The general relativistic constraint equations: the state-of-the-art concerning the relativistic constraints, which describe the geometry of hypersurfaces in a spacetime subject to the Einstein field equations.

Maxima foi um dos primeiros softwares de computação simbólica que aprendi, hoje em dia não consigo mais usar, me da agonia o output no wxMaxima (a barra horizontal me dá menos de 1/3). Uns 5 anos atrás migrei para o sagemath (que me permite ainda usar Maxima) que usar o jupyter, é outra coisa ter um output que dá pra ler.

Quando o funcionário não sabe o quê está fazendo -> Confusão no check-in da Gol faz passageiro dar piti e ser retirado pela PF -

Tentaram acessar algumas das minhas contas, por isso é bom sempre ter autenticação por dois fatores, gerenciador de senhas, filtros anti-spam e outras medidas.
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Com o volume de dados nossos vazados este ano, esse é o campo minado onde vamos ter que aprender a andar.

Só por curiosidade fui olhar o que os deputados do @partidonovo30 votaram, todos pelo não, esse pessoal deve adorar a Giromini, devem julgar que o que ocorreu no Capitólio não foi nada.

As we watch events in Texas unfold, bear in mind that Texas "seceded" from the US national electrical grid in order to avoid federal regulation. They privatized their grid into the hands of a few wealthy people. As a result there are only two limited interconnects making it impossible for surrounding states to share power to keep Texas afloat in terms of electric power.

All this suffering in Texas should not be happening. The grid in Texas is intact, they just don't have generation capacity. If Texas had remained part of the US grid, power from as far away as California, Washington, West Virginia, Tennessee, Florida, could be routed to Texas. Looking at the real-time data here, the US grid is running at more than 200 GW below capacity. There's enough power to hold up two states of Texas even if Texas had no generation at all. But we can't send them power.

Keep this in mind when rich people trick the public and politicians about privatization, and spout garbage like "going it alone, in keeping with the pioneering spirit of the USA". No. Organized cooperation is power. Going it alone is weakness.

Don't believe in cooperation? Study how the Roman army was organized. It was all about very tightly organized cooperation, starting with an individual soldier and those to his immediate left and right. This is how 8,000 Romans could take on 80,000 and methodically slaughter the 80,000 with zero losses.

3 days without power, my house is frozen, without water since last night, just eating bread and snacks. I wonder if the Texas' governor is going to wake up from his cozy bed and work.

Just installed Pipewire in Debian. Replaces PulseAudio and Jack and it's cross compatible with apps that use it.

Launched OBS and everything recorded as expected. Opened Ardour and it connected to "Jack". Was able to record into OBS and Ardour at the same time without any hickups.


RT @tedcruz: California is now unable to perform even basic functions of civilization, like having reliable electricity.

Biden/Harris/AOC want to make CA’s failed energy policy the standard nationwide.

Hope you don’t like air conditioning!
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We must do our part conserve energy through 10 PM:
👉🏾 Turn off unnecessary lights
👉🏾 Avoid using major appliances
👉🏾 Set thermostat to 78 or higher

Get more info on e…

Seems that Texas' power grid is separated from the country, to avoid Federal regulation. If it's true, I can't believe in such childishness.

Almost twenty four hours without power in my house, everything is freezing => "controlled rotating outages"

"Eu não li o estudo e acredito que ele tenha uma série de fragilidades" :p
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@janainalimasp Janaina, gosto bastante do seu posicionamento em geral e acho que vc está certa na lógica desse tweet, mas dizer que é a USP que propõe taxar ricos é errado. É um estudo de pesquisadores da universidade. Não li o estudo e acredito que ele tenha uma série de fragilidades.

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