The UK is currently transferring so much gas from our LNG terminals to Europe that it's stirred up a load of "legacy matter" in the pipes and it's clogging the filters.

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"Legacy matter" is an incredible euphemism for "dirt"

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Somehow it's 20 degrees here and it feels freezing. Acclimatisation is a hell of a drug.

Bought some solar reflective paint for my roof. It says "only apply to surfaces at temperatures below 35 C".

Me: it's a bit cooler today, how hot could the roof be?

My roof:

Cycled home from the pub at 10pm while wearing shorts and it was glorious. I love this weather.

During teardown we were pretty under-staffed and I had to stay within phone reception, so it was surprisingly useful to be able to send a drone out to see what was going on. Truly we are in the future.

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Also apparently Victron systems run Python?

(This was from a battery storage unit we used as a UPS for site lighting and also to reduce generator use during setup and teardown.)

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(This was not my tester and it took all the willpower I had, across the whole event, not to peel off the protective film.)

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We also have literally hundreds of photos which look like this, most of them taken by other members of the power team, who were incredibly thorough this year.

The amount of electrical testing we did this year was ridiculous - a lot more than we were required to.

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My photos from are a trip.

This was the first time I've reconfigured a generator to enable DHCP.

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I was bored and I remembered how bullshit 90% of "open-source" Codes of Conduct are

So I attempted to create a better one:

Anyways yeah y'all can use this if you want, or suggest things I've missed

Vast amount of work happened today, most of which I didn't photograph.

But for the first time ever at EMF there is no generator hum because the site is currently running entirely off battery.

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On site for EMF 2022. WiFi and DECT are already live. Buildup starts tomorrow 7am

I have just ordered £21,000 worth of diesel at today's prices. We won't use it all but I'm not taking any risks of running out over a 4-day weekend.

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