Thankfully they're based on the opposite side of London so I suspect it's unlikely to be delivered at the beginning of the window.

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Turns out the downside of ordering food in bulk from a restaurant supplier is that their delivery window is from 06:30...

Just remembering that time at when we released a hashing library where the name was an obvious drugs reference and apparently nobody noticed. @fribbledom

I really miss live music, and given COVID and Brexit I'm not sure it'll ever be back to how it was.

Although the USDA does NOT recommend pressure canning using anything other than a dedicated pressure canning machine. So I'm
apparently still dicing with death according to them.

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The US Department of Agriculture sure has a lot of opinions about preserving food.

According to them, pretty much everyone who home-makes jams/chutneys in the UK is dicing with death.

Anyway they successfully terrified me into trying pressure canning and I think it worked.

How are we meant to know about the impending Kessler syndrome is going when LeoLabs can't tweet

If you want a mindless Sunday task I built a little crowdsourcing thing to count solar panels for OpenStreetMap:

Also got a BME280 going and the precision on the pressure readings is really impressive.

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Started measuring CO2 concentration in my office and it's somewhat higher than I expected.

I am not sure about the calibration of this CO2 sensor which has been sitting in a box for several years though.

Amazing how much more pleasant and efficient it is to deal with my NHS doctor now that they're doing remote consultations by default. This change is long overdue.

Man, this was a great gig. I've been waiting nearly a year to hear it again and the recording is spot on.

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the bell system was a corporation that created a very complex machine which allowed you to ring any particular bell anywhere in the united states, rapidly and on demand.

Building some very cool electricity network data visualisations which I can't show anyone because it's a project for a client using proprietary data :(

Been playing with brewing some ginger beer with some out-of-date homebrewing ingredients.

Like brewing real beer on easy mode, quite a lot of fun. Maybe I should write up some recipes.

I should get back into proper homebrewing soon.

Incidentally Tasmota on an ESP32 is pretty cool for this. Full RGBW colour mixing with only some additional MOSFETs required.

You can control over HTTP or it integrates nicely with Home Assistant over MQTT.

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Just installed a third wireless access point in my 2-bed flat.

Seems excessive, but I need it to get signal to my new outdoor lighting...

Whatever you think of Metallica, this is an incredibly good live recording. I can't wait to hear the rest of it.

Hopefully after COVID we can keep the relaxation of licensing laws which mean I can grab a pint from the pub and drink it in the park

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