WHITEOUT COMPENDIUM, signed, sketched & shipping today! If you can get it from your local shop, do so. If not, I've got the new edition from @ruckawriter@twitter.com & me & @OniPress@twitter.com available at my etsy store. etsy.com/listing/579428567/the

Love this Carrie Stetko drawing from @DanSchkade@twitter.com. Dan drew it to celebrate the WHITEOUT COMPENDIUM, which comes out this Wednesday, December 6 from @OniPress@twitter.com. Both volumes of @ruckawriter@twitter.com's & my Eisner-winning series, plus a new afterword from Greg!

And here that digital painting of Carrie from WHITEOUT. It’s by @JonathanCase . Jonathan is an AMAZING artist- a writer, illustrator, muralist, cartoonist and more!

And I think I've successfully gotten my feet wet over at comicspace, too.

Admit this is taking some getting used to, but so far nothing that's a deal breaker. Not even calling it "tooting".

All right, team is slowly coming aboard on Mastodon. Welcome to @erictrautmann & @RobertRambles , let's see how quickly this place can turn into a dystopic nightmare!! 🙃

Rainy Saturday. Not included: fire in fireplace and Monk on the record player.

Two hour note call. Line by line for 130 pages. But the GOP can’t let anyone read their tax scam. Bastards.

First post here. Mostly to see if I can handle it.


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