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Periodic plug for my fediverse space-bots, because space always makes your feed better:

@dscovr_epic: regular photos of earth from 1 million km away.

@dsn_status: what NASA's Deep Space Network is listening to.

@insight_images: photos from the surface of Mars (new!)

I am simultaneously shocked and unsurprised that The Interval in San Francisco sells a version of Tschunk.

It legitimately tastes like Tschunk too.

The weirdest thing about being on the west coast of the US is receiving my nightly cron emails in the late afternoon.

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In response to that one person, who wrote a blog post about how the CCC has become too political and how they didn't go to #CCCamp2019 because of an "Antifa or GTFO" atmosphere, I designed these.

Kinda wanna print some t-shirts. Anyone know a good place to do collective orders?

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For immediate release: make your own electronic public transportation tickets (for free!) in most UK cities (excl. London) 2dpue32kldx6sm24r2lbisilqhzlgl

Fixed some date parsing (ugh) and live pallet tracking to IRC is back for our pallet from

Some pics of my little rooftop hydroponics setup, as I don't think I posted any this year.

Doing pretty well despite wind and a bit of neglect. Anyone need some tomatoes?

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@dirtycommo This reminds me of a general good rule in life: if someone claims you're going to be a "member" of an organisation, the first thing one should do is work out how you and the other members can remove the person in charge. If you can't, you're not really members.

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capitalism is like one of those software bugs where for a while it ALMOST seems to be working, if you look at it from the right perspective, so you decide to not touch it, and over time it just gets worse and worse and oh god everything's upside down and on fire

Hot and dusty abbau. Glad to be on an air conditioned bus to Berlin, and a real bed tonight.

Really loved the camp this year, great to meet so many lovely people.

Apparently some people think that being openly antifascist is a bad thing.

As one member of orga I spoke to said: "Wrong event".

Hey , you know everything you buy from Decathlon has a long-range UHF RFID tag on it, and I have a reader with 10m range?

145 unique tags scanned from a quick walk around the Milliways area.

Camp mapping/event-GIS meetup at - tonight at the
EMF tent from 19:00 (ish). Ask me about the event map; come for the GIS, stay for the whiskyleaks.

OH: "This is Germany, people are law-abiding!...Not *here*, obviously."

I'm in Berlin tomorrow evening if anyone wants a drink, then on to on Friday.

Are you used to iproute2 networking commands but use OS X and have to remember the annoying BSD commands?

This wraps the Mac networking tools and provides an iproute2 interface:

I've been helping with the map for the upcoming cccamp, generated with the hacker camp mapping system I maintain:

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