Cycling to work makes you healthy. i definitely see a correlation here as well.

Die Ameisenquelle in der Wohnung ist noch nicht gefunden.

thank god google's motto is "don't be evil," otherwise they'd be able to be evil

what are the mastodon instances with the most interesting rules that you have seen?

I read a mastodon criticism article and it's fine. But it ends on the note of basically "without a company to buy the code and save it—it'll never survive!". Like, capitalism is gonna swoop in and save the day. smh

It's just obvious in this guy's head the idea of something existing without the stability of a company is inconceivable, because companies are the ideal.

Slivo-Vorräte sind gefährdet. die Südgrenzen der EU scheinen sehr dicht - die üblichen Schmuggelrouten aus Bosnien sind alle zu. verzweiflung macht sich breit

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