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It baffles me the trend of using stock Unsplash pictorial appendage in blog posts. Blog post on random forests -> "A Forest" stock pic. Financial blog post -> "Piggy bank" stock pic. Blog on post on literature -> "Shelf with books" stock pic.
Personally, I don't need visual cues on any of those things.
Here's an "Angry Man" stock photo to illustrate the rant on this toot.

Vulcans use Vim, Klingons use Emacs.

Humans try to use both, give up, and end up with notepad.

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> Keybase Masto proofs
> only works on whitelisted instances

why the fuck

does that not, like, go against the idea of a decentralized network?

I mean, an apple juice might be 4€, but you can play Street Fighter II and Capcom’s Marvel Super Heroes for free while you drink it.

Did CDG airport got better or my memories of it got worse?

me: "think I'll upgrade Crystal to the new version."
brew: "that's OK. I just need to compile LLVM from source."

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