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For my hosting provider friends and followers who missed this last week:


QT decodedlegal: The EU's "terrorist content" regulation and what it means for UK hosting providers.

This will be of particular interest to anyone who hosts content uploaded by a third party for dissemination to the public.

What a mess.


DHL raised a delivery exception and I was expecting some customs fuckery but they were actually just telling me that Monday is a holiday.

Thanks? I guess?

Repair failed. It's still blowing the 25A incoming fuse, which is super annoying.

I don't know if I'll be able to work this out without trying to power it up on the bench, which I'm not really equipped for...

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I feel seen by the editor of the October 1920 issue of the Telegraph and Telephone Journal.

Well, I spent over an hour in a maze of high-end polyester film capacitors. I hope the ones I found were suitable. Β£30 worth of parts to repair this!

We will hopefully see tomorrow if it works.

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Quite impressed by the design of this, nice and modular, obviously a lot of thought gone into it. I might even be able to fix it.

Looks like one of the IGBTs gave up the ghost, and took a few other things with it. RIP this gate driver.

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The Whirlpool/Hotpoint repair people seemed pretty good, but ultimately they had no spare parts left in stock. At least they refunded me the repair fee in full.

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My ~10 year old induction hob broke rather explosively. I would normally just replace this but it was flush-fitted into the worksurface and of course it's not a standard size.

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Twitter has been broken for me for the best part of the last 20 hours now. I'm kind of curious what on earth is going on.

Established a stockpile of microcontrollers due to the ongoing shortage.

A lot of STM32 parts are on back-order with up to a year (!) lead time now, so ATSAMD it is...

The hacky aeroponics system is now online, with tomatoes and chilies.

Just thinking about how the near-realtime high res satellite imagery we've seen of the Ever Given would have been unthinkable even 5 years ago.

(Imagery: Planet, Airbus, Capella Space)

Just made public my attempt to sneak some embedded rust into the electronic badge for EMF 2020. Probably would have succeeded if we hadn't had to cancel the event.

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New session: Perseverance ⟷ ExoMars TGO
Expected data: 878 MB in 18 minutes
Configured bitrate: 32/32 kbps

Data comes from this surprisingly unknown (and also really slow but pretty) JPL webapp, which has been around a while but nobody seems to have noticed.

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New space-bot!

@mrn_status will tell you when when the robots around Mars are talking to each other, or back to Earth.

It should hopefully be a lot more informative/less noisy than my other bot @dsn_status.

I also improved the rendering recently so wind farms are visible at lower zooms (including wind farms under construction). North Sea looks a lot nicer now.

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I've added some power network stats to OpenInfraMap, which is quite interesting and useful for spotting infrastructure mapping errors!

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