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Created a section in my personal site for µ-posts. Will feature 🎲 stuff, TILs and small victories against the CPU.

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There is a computer disease that anybody who works with computers knows about. It's a very serious disease and it interferes completely with the work. The trouble with computers is that you 'play' with them!

— Richard P. Feynman

Is a government saying it will ban petrol cars in 10 years the same as a person saying they will stop smoking in 20 years?


This has somehow evolved in time to the mutant form B, B, B - where the high-level endeavour is gone.
This is a post-modern meta-bio, due to being very self-referential (the noble pursuit is implicit). So we have

- Cooking, cycling, pokemon
- Knitting, legos, k-pop

Linguistics, mathematics, vaporwave

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A lot of online bios (I think I did this also, at some point) follow the cliché non sequitur: A, A, B; with A being a high-level endeavour or noble pursuit and B a, seemingly at odds, interest that supposedly provides a comic effect due to implicitly being as important to the person as A. For instance:

- Philosophy, Quantum mechanics, cooking
- Literature, human rights, cycling
- Cancer research, digital freedom, pokemon


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@ruivieira i feel like these ergonomics could still get some play today.

also, my brain immediately went here

Hey, I'm not passing judgements here, but Google search "How to uninstall Haskell from MacOSX" seems to be very popular!

(when you feel you're falling down the rabbit hole)

Doing the SICP exercises with Hy, a LISP-y language that runs in Python's VM...

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New pub sign in Wirral, Liverpool

TIL you can write HTML in a browser's address bar. Try it:

data:text/html,<html contenteditable> I'm a text editor

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In the UK the number of cases rose rapidly. But the public and authorities are only learning this now because these cases were only published now as a backlog. The reason was apparently that the database is managed in Excel and the number of columns had reached the maximum.


A big shout-out to @muffinista for the hard work and providing such a great instance.

New micro-post in a introductory series to data science concepts: Clustering metrics: Dunn index -

Got a security update from Forgot I even used it. Here's my bad experience with it:

I was trying to deploy a generative art bot on birdsite. Opened a dev acc (with a secondary email, since you can't associate a bot with your primary acc) and providing my *personal phone number* was mandatory. I reluctantly complied. Deployed the bot and it was suspended after a single tweet as malicious/spam.

I closed the account, went to and started having fun in 5m.

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if you are looking for something to watch for the next hour, my colleague Joel and i are about to give a talk about #kubernetes and the cluster-api project. it's free, come join us!

Staying in a Scottish cottage for the next week 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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Another micro-post in a introductory series to data science concepts: Linear Separability and Perceptrons -

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