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Clifford D. Simak is my favourite science fiction writer.

So, naturally, when I heard that Matt Reeves (!) was doing a movie based on “Way Station” I was wondering if Simak is being “discovered” by the film industry pretty much like Philip K. Dick was in the last decades.

Can anyone recommend a synth wavetable generator that works on macOS?

UK gov: "Freedom of movement into the UK will be banned from October 31."

also, UK gov: "There will be no border in Northern Ireland."

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Short story: "The Discrete Charm of the Turing Machine", by Greg Egan

It feels rather like a re-imagining of "With Folded Hands" and "The Humanoids" for 2019

Just moved from DAWs to a pure MIDI sequencer. I feel like a Benjamin Button of bedroom producers.

That feeling when closing a big issue on a issue tracker coincides with the end of a work Friday.

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Off to the #Turing Institute, in London, to do a talk on open source use cases.

I could only find

- Interrobang, ‽
- Rhethorical question, ⸮
- Irony mark, ؟
- Asterism, ⁂

Punctuation missing from Unicode:

- Acclamation point
- Authority mark
- Certitude point
- Doubt point
- Elrey
- Exclamation comma
- Friendly period
- Love point
- Question comma
- Sarcmark
- Snark mark

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