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New session: Perseverance ⟷ ExoMars TGO
Expected data: 878 MB in 18 minutes
Configured bitrate: 32/32 kbps

Data comes from this surprisingly unknown (and also really slow but pretty) JPL webapp, which has been around a while but nobody seems to have noticed.

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New space-bot!

@mrn_status will tell you when when the robots around Mars are talking to each other, or back to Earth.

It should hopefully be a lot more informative/less noisy than my other bot @dsn_status.

I also improved the rendering recently so wind farms are visible at lower zooms (including wind farms under construction). North Sea looks a lot nicer now.

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I've added some power network stats to OpenInfraMap, which is quite interesting and useful for spotting infrastructure mapping errors!

Since we're unexpectedly stuck at home for Christmas, I cooked Chinese food.

This was a good decision.

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I know, you have been waiting for Glasgow campaign for way too long -- we appreciate your patience! ;) One year later, one additional major hardware revision, and one of the strangest years in living memory winding to a close. The time has finally come!

Since I haven't mentioned it on here in a while - I have a new page with some graphs of the growth of the new variant in the UK:

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Got an email from someone at the European Centres for Disease Control complimenting my COVID stats tracker and suggesting a few changes which I was already working on.

Quite pleased with that endorsement!

Thankfully they're based on the opposite side of London so I suspect it's unlikely to be delivered at the beginning of the window.

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Turns out the downside of ordering food in bulk from a restaurant supplier is that their delivery window is from 06:30...

Just remembering that time at when we released a hashing library where the name was an obvious drugs reference and apparently nobody noticed. @fribbledom

I really miss live music, and given COVID and Brexit I'm not sure it'll ever be back to how it was.

Although the USDA does NOT recommend pressure canning using anything other than a dedicated pressure canning machine. So I'm
apparently still dicing with death according to them.

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The US Department of Agriculture sure has a lot of opinions about preserving food.

According to them, pretty much everyone who home-makes jams/chutneys in the UK is dicing with death.

Anyway they successfully terrified me into trying pressure canning and I think it worked.

How are we meant to know about the impending Kessler syndrome is going when LeoLabs can't tweet

If you want a mindless Sunday task I built a little crowdsourcing thing to count solar panels for OpenStreetMap:

Also got a BME280 going and the precision on the pressure readings is really impressive.

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Started measuring CO2 concentration in my office and it's somewhat higher than I expected.

I am not sure about the calibration of this CO2 sensor which has been sitting in a box for several years though.

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