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Periodic plug for my fediverse space-bots, because space always makes your feed better:

@dscovr_epic: regular photos of earth from 1 million km away.

@dsn_status: what NASA's Deep Space Network is listening to.

@insight_images: photos from the surface of Mars (new!)

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We did some carbon calculations for EMF 2018. Direct event-related emissions were 27.8 tonnes CO2e or about 12kg per attendee. That's split between ~50% delivery vehicles and ~50% fuel burned on site. We purchased offsets for 28 tonnes of CO2e for around £210.

We estimated >100 tonnes CO2e was emitted by transport used by attendees, but that's very much a guess and we aren't offsetting that.

(cc @c3sustainability)

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Mysterious Chinese electronics of the day. I am informed that the PCI connector is purely decorative (?)

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I've seen a few people complain that the black hole picture is a waste, that humanity has our environment or povery or whatever else as a far far more immediate pressing matter than to take a photo that is 'an orange smear'.

The issue at hand here isn't science funding, the issue at hand is the total structure of industrial capitalism. If you cut astronomy funding to 0, how much do you think of that would go towards social projects? How much would go towards sustainable degrowth? How much would go towards ANYTHING that goes against tje ideological principles of neoliberal capitalism.

On the contrary, there are people who find a deep romantic wonder and an inherent artistic value in things like this. People finding wonder in the world, being humbled by the nature and otherness of it is a beautiful way to look at the world. Don't light your torches at astronomy, capitalism is your issue

Chili seedlings doing well in the ultrasonic mister aeroponics, although I have now burned out three cheap ultrasonic misters.

Phaeleh at Phonox, great fun. Reminded me of Plastic People in the good old days.

Shadows of the ancient ridge-and-furrow cultivation system appearing during the 2018 UK drought. Found this while mapping for @openstreetmap.

Shiny little $20 particulate sensor from Banggood. It maxes out when I vape at it. Need to construct a waterproof housing.

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A friend of mine just just tried debugging why he couldn't compile various pieces of software (for example cmake) and stumbled upon something rather hilarious:

As it turns out the compiler checks during the configure stage fail because they do a string match on the word "warning". If it finds that word in the output it rejects the compiler, as it assumes it to be not working correctly.

My friend's username? Oh, nothing special, it's simply "m_warning".


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