Minha encomenda sai do Colorado (que é aqui em cima) e vai pra Califórnia antes de vir pra cá, na logística eles devem usar as integrais de caminho :-P

One thing that I like from systemd is the UEFI boot manager (former gummiboot), it is simpler than grub.

Well, I do still prefer cronjobs, seems simpler than the timers from systemd :s
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Timers provide finer-grained control of events than cronjobs. red.ht/3iOb7Ka

Open source technology is critical to internet freedom because it allows anyone to inspect the code, understand it, and discover any bugs or backdoors. For the community that OTF supports, the open source approach builds trust.


I'm starting to get into PC gaming. Haven't actually played any games yet, but I have spent hours configuring my monitor and graphics card. Is this what PC gaming is like?

Esse pessoal tinha que ter tido prisão em flagrante e ter passado a noite no xilindró. Neste caso, se o desembargador não ensinou educação em casa, que aprenda a respeitar de outra maneira.
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Repaginada do “sabe com quem você está falando?”. twitter.com/jornaloglobo/statu

My new @system76 laptop just went to assembly, maybe they will ship it one of these days. With a ryzen 9 12 cores and 24 threads, 8GB nvidia 2304 CUDA Cores, 64GB of ram, I can do some cool stuff in physics and of course play all games Lol

#firefoxsend is awesome, but it kills me that I have to send download URLs to people in emails. If an email server is compromised, the bad guys still get my files if they follow the link before my recipient does.

What about having a service that generates _upload_ URLs instead of download URLs? Then you could use public / private key crypto, where the private key stays on the recipient's machine and never gets transmitted via email.

Graduado em Ciências, tenho mestrado e doutorado em Física Nuclear e PhD em Astrofísica Relativística. Tive bolsa: de I.C. do CNPq, de mestrado da CAPES, de doutorado do CNPq (em universidades públicas) e CAPES para PhD no exterior.

Sempre correndo atrás do @telegram_br

RT @Tecnoblog: WhatsApp libera stickers animados no iPhone, Android e web tecnoblog.net/350937/whatsapp-

@eff Senadores, não aprovem a rastreabilidade. @angelocoronel_ @Sen_Alessandro @davialcolumbre @randolfeap @Anastasia @esperidiaoamin_ @RodrigoCunhaAL
E o novo texto ainda contém outros problemas, aqui apontamos alguns que permanecem. [4/4] eff.org/pt-br/deeplinks/2020/0

Two Friends in Texas Were Tested for Coronavirus. One Bill Was $199. The Other? $6,408. written by Sarah Kliff in The Upshot on nytimes.com/2020/06/29/upshot/ #NYTimes #news #popular #rss

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