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Robert Wallace

For me, 90% of the first pass editing is removing the equivocation. "seems"-"might"-"appears to be"-"could"--HAVE AN OPINION, WALLACE!!!

Something I've learnt: You will only stop seeing yourself as a failure the moment you stop comparing yourself, your life, to others.

Your dreams are different. Your experiences and your journey is different. <3

Every. time. Every time I teach Prophetic Literature, I reread Brueggemann's _Prophetic Imagination_. And every time, it hits me hard.

Living in an age where the distinctions between those who try to embody the alternative community of the prophets and those whose faith has been joined to a chaplain of the may have hit me harder this time...


There is nothing quite like going to church on Sunday morning after waking up to THOSE thought and then hearing your pastor go ALL IN.

And CALL white supremacy out. From the pulpit. BY NAME. In Greeneville, Tennessee.

I'm sure there will be fallout. But it will be clarifying, and it will be good.

Thanks for all the kind thoughts, y'all.

A parable:

When I've been frustratingly working on a project around the house for hours, and my wife comes in the room and says "Why don't you just...," I get angry. When I've been working on the same project with my brother for hours, and he says, "Why don't you just..." I don't.

The lesson:

Tread carefully when telling communities you are not a part of how to fix problems. Listen first. Remember those who want to be heard must first be willing to hear.

I have enjoyed the speaking engagements and the solitude. I have enjoyed the work and the rest. I have tried to be a good steward of this gift. And I am grateful for the opportunity.

3) It reminded me how much I like writing. Though it is a labor, it is a labor of love. The book isn't complete, but it is 80% done, and the momentum is unstoppable.

4) And, while Judson's understanding of "sabbatical" should more accurately be named "study-leave." It afforded me some time to do some self-care. I finally defeated my arch-nemesis "yeast" and made some yummy breads ands pastries.

1) It reminded me I had forgotten how much I like learning things. It afforded time that I hadn't had since grad school to spend some time reading. That reading has impacted my writing and will impact my teaching.

2) It reminded me how important reflection is. Certainly all good writing is editing, but I found the best editing comes from letting the words sit for a time.

1/Sabbatical officially ended today. It was great to see my colleagues in an "official" capacity (though I have popped into the office from time to time). Though, as is always the case from a good journey, I return a little different for it.

@rwallace I've had a week in the US feeling at first hand how tender things are, how hard it is for people to find confidence and generosity to share when identity hurts so much.

I'm going home to Australia where refugees are trapped in indefinite detention and our government has just unleashed the worst of ourselves in a national plebiscite on marriage equality.

Let's all take care of one another, listen well, and keep trying.


Maybe for my first substantive post a "get to know me" post via the struggles of this week. My best friend of 33 years and I had a long text conversation in which he (an Iraqi war vet) challenged my commitment to non-violence. This was followed two days later by a long FB conversation in which he challenged my defense of Colin Kaepernick and my attack on the hypocrisy of the NFL. Then last night and today with Charlottesville. It's been a wearying weak leading into this new semester.