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Been building a new power network CAD system for EMF this year. This logical plan is auto-generated from the main GIS (DXF file).

Absolutely the worst day for someone to start laying asphalt outside my window. Urgh.

@rixx is looking a bit sad at the moment

Berlin friends: I'm visiting Monday-Thursday. Hit me up if you want to meet for a coffee/beer.

Inability to pay an EMF supplier traced to a bug in my bank OTP generation code because:

int(float('579.06') * 100) == 57905

I hate floats.

Stayed up too late reading a book about power network protection engineering theory and now I'm pretty sure everyone doing event power is doing it wrong.

Birdsite rant about maps, open data, and pointless, harmful privatisation:

Exercise really helps when I start feeling burned out and I'm awful at remembering this.

We've lived in this house for 10 years and we've reached the stage where we have to re-paint things we painted 10 years ago.

If this paint sticks to my roof terrace steps anywhere near as well as it's stuck to my hands, it has been a good investment.

Not entirely sure how I ended up on this NASA mailing list for stations directly receiving data from their Earth-observation satellites.

Got to have a look round the Tunnel Boring Machines for London's new 25km-long Tideway sewer.

Bluetooth support was advertised but doesn't appear to come as standard...

Acquired this frankly ridiculous USB power analyser because I couldn't find out what fast charge spec my new phone used.

The USB-PD future is not here yet, it seems.

Having ascended to the next plane of e-cigarette wankery, I am now mixing my own liquid.

It's slightly worrying how many British Standard numbers I know off by heart these days.