it acts on its environment to maximize on reward (your brain being the env). It acts on your brain to make you more a predictable clicker. What algorithms have figured out is how to feed you articles to move you into a direction into making you more into a predictable clicker.
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selfie, eye contact 

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Which is, y'know. Racist. There's no excuse for this anymore. The entire industry spent two decades pulling its hair out to make Unicode happen, but that work is done now. There's no modern language without Unicode support.

Stand on the shoulders of giants already. And throw some damn emojos in your test cases. ⚠️

Arrgh, is having trouble today :( *waves in m.s*

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@dogtrax @gg @lauraritchie @katebowles @Tdorey On commenting: there are lots of ways of commenting (comment box, social annotation, embedded etherpads) but it is the attitude of commenting that is most important. To learn this attitude I would recommend Alan Levine's post here:

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My replacement gotcha arrived yesterday, as well as the rubber holder connected to a carabiner I planned to use to attach to my belt.

I had a small freak out after attaching said to my belt and discovering while cooking dinner that the gotcha was not in the holder! How could I have already lost it on the first couple of hours of ownership?? Boded ill.

Then I saw it was plugged into the charger. Doh

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too many damn moving parts


DevOps is Jenga for Computer Nerds

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Hey, so my company is looking for a freelance frontend engineer who:

1. Knows at least React
2. Optionally would be great if they knew
3. Optionally would be great if they knew a little bit about server side node.js
4. Can work in a slow paced enterprise-style environment
5. Can deal with a project that was originally built by people very new to react
6. LA would be nice, but remote is welcome.

The contract is initially about a month's worth of work.

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I built this #pride flag shirt. It's over 18k rings. Originally priced at $900. I don't want to end up homeless. It's available for $600 including shipping within the USA. #maille #chainmail #rainbow #lgbtqa

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hackers broke into my smart faucet and prepared a warm bath for me as i was on my way home

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